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  1. Good point, and a good reminder. As far as mountain biking disciplines and their global popularity is concerned, I would think marathon racing is far down the ranking order.
  2. Exactly the same happened to me twice in one day on these trails during Eselfontein race last weekend. I would have sacrificed the 15secs to stop and pull it out. Anyway, all in all a good day for Matt & Sarriou, despite not staying away after they were in the lead after the climbs. I thought the coverage is good. I noticed only 3k people tuned in to watch live on YouTube (about 5k nearing the end of the stage). For all effort / money spent on live streaming, its not much? I assume the big viewership numbers lie in highlights package, which I guess is distributed all around the world?
  3. I'm going tomorrow. Plenty of spots to watch the action.
  4. Where can I find a map showing the actual route per day?
  5. See you there Chris 👍
  6. Some info received from Garmin: Unit is discontinued, they do not replace batteries for any of the Edge units. Unit can be booked in and sent to Garmin SA for a discounted quote on a replacement unit. I asked Garmin for a ballpark figure, and they said I can expect a discount of about 20-30% off the new retail price as per Garmin. However for an official quote the unit needs to be booked in.
  7. Lekker! I'm planning the same thing, also solo, but from Cape Town side to George. I need to be in Mosselbay for Christmas, so I've worked out a tentative route which will get me there on the 24th. Day 1 (Sat, 18 Dec): Stellenbosch to Greyton (I've read reports saying Franschhoek pass is very dangerous with no shoulder, so I might start this day on top of the pass) Day 2: Greyton to Swellendam Day 3: Swellendam to Riversdale Day 4: Riversdale to Calitzdorp (or maybe Rooiberg Lodge) Day 5: Calitzdorp/Rooiberg to Oudshoorn Day 6: Oudshoorn to George Day 7: George to Mosselbay Still need to do some detail planning, but this is the idea. You can download the route from Ride with GPS app and send to your Garmin or navigate on your phone. Comments/suggestions welcome?!
  8. That sounds like a good plan. I'll contact Garmin.
  9. When I switch it on the battery status says 99%. 25mins into my ride, it drops to 3% and then dies. I reckon I need a new battery. Has anyone done a battery replacement recently? Any help/advice will be appreciated.
  10. I've used the same person and I am suuuuuuuuuper happy with the results. No more back, neck or knee pain.
  11. I wont be able to ride next weekend. I have a Cycle Tour entry available. If anyone is interested, send me a PM.
  12. A friend of mine loves racing of any kind, so he started his own YouTube channel to promote coverage of various racing events. It started with Go Karting and moved on to other motorsports, and now he is doing coverage of mountain biking as well. Check it out. Any feedback, comments, tips, etc. welcome.
  13. Thanks guys. I think I agree with the Cape Epic date in October.
  14. With the opening of quarry area, Devils Peak, Blockhouse and the Rhodes contour path in July and recently Deer Park at the start of August, does anyone know if there is an update on when the entrance from Rhodes Mem gate will be opened up again?
  15. Not much on Trail Forks. BTW, 50 is now LC (from ZS-GLC) 😉
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