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  1. Sharkie, a grand for a weeks 'fun' holiday..... not a rip off at all. We get fed well, meet the riders, see the country side, can enter the next Epic if we wish and have a jol.....oh and did I mention how hard we work!!!!!!! Ticket back in the lottery. x
  2. I have a guaranteed entry for next year. It Expires today..... Entry to still be paid in full. Anyone interested ? pm me by 16.00 R1000.00 to cover my volunteers entry next year.pedal2010-05-28 05:38:42
  3. Dirtman... your reply to dcalitz93 is brilliant, and well put. I've spoken to many riders, who all rave about Hillcrest and surrounds..... right on our doorstep too. Once again, thank you so much.
  4. BMC... I will need a lot more training before I keep up with You, Lilo and MARIUS!!!! But wasn't the trail just fantastic? Walked all the switchbacks and also over the bridge/see-saw!!!!!!! cannot justify falling for the sake of ego!!!! See you soon on the trail.
  5. Ok... so am still in awe of the fantastic ride today.... started in Durbanville, through to D'aira and then across to Hillcrest... stunning and challenging. Well worth every ounce of effort, but I am sure it will get better the fitter I get!!!!! Saw a fair amount of riders, and all very friendly and having fun. Till next week-end........... x x x x x
  6. I send a 'silent' thanks every day that I am home again safe, and a bigger thanks that my family stay safe. Thoughts are with you Louis at this sad time.
  7. Looks like I will have to tackle these routes tomorrow!!!!! been thinking about it for ages, just never get the 'umph' to get out there.... tomorrow then, here I come ........ Lilo, if it was tough for you, believe me I will stick to the green route!!!! Thanks Tygerberg Club, Dirtman and helpers for these awesome new routes and trails.
  8. Such a tragic post. Condolences to the Family and friends.
  9. As always... Stunning quality photo's. Do you have any of the finish?
  10. I know Dean's Aunt took last week and last night. Will try and get hold of her and get them posted here. Great photo's Ronelle.... where is the one of Colin????
  11. As always... stunning... love the 'wild' flower. Thanks Ronelle and Colin
  12. Pleasure Ronelle... always welcome, together with Colin to improve our event. Great photo's. Thank you.
  13. Stunning Photos..... thanks Raymond.
  14. Happy New Year...... Killarney starts up again this Wednesday @ 18.15. Later start allows for time in traffic, and a warm up. Cost : R20.00 per event per rider. C U There.
  15. That looks so cool.... enjoy and be safe.
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