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  1. there is only one secret to a sub 3. get around Smitswinkel climb with the front of the bunch (A-G), if you miss the attack on Smits but still catch up before Ocean View you'll still crack on Chappies or Suikerbossie and be a few minutes down on the front of your bunch. best is don't stress about the time, just enjoy the ride and suck wheel.
  2. looks like we will never agree - but my mind just boggles that the ppa go to court so they don't have to pay R6.00 plus a few cents (calendar fees are R250 per event) per recreational cyclist but they subsidise every event R20 000 for timing participants who don't need timing.
  3. R6 per rider (and i didn't forget the noughts) every other organiser of races in rsa pay the levy & this includes the organisers of the winter league , lights by linea etc etc whose events are minute iro income generated when compared to events organised by ppa. wrt other sports - they belong to their national body and they are taking part in games organised by their national body, cast your mind back to Stormers vs Saracens or Ajax vs Liverpool. both games outlawed by their respective sports national body.
  4. i have highlighted the above because the Csa does all of the above. it is impossible for the csa exco / commissions to organise events / champs as they are spread all over the rsa. csa office staff are just that office staff. so national champs are tendered out to the provinces development programs are in place (i can vouch for the wp) on trac/road/mtb thru the clubs and regions. swd & Fstate have 2 youth festivals in the school holidays and the csa coaching comm has a talent id camp every year in december for u16 & juniors. wp mtb cater for xc & dh maybe you don't know this becos you don't belong to a csa affiliated club and if you do then take it up with your club, becos your club gets all the info. better still become a member of csa for only r75 pa
  5. if u belong to ppa u aren't a social rider. events with results listing the fastest to slowest time is a race no matter how much smoke and mirrors the ppa blows over the event - its a race. btw who represents the other social riders around the country?
  6. Gerhardvd - you are arguing with people who don't event realise that the ppa summer league was (is) being organised by the csa. the ppa went to court because if they become an affiliate of the csa again they will be under sascoc which means they will be a sporting body. they don't want that (i was in the meeting when this was whispered) becos apparently sascoc are going to be publishing a white paper (whatever that means) for the running of sport in the rsa and the ppa exco don't agree with the structures proposed in the white paper. so in effect the judgement says the ppa are now an events organiser who are not answerable to any sports body.
  7. i have a ride every Tuesday & Thursday from 5.00am from Edgemead. tuesday we ride down thru Edge, into Sandddrift, thru Tygerhof and come out onto Koeberg rd. instead of crossing over to Boundary rd , we turn left into Koeberg and ride thru to Paarden Eiland (no cycling lanes but we are lit up like xmas trees). from paarden eiland we ride down Marine Drive all the way to Big Bay on the road (we have been flamed here for not using the cycle path), we then return to Edge via racecourse road & Montagu G (no bike lanes). the smallest the group has been is 3 (middle of winter & and cold) but we peak at about 15 pre argus (like now). we have a mix of elites, vets and fun riders. we do split up but i make sure that no-one is left to fend for themselves in the dark. Thursdays - we have a circuit that takes in P\kloof rd, giel Basson and Uys Krige x 4 both rides are about 45 kms and we take about an hour and a half. we don't stop for winter - becos we are hardcore
  8. i quote by steve haywood the ppa chairman in the Argus about the ppa legal fees " this money can be now put back into our charities and buying bikes for people who desperately need them to get around" nice - what about charity begins at home (ie with your members)
  9. the Final event in this series will take place on Sunday afternoon in the shadow of Table Mountain. Racing will take place on the roads around the Cape Technicon. the circuit will test the rider's climbing ,sprinting & descending abilities. racing starts a 12 noon.
  10. i refuse to ride that road - never had an incident but its just too narrow. a bike path would be briliant - it woud be a round trip of 40 kms for me - home to home - which is perfect for training in winter.
  11. this is from memory , so here goes: cat 1 1.Theuns v Bank - 12.33 2.David Garrett 3.Chris Cronje Cat 3. 1.Russell de Jager 14 something 2.Douglas Burger 3.Peter Barber Cat 4. 1.Reece McDonald 15.42 2.Wynand Kotze 3.Derwin Oxley Ladies 1.Bianca Coutoulis ? 2.Maroesjka Matthee 3.Bianca Holltzkamph Open. 1.Nafees Isaacs can't remember can't remember thanks to the City of Ctown for road closure. i luv speed cops
  12. cat 3 : vets , masters, ladies ppa seeding A - F, open is D-F. imho wrt merging of funride/league , we have weak officials. finis & klaar
  13. u need to be a ppa member to see your result - chip or no chip.
  14. is the car still parked where it was left?
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