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  1. 947 MTB race is not what it used to be - back in the day when it was the day before the road race and if you did both they gave you a special number and made you feel like a "Man of Kapasiteit" 💪 Then they moved it a week apart, so it was kind of Bleh!! But we still did it as it was a cool event and well supported. Really enjoyed bleeding through my eyes on the last hill climb, and then the beers afterwards with your mates. The last time i did it was in 2019 once again well organized and good water points Problem now is the 435 ronds entry fee 😲 - thanks but no thanks - I'd rather go
  2. Make sure the only thing connected to your phone via BT is your Kickr and also make sure any training apps like Zwift & or TR are closed and the trainer is not connected to them. If that fails logout of Wahoo app and log back in. If that fails disconnect and reconnect the trainer under sensors in the app. If that fails delete the Wahoo app and re-download it. If that fails call 911
  3. Yep I agree - I was lucky to get one (Don't even know the make) that does work. I also tried a BT dongle off TakeAlot which was useless. I think a lot of connection errors are dongle related
  4. I run both TR and Zwift off WIN10 laptop - BT was a disaster - went to ANT+ dongle plugged direct into laptop USB port which is about 3m from my trainer and it connects perfectly every time, never had it drop during a session. If you have issues then a simple USB extension lead move the dongle closer to the rear of the trainer should sort it out
  5. Why is it hanging from the ceiling ? Wait ! why do you have floor tiles on your ceiling ?
  6. I do the same - I call it a power nap 😁
  7. I tightened it just enough so it didn't slip when putting the power down, when you get on and start peddling from standstill very hard it normally slips a bit until the roller speeds up - as long as it doesn't slip during a training session. Also make sure the tire pressure is at its highest - I think the Tacx is 110 psi (7.5 bar) max (you can read that on the sidewall) i normally made sure the pressure was between 7.5 & 8.0 bar. My Tacx tire developed some cracks in the sidewalls but it never became an issue.
  8. Never had a standard road tire explode on me and i used to use all my old road tires but they did wear and coat the floor with fine rubber - I then got one of those Blue Tacx trainer tires which works perfect. Also make sure your load on the tire from the trainer isn't too high.
  9. If your BB is Italian thread then BSA will not fit at all Italian = 36mm X 24TPI BSA = 1.37" X 24 TPI The Dia's are completely different so you cannot mix and match.
  10. Your downhill speeds must be insane. If you using combined weight then you should be using combined FTP - Or divide both by 2 to use the average, that should sort it out
  11. The biggest rip off and most lucrative part of a LBS service - "Sir your chain is stretched and your cluster is worn" because they know most cyclists don't have chain gauges and can't argue wear on a cassette
  12. That's an interesting dynamic, would be interesting to see comments on what power w/kg & weight should be entered. I wonder what your FTP would be if you did a test on Zwift.
  13. madmarc

    Cleats stuck

    I'm assuming you mean the sole on the sides of the cleats are too deep ? Which shoes are you using ? I have X Track with SIDI Dragon shoes and don't have this issue - But i am still using Shitmano cleats and haven't mounted the look cleats yet, but they are very similar in thickness so i doubt it will be an issue. also read here - same issue discussed https://www.bikeforums.net/bicycle-mechanics/1202394-pedal-shoe-cleat-combo-issues-unclipping.html
  14. Your first mistake - You went to Cajees Your second mistake - You went to Cajees - I think I already said that
  15. Getting anything for COLNAGO is basically impossible in SA - The struggle is real i tell you. It boggles the mind that they have a SA importer who is useless and have virtually no dealer network around the country. Even getting bar tape or bottle cages is impossible. Getting Campy is becoming very much the same - Anything you want you have to know someone who knows someone who is in the inner circle of the local importer. When you see big brands trading out of back rooms and parking lots, then questions need to be asked. You better off contacting a dealer in US or UK
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