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  1. Given what we hear from the bike industry in SA and beyond in terms of rising input costs (manufacturing, components, freight, etc.) comparing the 2022 Scott pricing with 2021 models is pleasantly surprising. Most brands and manufacturers are warning of significant price hikes looming for 2022. As @JoggiePrinsloo mentions the exact model specifications must be considered, but as an example: Scott Spark RC Comp 2021 currently available for R65k, 2022 indicative RRP R69.9k.
  2. We gladly post news of market-relevant new tech at no cost to the local importers. Some of them do pay to promote beyond a free press release. Most often the issue is getting the press information in time to publish before 101 international publications have broken the news and threads have sprung up here. We've got good relationships with all the local importers / subsidiaries, but there are times where even they get the embargoed press info quite late relative to international counterparts.
  3. I sense some confusion around what's allowed or not. Use this as a rough guideline on what Off-topic discussion will remain on the allowed list based on the current forum structure Off-topic Chit Chat Other Sports Computers and Tech Current Affairs (most threads in here are of a political nature, occasionally religious) There may be some cross-over where threads exist in other sections, but as a general rule other sports, hobbies, what to watch/listen to etc. are safe. The most problematic threads are typically political,
  4. I hear you. But what if the experienced members who's thread sprawling squabbles cause the newbies to leave or never bother asking a question in the first place? In fact we've had many long-time experienced members leave for the same reason. And yes, better moderation absolutely has a key part to play here, but most often it's a conflict and culture stemming from off topic debate that bleeds into cycling discussion in a negative way. Obviously there's a balance we have to strike, however if members leave a cycling website because we limit their ability to discuss a subset of non-cycl
  5. @Gen this reply isn't directed at you specifically but you raise some points I've seen others question and perhaps some further context and history is needed. It's quite clear from the reactions of Hubbers that Bike Hub means very different things to different groups of users, we know this but it's often surprising to us just how different that can be. Here is some context from this side of the curtain. Bike Hub began life as a rudimentary "message board" in 2004. Since then it has evolved, partly from our input, but mostly shaped by users and what you've used Bike Hub for.
  6. More acquired... they purchased a majority stake in the company in 2019.
  7. Hi all, Please see the announcement related to this here:
  8. Hi Hubbers, It’s been many months since the discussion around the direction of Off Topic conversations first kicked off and we’ve had time to deeply consider the best approach. A number of the non-cycling discussions relate to important topics. These are often complex issues which fall far outside the realm of bicycles. Quite simply, Bike Hub is not a suitable platform to be debating such issues when so many other better suited alternatives already exist on the internet. We also do not believe it is reasonable to expect moderators on Bike Hub to shepherd civil discourse around such c
  9. Regarding the forum search performance and accuracy, we're aware it's not up to scratch right now. It's slow and is quite limited when it comes to shorter searches (e.g. two letters). Results can and performance be a bit "patchy". With the platform update we do have the option to connect a better search engine vs. the default. We are in the process of exploring this option. For the moment a Google site search will be your best bet, but on-platform forum search will be improved soon.
  10. Hi Wayne, Thanks for the feedback. We do recognise that we can't please everyone and I can fully appreciate that there's no reason to support us if we're not catering to what you find value in. To clarify the points you raised: Tapatalk - as mentioned earlier, this move was unfortunate but for good reason. There are some concerns over the security and general stability of plugin we are required to install to activate this. We know there is a small but avid user base of the app and had full intention to re-instate support following the upgrade, however security and privacy
  11. Sorry about the delay. Could you share a screenshot with us, preferably via help@bikehub.co.za Will have to see if we can replicate on this end, but it sounds like resources from our CDN for the forum (https://cdn.bikehub.co.za) are not loading correctly. If you have a firewall or similar blocker installed it might need t be added to the whitelist.
  12. Mod note: Merged with existing topic on the subject
  13. I'm sure there are cases where it's a convenient excuse, but any distributor who's able to have any amount of stock in SA stores on the day of a global launch is doing a damn good job, even outside of the current conditions.
  14. The guys at Rush Sports (distributors of Santa Cruz in ZA) confirm Blur CC frames should become available in the next few months in SA. Only the CC version will be available as a frame only option.
  15. Their top end builds have a claimed weight of 10.23kg and 10.69kg or the Blur and Blur TR versions respectively. But as you mention, that pricing likely in the #nobudget range, i.e. R200k+ https://www.santacruzbicycles.com/en-ZA/bikes/blur We'll ask about frame only options in ZA, but stock is very limited with global shortages & delays. There were a few at their local dealers yesterday, but likely all pre-sold.
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