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  1. Forgive me, I treated those as one since they were directly related. I do hear you on not liking the way the site is run. Unfortunately most decisions we make risk upsetting users on the site. It's the nature of trying to wrangle such a diverse and large platform (within our small South African cycling eco-system). Contrary to what you might think we consider all feedback and requests deeply. But that doesn't mean we'll act on every request or at least in the way every member wants us to. What we at HQ love (and sometimes hate) about Bike Hub is that we know we'll be held to account by our members. Be it a sub-par content piece, ill considered feature or something we simply overlooked we know we'll get an earful about it and quite often rightly so. A lot of attention is placed on the few decisions we've made that a vocal minority dislike. Yet daily we're quietly making decisions and taking action of all magnitudes in the interests of this community. Ensuring the systems run smoothly, improving and adding features, fending off scammers and spammers, and dealing with the occasional dispute or moderation issue.
  2. Thread derailment (unrelated banter) is actually a common reason for the locking of threads in the history of Bike Hub, particularly ones of a more serious nature. We tend to let less serious threads run away in this sense without the level of harsh moderation you might expect from the likes of North Korea. Perhaps this has created the impression that derailment is okay in any context. The transaction not taking place on Bike Hub is relevant in context of the reviews that were placed on Bike Hub more so than the thread, but worth noting nonetheless. This is a violation of our T&Cs as we cannot assess the validity of claims regarding to transactions that occurred on an entirely different platform. If you've got questions fire away or pop me a DM. We do typically close threads related to threads that were closed, particularly in a situation like this where neither party is available to participate and conversation around such issues tends to spiral into a speculative rabbit hole that isn't constructive.
  3. If you take a step back I'd say this is a touch on the melodramatic side. In the last 2-3 weeks I think two threads have been closed. One was a "sale thread", the other a suspected scam which was removed entirely. Most discussion that takes place is not related to sales or the marketplace, but are cycling related. And we still have a non-cycling section. I'll stand by what I said when we announced the changes to the scope of off-topic discussions. If Bike Hub loses its appeal because we no longer want to play host to controversial or sensationalist topics that are unrelated to our reason for being (cycling), then perhaps you've been hanging around for the wrong reasons. That may come across harsh and will be a bitter pill to swallow for some long time members who's cycling interest/input has waned over the years.
  4. If we were anything like North Korea you'd be banned (or worse) for this outburst. 😉 Reasons for closure: The transaction in question did not originate on Bike Hub The buyer was a member previously banned from Bike Hub for the use of multiple accounts The seller was subsequently banned from Bike Hub for the use of multiple accounts The last 3-4 pages of unrelated banter With the above in mind and both parties not present to take part there is little reason for the thread to continue. There were some lessons in it though. #1 being, don't mess around with duplicate accounts on Bike Hub. If you do, don't be surprised when you find yourself banned. And #2... use Bike Hub Pay.
  5. Just to clarify here, we recently introduced a cap on the fee at R950: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/bike-hub-pay So on a R50k deal it works out to 1.9% On a R125k deal it would be 0.76%
  6. Mod note: A number of unrelated posts have been removed. Obviously Covid-19 will be a key part of any event related discussion at present and with that the topic of vaccinations / tests in the context of participation is likely to come into play. Let's keep this related the impact on cycling events and possible solutions going forward. This is not the place to tout and debate your personal views towards vaccination, vaccine efficacy and the like.
  7. There was a spam bot posting here. The account and posts were removed, and any quoted posts along with it.
  8. What seems ridiculous to you is also a very simple solution to something. It's unlikely that anyone meant offence with "s p a z", but it could be offensive to some. Bottom line, we knew it's a pretty ingrained habit so a simple auto-correct seems like a win-win. On the issues that prompted this deviation from the topic after the Mod note: there was some conversation about queueing up to watch two female riders "kiss and make up". In other comments, the looks of female athletes were likened to other male athletes. All of these athletes are simply other humans, who also have access to the internet. We've seen before that what feels like a bit of "banter" on a forum can cause actual hurt to the target of the joke. It's just not necessary. Let's get this back to Olympics discussion. Feel free to PM me or discuss in a separate thread.
