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  1. I swear by this product http://www.ecologic.co.za/ I use it on my bike, kitchen, bathroom. so far it's done wonders for getting stains out my riding gear. The guy who makes it, Pierre is a fellow cyclist, so also supporting our own.
  2. This topic has been brought up over and over.. but I can’t find anything helpful. It’s time for my eldest son,4, to move off his balance bike onto pedal power... The balance bike is now to be passed on to his younger brother, 2. I’d like the balance bike to be a “new” bike in the eyes of my youngest. So just looking for a change of colour wrap. I’m assuming this is cheaper then painting. Any suggestions?
  3. this. Ecologic is fantastic!! Degreaser, wash.. alles! then also for your tiles, mud (or blood) stained riding kit... removes it all! I'v come to know Pierre personally and he's super passionate about his product. rightly so.... it just works!! https://www.ecologic.co.za/
  4. Before lockdown, I filled my photobank for my social media duties... Thought I'd share a cople of my last pics seeing as everyone's are from inside
  5. got mine from easybike https://www.easybike.co.za/garmin-silicone-case-black-edge-530.html
  6. Anyone know where I can get a silicon protective cover for a 530? Only finding for 520s locally. (Or any suggestions who to use to get one from overseas?)
  7. joining this chat late but.. I use mine on every ride, in fact I use two ... and my phone. I use the GoPro phone app for editing, serves my needs perfectly. I also use them when out with my boys. Well worth it. Look out for some good deals soon, The Hero 8 is being launched on the first of next month, so maybe there'll be some specials.
  8. and when the trail passes through a land owner's property where they've allowed access but don't want signage up? almost 40 different properties... must be easy to keep all generous land owners and fussy riders happy. Rocks are marked with white arrows in many places.
  9. they'll never be good enough for those people they're not good enough for.
  10. If I'm lucky enough to get one (read afford), I hope this is true. it took many frustrating emails to Garmin when the 520 plus was released to verify this. Which no one could, then did, then didn't, then weren't sure, then did, then eventually verified it would not be the case. would be super helpful if it's the case with the 530
  11. There was an Ebike category as far as I'm aware.
  12. that's MUCH less than i imagined they'd be. I wonder if prices differ per model?
  13. Why? how did this negatively impact your ride?
  14. prices I've found so far UK:- about 4600 Australia:-4500ish USA:-about 4200 issue is mapping, buying overseas you'd probably have to buy local maps too once the device is here
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