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  1. I've punctured a pair of regular AirMax and VaporMax. LOL. On topic: send it for a service, a seal or shim is ******. Oil also degrades over time.
  2. know someone who lost a nut after fixing a broken rail that popped out like this. on a tricky section of Eden Forest, sat down, popped out and he moved and it ripped through the short / bibs and took off his sack. that alone stops me even thinking of fixing a broken saddle. LOL Good luck.
  3. Fox is just so much better in terms of adjustment, and RS has caught up but Fox just wins hands down. Fanboys in Bikehub. Hell yes, especially those Garmin boys. FML they're on another level! And to the guy saying Ohlins above all others? In servicing requirements yeah, they do win!! haha.
  4. Oh damn, someone took the Assegai DH casing as a serious post. If you want a fast as hell tyre, fair weight, and decent casing, just put a Maxxis Minion SS on. I've run one on my trail bike for 2 years and it's fantastic. And has side knobs that are there when needed, but out of the way for when you're up and putting down those watts.
  5. Will happily swap Garmin sh!t for Apple or Suunto discounts! 🥰
  6. Definitely, you need to run Maxxis Assegai in DH casing after this experience.
  7. Wow. BikeHub sensors the word K@K. FML. EDIT: Must be Garmin fanbois.
  8. I was Apple Watch, then went Garmin (all the fan boys here hyping the ***!) and am so happy with my Apple Watch 6 again. For the 95% of my life NOT exercising it's 10000% better in every respect, and to be honest, Strava on it is no different to my Garmin watch recording except the Apple has added functionality. I find the GPS more accurate too. It's just a much better product for 99.9% of your daily life and sporting, I cannot imagine going back to a 1980's Casio interface Garmin with it's erratic syncing, no goals, and the like.
  9. I really think you guys are like 500% over thinking this. And from what I see on a few groups, they definitely have more LOLs than the grumpy pants on BikeHub (most seriousest keyboard bashers out). Same dudes did the roadie clip a while back. It's MEANT to be totally cringe-worthy. How are people missing this. No one is insulted, it's one of those "it's so bad, but like a train wreck you watch it" clips. I cant believe I have to explain this. I only made it a little of the way in, but wow, cant believe it's an 8 pager. Biogen wins, BH readers lose. hahaha.
  10. It's a kaaaak piece of video, lets not joke. But I think it hit the nail on the head. 8 pages of keyboard warriors talking about it. And you all do realise that everything in there is intentionally there, right? And you all bought it wholesale?
  11. To get the crispest Shimano brakes you need to burp them, and always bleed top down using the cup. There's also a trick to get even crisper brakes by bleeding them with the pistons ever so slightly pushed out (think of bleeding but with a thin rotor spacing them instead of them pushed all the way in with brake block. You can then easily modulate fluid from the top cap. I do this for all my Shimano brakes: - Zee's on DH bike - M8120 on Trail - Ultegra on Roadie And dozens and dozens of brakes on my other bikes and before. Always have people comment on how crisp and solid the lever is.
  12. Had 820 then 830. After realising my Garmin watch was just a glorified 1982 Casio, and going back to Apple Watch, the next step was to remove the Edge from my life so I could delete their awful bloody Connect app from my phone. Wahoo has been brilliant. Not a single issue. Screen feels low res, but never left me wanting for information etc. so cannot complain. Also just nicer to use in every respect.
  13. It's my best tyre sealant hands down. 100% converted. Road / trail / DH bikes all done.
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