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  1. I follow this guy on BookFace - he has some awesome designs all are assembled without welding https://www.facebook.com/cain.hashimoto/?show_switched_toast=0&show_switched_tooltip=0&show_podcast_settings=0
  2. I know money is tight, but lets help where we can. https://www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/travis-barrett I have a lot of faith in this youngster check out his race CV here : https://inthebunch.co.za/riders/travis-barrett/
  3. Yep getting some time in locally on the sales floor would always be a good idea and help once you get there. There is a huge difference when comparing our local bikeshops with those I've visited in Europe (Germany & France) The Floor sales people really know their stuff and can give proper advice and recommendations. The shops are really serious about investing in product training to their staff. Over here most shops mainly focus on MTB; ROAD & now Gravel bikes - Over there you need to add commuter bikes for all ages from kids to pensioners and on top normal and E-Bikes in the mix - Commuter market is huge overt there, in fact i would hazard a guess its is far bigger than MTB & ROAD bikes. So you need to be able to deal with Mom coming in looking for a bike for young Hans as he is starting school and will need to get there by bike with all the safety gear required. Next will be Granpa Fritz looking for a high end commuter E-Bike because walking to the Brauhaus every evening is becoming a challenge. And then on top you get the MTB 7 Road guys like we have here. All these customers will bring their bikes back for service and repairs - Not like here where we buy a bike from a LBS and mainly repair and service it ourselves - so the repair and service industry is very big over there and regulated to ensure the work is done safely by qualified mechanics.
  4. Also check out UCI - https://www.uci.org/world-cycling-centre/training/mechanic-training-course
  5. I know in Germany, if you work as a bicycle mechanic you have to be qualified through a recognized institution. I would imagine is probably the same in most EU countries, I'm sure a little Google research would point you in the right direction. In UK, you can qualify through CYTECH - https://www.cytech.training/ - possibly their qualifications are recognized in EU - Reach out to them. Here locally, Torque Zone Academy do all the training for Cytech - https://www.torqzoneacademy.co.za/
  6. The Max weekly target is 1200 points, which is easy to achieve if you are registered as a high performance athlete and you do at least 2 - 3 sessions per week. On those off weeks there are other work arounds to still achieve your weekly goal ... you just got to figure out what the work arounds are 🙊
  7. That's a strange response from TREK - I wonder it it was a TREK decision or the local importer/LBS decision I bought a TREK SUPERFLY back in 2012 from a non-TREK dealer. In 2019 i cracked the frame and tried for a warranty replacement under their lifetime warranty policy through the same dealer i bought it from. a week later my brand new 2019 TOP FUEL 9.9 replacement frame was in my workshop. I was really impressed and obviously now a big TREK fan - Obviously of course second to COLNAGO that will always be my 1st calling.
  8. If you have an AOD - then no reason to still lay fraud charges - Default on an AOD is a simple court case and automatically judgment is handed against him and an attachment order is granted, with this you can arrive at his home with the sheriff and attach goods to the value of what the AOD is. even without him being in court.
  9. madmarc


    If you go CIOVITA, make sure you try them on before ordering online - I normally ride L - XL and with CIOVITA i have to use XXXL - If you Gauteng I think Cyclelab stock them, normally bike shops locally sell them about the same price as they are advertised on their website.
  10. I'm one of the fortunate ones who have been access to Adaptive Training beta testers 😎 - Its taken TR to a whole new level
  11. ZWIFT = Gamers and E-dopers Traineroad = Serious & focused IDT training
  12. I also did a lot of research on this subject - the idea was to first start a proper professional workshop with qualified mechanics and all the tooling required. Then grow into component retail, used bikes and finally getting a few bike brands on the floor. 1st problem - Component importers are not interested in even talking to you unless you have a proper shop, and even then, they will not guarantee they will supply you and certainly not on credit for the first 12 months. So go crunch the numbers - get a shop, kit it out, tool it up, employ 2 mechanics & load your budget for TorqZone academy training, and this is only the workshop side i'm talking about. So now you spent the money and still hemorrhaging cash on overheads without much shop income, you be buying spares and components from other retailers to do repairs - the only income you really have is labor. So you approach the importers again, and they prepared to talk mmmmmmm we see you are too close to one of our other long standing customers, sorry we not prepared to supply you even on COD basis, or yes sure no problem but then load the wholesale prices and you find you are always the most expensive. Lets not even go down the rabbit hole of becoming a retailer for known brand of bike. 2 of the biggest brands are concept stores, so they off the table - The others will also look at your location in relation to their other big retailers and soon they will be off the table as well - So unless you planning on a shop in the middle of the Karoo in Kakamaaz you against a brick wall and a hard place. From my research i came to the conclusion that dealing with most (not all but most) of the bike and component wholesale market is who you know not what you know. After 5 months of business model building, planning, budgeting, phone calls, meetings etc etc - I invested my time and money in learning share & Crypto trading - Trust me, i'm a lot happier today and get far better return on investment than most bicycle shop owners.
  13. Have you considered an external cable routing - Not as neat but it works well and you don't have to jerry rig it on a non drilled frame. I run a KS LEV external routed cable - works perfect
  14. I would hazard a guess, your chainring needs to be replaced, especially if your chain was 0.75 or beyond on a chain checker tool. On 1 X system your chainring sees a lot more ware than on 2 X systems. On my old 2 X systems i could replace the chain 3 times before i needed to change the cassette and chainrings Now on 1 X i change the chainring and the chain 3 times before i do the cassette
  15. This been bugging me !! what are all those thingy majigs under her downtube ?
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