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  1. Thanks chaps... I ordered kit from Europe and the customs was only R2k which I thought wasn't too bad... So shoes more or less the same?
  2. Good morning Has anyone ordered road shoes from http://www.chainreactioncycles.com I'd like to know more or less what the VAT/Customs will be? Just a rough estimated figure for shoes costing R3500.00 Thank you
  3. Good morning, Does anyone have the Powertap SL 2.4 ANT+ Firmware Updater? I'd like to upgrade the firmware on my current PowerTap SL 2.4 to ANT+ in order to use it with my Garmin. I will pay for the upgrade :-) https://tinyurl.com/hfnosx4 http://naplescyclery.com/images/library/small/powertap-ant-speed-or-cadence-sensor-copy-193901-1.jpg
  4. Thanks man... Appreciate it! Will give them a call!
  5. Thanks for that... Actually I tried three "local" bike shops. No one has...
  6. Where or who sells some decent quick release skewers?
  7. Looks like round about R30k for the complete groupset...Hmmm... Now I need a ticket to the UK :-)
  8. I'm not a cool kid........ yet ;-)
  9. How much is the ETAP system? R40k?
  10. Hey guys, Building up a bike... If you had a choice, SRAM RED or DURA ACE?
  11. Soulja Boy - cRaNk That http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LpocrqvP2Yg Jason2009-10-12 23:12:53
  12. Mariah Carey - I Want to Know What Love Is Jason2009-10-12 23:01:19
  13. Eminem - Puke http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H1q0p9oZarU&feature=related
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