  9. Moderator note We’ve issued a handful of warnings in the last few days and some more this morning for inappropriate sexist comments made about female Olympic athletes. On the spectrum from lewd/creepy to just plain nasty. We’ve been down this road before, threads were shut down and users suspended. If it continues those making such comments will find themselves suspended.
  10. We'll ask Erik to confirm the details, but from our understanding Canyon are shutting down direct to consumer orders to SA however Canyon bikes will still be available to our market via Erik / Canyon Cafe. Even with consumer direct orders open to SA until now, Erik has been facilitating many of the orders for SA customers to streamline the customs process and will continue to do so going forward.
  11. My mention of offers and competing bids was in reference to the negotiation phase, before any agreement is reached. Reneging on a firm agreement is a poor show and I can understand your frustration around these deals. Acceptance of an offer, i.e. agreement on a deal is viewed as being binding. Would we implement the same instant ban policy for behaviour this like other sites you use? For most instances, probably not. Should we consider harsher sanctions for repeat offenders? Yes, absolutely. There's a lot we can do around how ratings are used, for example what the implications are if aggregate ratings fall to a certain level. And there's a lot we can learn from the many platforms abroad who face similar challenges.
  12. I'd be curious to know how they tackle those banned users returning under new profiles? Or are their permissions structures tied in with forum activity, i.e. you can only participate in buy/sell areas after posting X many forum posts? If I recall correctly both AVforums or Carbonite have a minimum post count requirement. There have some suggestions from Hubbers over the years for a similar rule to restrict Classifieds access to forum posters with a certain number of posts. In a smaller forum-driven community it is a great approach, but practically it's just not a good fit for Bike Hub. With all of the above said, while it works reasonable well, we know there is room to improve the rating system on Bike Hub and welcome constructive feedback in this regard.
  13. Firstly, apologies for the non-reply to your message via our help desk on this. I think you're conflating a few separate issues here. 1. What constitutes an agreement In many of the disputes we encounter the "agreement" between buyer and seller doesn't exist or in the absence of clear terms is viewed very by either party. Not to say that is the cause of your experiences, but vague or unclear communication is often at the root of disputes of this nature. e.g. Where a buyer thinks they're first in line or the seller is not entertaining any other offer, but the seller never explicitly agreed to these terms. Was there a mutual agreement in place with a set of clear terms? e.g. price, method and time of delivery/collection, inclusions/exclusions. 2. Repercussions for buyers/sellers not sticking to agreements Where issues arise around a sale that took place via Bike Hub or there was a clear agreement in place, the user rating system generally works well to address these issues. Poor ratings are a key signal for would be buyers. You mention that there are many sellers operating freely with serious allegations / 1 star ratings against them. Provided the allegations are not of unlawful behaviour (in which case more serious sanctions may apply), is it not better to have this visibility of ratings vs. banning a user after X many infractions and risking them creating a fresh profile with no ratings? 3. The ethics of re-selling There have been numerous discussions over the years around the ethics of reselling. Our view on it is quite simple: while obviously some basic rules and standards must apply, overall the market will self-regulate around these dynamics. As a seller there are pros and cons of selling to an end-user vs. a reseller. Similarly as a buyer there are pros and cons of buying from an end user vs. re-seller. Relating this to your post: it sounds like you've lost out on a deal or two to a re-seller. Looking purely economically that tells me that either the seller had significantly under priced the item or your offer was significantly lower than true market value (or a mix of both). If your offer was 10% more than the re-seller's offer would the sale have gone to you? Your note that this is less prevalent when dealing in road bikes is very likely linked to the far lower demand for road bikes in the market. i.e. buyers have fewer offers... less demand to drive up the price and less opportunity for resellers. Where demand is high your offer will need to be good to beat out the competition.
  14. Please report the profile to us via help@bikehub.co.za with any other info you have, e.g. links to reported stolen bikes with matching parts.
  15. I did a test now using Brave Version 1.26.74 Chromium: 91.0.4472.124 (Official Build) (x86_64) on MacOS 11.4. Login across all sections appears to be working. With cookies set to block 3rd party cookies only. If you're blocking all cookies then login persistence will be an issue. If first party cookies are allowed, then you might just need to clear cookies for bikehub.co.za and try logging in again.
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