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  1. Does someone not perhaps have some dstv login details that they can share with Cois so that he can log into the dstv app and then stream the TDF? I would offer mine but I already use it on the max number of devices allowed per subscription.
  2. As far as I know you will need a vpn to watch the tour on gcn.
  3. Sooo excited. I can't believe how quickly the TDF has come again! So many points of interest and races within the race to follow.
  4. Hey Dale, Actually, I am 95% of the time on my road bike these days - the roads around Howick are a lekker place to ride. I get what you are saying about the practicalities of dark kit etc and I don't have a problem with those who chose to wear it. My main gripe is the air of self perceived "pro-ism" that one sees which seems to coincide greatly with the lack of lighting and visibility devices. Anyway, it's not everyone and I do also see those riders out there who do make every effort to make themselves visible so kudos to those who do.
  5. Hey guys, it really is getting light later and later now. Don't forget to "Light Up"! Time again for my yearly mini rant. What is it with "professional" looking cyclists? Almost without fail I see riders in dark kit without a single source of light. And it seems that the more "pro" a rider thinks he is, the less likely he is to have a red flashing light let alone a white front light. IT DOESN'T MAKE YOU LOOK MORE COOL TO RIDE WITH NO LIGHTS!!! In fact, it just makes you look stupid. And don't think it only affects you if you choose to ride without lights. Think about the impact it will have on the motorist who drives over you because you were trying your best to make yourself invisible. OK, I have said my bit. Please, please, please remember to light up. Be safe out there and set a good example for others.
  6. Yup , I'm pretty sure MVDP will strike from long range.
  7. I've been wondering the possibility of the race doctor stopping and conducting a thorough Head injury assessment on a rider and then if it is determined that the rider is ok to continue then the doctor's car or maybe one of the motos can pace/ tow the rider back to the back of the convoy and then the rider must make their own way back through the cars. At least that way the rider can be properly checked out and not lose contact with the bunch.
  8. Hopefully he has gained a few extra watts as well. He was climbing really well last year but at the expense of that last extra bit of punch. I did think at times last year that he was looking a bit too scrawny!
  9. Looks like he's bulked up a bit?
  10. Filippo man I can't wait...
  11. I see Froomie hung on until about 3.5k to go today and came in around 1:40 down. The final climb was 21k at around 6%
  12. jimmycool


    As far as I can remember it was on channel 206 variety 1 last year.
  13. jimmycool


    Sorry, I wasn't implying that the UAE tour was on dstv. Simply pointing out that if something is not covered on gcn and you really want to watch it you can get dstv compact plus for R529 instead of paying for the premium package. I think most people assume that the cycling is only part of the full premium package on dstv.
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