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  1. Does anyone know when the lineup will be announced? Keen to see who is riding with who this year.
  2. It seems like this product range has now hit the market. https://www.pinkbike.com/news/leatt-announces-new-endurance-apparel-and-helmet-collection.html I am curious to hear feedback on the MTB Endurance 4.0 helmet. I can't find a review online yet. I currently ride with a Spez S-Works Prevail II Vent, which is super light (265g) and very very well ventilated, but this new Leatt helmet looks like it may offer more protection (especially at the back of the head), so if the weight is not a whole lot more, then I think this may be my next buy.
  3. 752 people on the official entry list. 473 finished. But given the weather forecast some people decided not to ride. An hour before the 11-hour cut-off the commentator said 46% had finished. I guess DNF is between 40% and 50% of those who started.
  4. Climbing up to KOM guys were getting readings of 52 and 53, but it felt like mid 40s, maybe because of the breeze. Riding out of Bonniedale felt far warmer, but there was no wind. Average of mid 40s feels correct.
  5. Ross Tucker talks about the effects of heat on exercise. This podcast was recorded the week after the extreme heat Attakwas.
  6. Any life-saving tips from seasoned professionals for us newbies doing our first one? So far my thinking is to ride at a moderate pace for the first 50km (where possible, I am told there are sections that are unridable), survive for the next 30km through the mountains, and once I get to the gravel roads at the bottom of Eight Bells, do whatever to hang on for the last 35km on gravel roads that I fortunately know quite well. Riding with two 500ml bottles, a 2L Camelback, and a stash of energy bars and gels.
  7. Nee man Willie! Jy gaan ons jinx. 😁 Ek doen my eerste, so ek hoop die weer is goedgunstig.
  8. Correct. Get to your overnight spot, wash clothes, rest, eat, nap. Repeat the next day. If you are fit, well-conditioned, and comfortable on the bike (saddle), then I find that your body gets into a rhythm after a few days and you can just keep going day after day (you will still have good and bad days). If you are not fit and not comfortable on the bike, then the aches, pain, and suffering can start to put a dampener on the fun of bike touring.
  9. I'm with @Skubarra on this one. "Very tough 8 days" is putting it mildly, but if you are extremely fit and up for the challenge, then go for it. 🙂
  10. From Stellies I would follow this route to get to the Malgas Pond to cross the Breede River https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45316570 (it follows large sections of the Overberg Meander route https://bicyclesouth.co.za/2019/01/the-overberg-meander/). After crossing the Pond I would follow this route to get to a short section of the national road N2 that you need to cross https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45316572 and then once on the other side of the N2 I would do this route to get to George, where I would connect with the Cross Cape route and follow it all the way back to Stellies again https://ridewithgps.com/routes/45316486. And here is the Cross Cape route: https://ridewithgps.com/ambassador_routes/1319-the-cross-cape. Alternatively, if you have lots of time, then from George I would backtrack on the Cross Cape route to get to Plettenberg Bay, and from Plett I would do the Karoo Crossing route until you connect back up with the Cross Cape route between Swartberg Pass and Calitzdorp. https://bicyclesouth.co.za/2021/02/karoo-crossing/ Now that would be an epic trip, basically doing the Overberg Meander, Karoo Crossing, and Cross Cape all in one go, using our Coastal Cross Cape route to connect them (details of how I arrived at the Coastal Cross Cape route here: As for accommodation, there are more than enough options along the route. I would carry a bivvy bag for emergencies only, but plan to sleep in a new town every night. A couple of tips: - when you need to go shopping in any town, do not leave your bike alone outside. Take it inside the shop and park it where a security person is watching it. - Feb is the hottest month of the year in this part of SA. Do not underestimate this. It can become very serious very quickly if you overheat or run out of water. - Be as fit as you can. This is not an easy route.
  11. I've studied your route. I have done three bike packing trips along most of your planned route. I used Komoot, ridewithGPS, and the Strava route planning functions for these trips extensively. I would strongly advise you not to use Komoot as your default planning tool. It may be great for Europe, but for SA it does not know the difference between public and private land. Looking at your route, in some parts, it crosses lots of private land where you cannot ride. Rather use the Strava route planning app and carefully study the heatmap. You need to see a solid and thick blue line with no interruptions. If you don't see this, then the section is either on private land (so it does get used, but may not be available to the public, hence the light blue heatmap line), or you will encounter a dead end at a fence or gate. A couple of comments: 1. Stellenboch to Franschoek - use the Cross Cape Route. 2. Your turnoff on the down side of Franschoek Pass is blocked by a gate and traverses private land. Not possible. Continue with R45 to the t-junction with R321. 3. On your way to Bredasdorp you are missing out on some special scenery and gravel roads. I'll DM you some routes that I have done which are some of the best gravel roads in the country. 4. From crossing the Breede River at Malgas Pont to Mosselbay you need some serious replanning. Your route crosses lots of private land. I have done extensive route planning for this section and will DM you what you can/cannot ride. 5. From Mosselbay/Hartenbos to get to Oudshoorn I would not do Robinson Pass along the R328. Its not safe in my opinion. I would rather ride to George, and from there join up with the Cross Cape route and follow it all the way back to Stellenbosch. 6. The Swartberg pass detour to Prince Albert and back is fantastic (did it three weeks ago), but you need two days (and its a very tough two days with lots of climbing, and in the heat of Feb you are going to be baking!)
  12. 100m from where I got mugged two years ago. I never ride past IY if alone. Even in a large group I feel nervous. Riding past IY and any other informal settlement is just playing Russian roulette.
  13. I have never driven the N2 beyond PE, so want to do a road trip on the N2 from Cape Town to Durban. I looked at the map yesterday and wondered how safe it is. Now I see this post. What is the general condition of the N2 through the Eastern Cape? Safety wise is it fine?
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