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  1. OFFICE OF THE STATION COMMANDER: TABLE VIEW 14 JANUARY 2021 SUSPECT ARRESTED AND STOLEN BICYCLES WORTH R850 000 RECOVERED TABLE VIEW: The swift reaction by an armed response company and Table View police, led to the arrest of a suspect and the recovery of high end bicycles valued at around R850 000. On Wednesday, 13 January 2021 shortly after 21:00 a security guard at a retail centre in Sunningdale was approached by three armed suspects who took his cellular telephone and hand radio. They proceeded to burgle a bicycle shop by gaining access through a window which was smashed with a concrete slab. The suspects fled with a number of bicycles in a getaway vehicle. The security guard managed to activate a panic button and within minutes the armed response officers arrived at the scene and the suspects fled. Table View police was also alerted and soon joined the armed response officers in the apprehension of the fleeing suspects. Eventually, the robbers were cornered and stopped their vehicle and fled further on foot in different directions. Police fired one shot and injured one of the suspects and arrested him. His accomplices managed to escape and are being sought. The injured suspect was taken to hospital for treatment, and will make his court appearance once he has been discharged. All the stolen bikes have been recovered. Table View Station Commander, Colonel Lindiwe Dyantyi expressed her gratitude and applauded the armed response officers for their swift reaction and for alerting police. She is urging anyone with information on the whereabouts of the other suspects to contact Table View police at 021 521 3300, or Crime Stop on 08600 10111. Ends. Enquiries: Captain Adriana Chandler 0716048334
  2. My folks have a small business that we have just opened in Durbanville. We are starting a series of "Meet the Artist" events...showcasing musicians, writers, poets... offering an intimate opportunity to enjoy a meal while getting to know our talented local artists. We are starting with Ann-Jangles (link below) Ann recently completed her African Dream Parade tour, so-called after her latest solo studio album. The journey saw her cycling alone for 7 months through the African wilderness and covered over 5000kms through Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, and Kenya, using the gift of music to uplift communities, promote animal welfare and raise awareness for endangered animals, specifically the African Wild Dog. Totally unprepared for the expedition, with everything she owned on the back of a bicycle she set off from the South African border and headed into the unknown If you would like to attend this event, (or even an artist you know, would like to set up an event like this) please contact us. https://facebook.com/events/s/harlem-on-heritage-presents-an/212610246935686/
  3. It's only a matter of time before you'll see me out there on this
  4. Just a FYI. Wendy's flat out on the Cape Rouleur with us so you may not get a reply this week.
  5. -Az-

    2020 Tour de PPA

    From the email START TIMES The start times for the event categories are as follows: *Please note – times may vary slightly due to late entries affecting group sizes / splits. CATEGORY START TIME A 06H30 B 06H33 C 06H36 Tandems 06H39 D 06H42 E 06H45 F 06H48 G 06H50 H – (two groups) 06H52 & 06H54 I 06H54 J 06H56 K – (three groups) 06H58 & 07H00 & 07H02 72 KM CATEGORY START TIME Tandems 08H00 A - H 08H02 I – J 08H04 K – (three groups) 08H06 & 08H08 & 08H10 Please be in your start chute 30 minutes before your start. Please allow sufficient time if you are collecting your number only on the morning of the event.
  6. Press Release PRESS RELEASE – 10 Feb 2020The first ever Human Rights Cycle Tour (HRCT) of South Africa is cancelled.It is with great regret, and concern, that we, the Exco of the HRCT, make this announcement.This decision was taken after 20 months of planning and negotiation with various stakeholders tobring the first event of its kind to the African continent. The race was envisaged as a tribute to the countless South Africans who have made the ultimatesacrifice for our freedom from the darkness of apartheid and other human rights abuses. So ourregret extends not only to our supporters and well-wishers, but particularly to our sponsors andmedia partners who embraced the event and selflessly committed to it their valuable resources.In this respect we gratefully acknowledge the magnanimity of Retro Active, Busy Corner MeatHyper, Jive (The Beverage Company) and our media partners Cape Times (IndependentNewspapers), Smile 90.4FM and iTV. In addition, we thank the many thousands of cyclists who have shown interest to participate inthis event. Many of them, nationally and internationally. Given the gravity and austerity of our decision, we are obliged to expound. At the heart of ourdecision is our challenge of dealing with the City’s bureaucracy. After submitting 17 versions ofour race route over several months, our committee found that the repeated refutation of the Cityto officially approve the event had turned into an impasse.In addition, the Special Events Committee (SPEVCO) of the City had not met our expectation forfinancial assistance in covering the costs for traffic personnel, SAPS, Disaster Management, etc.in the amount of hundreds of thousands of Rands. We deemed a reasonable expectation dueSPEVCO’s routine support other similar events.Another contributing factor was the reneging of one of our platinum sponsors on their financialcommitment to the event.Finally, MiCity approved only the outgoing lane from Christiaan Barnard to Paarden Eiland. Theyrefused to approve both lanes for the event from 6:30am-9:00am. With thousands of cyclistsgoing through the lane our technical team is of the view that we will be putting cyclists at riskshould we go ahead using one lane only.The compounded impact of the above left the Exco of the HRCT with no option but to cancel theevent.We wish to assure everyone who has entered that their entry fees will be refunded in full.Yours faithfully,Mohamed JafferChairman – Human Rights Cycle Tour
  7. 06:15 puts you in 2Ca.. That's not a trick, it's a plan
  8. At this point in time, I can confirm this.
  9. Super safe event to all those on the road for the event. (And please... leave some space on at least one side of the R317 this year )
  10. -Az-

    Yamaha eBike

    Based on company history, KTM should have a head start then?
  11. Good luck ladies and gents, please be safe and sensible out there
  12. From what I've seen, this year looks similar if not the same.
  13. The back of the EK and DiD chain boxes tell you to use gear oil (or an aerosol) I'm inclined to side with mazambaan though.
  14. NRTA 183. Lamps to emit steady light Unless otherwise provided elsewhere in these regulations, a lamp fitted to any vehicle shall emit a steady light when in operation: Provided that an ambulance, rescue vehicle, fire-fighting vehicle, a motor vehicle operated by a traffic officer in the execution of his or her duties, or a motor vehicle operated by a member of the Service or a member of a municipal police service, both as defined in section 1 of the South African Police Service Act, 1995 (Act No. 68 of 1995) in the execution of his or her duties, may be equipped with a device which enables the driver of such vehicle to operate the vehicle’s head lamps in such a manner that they flash intermittently. Then there's this too https://www.4x4community.co.za/forum/showthread.php/202506-No-more-LED-bars/page4
  15. -Az-


    You took the words out of my mouth when I read this about Silverstone and then I saw this on MotoGP.com earlier MotoGP™ riders marvel at the new Silverstone surface More grip... smooth like glass... so much fun to ride on... https://www.motogp.com/en/videos/2019/08/23/motogp-riders-marvel-at-the-new-silverstone-surface/305892
  16. It was on the event listing I was given for 6th Oct so I'm pretty certain it's going ahead.
  17. -Az-

    Formula 1...

    Mobdro for android, has the SkyF1 channel. You can run it on windows using the BlueStacks emulator
  18. A is off at 06H30 with 3 minute gaps down to F, then 2min gaps to the end. No League so no #$% etc
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