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  1. This post is gathering some hate for cyclists and shares on FB....I'll try to copy a link here... https://www.facebook.com/john.easton3/posts/10159165745381202?comment_id=10159167560646202&notif_id=1608805786601374&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&ref=notif
  2. https://www.facebook.com/groups/380712042451530/permalink/991803318009063/ I'll just leave this here. Much wrong doing from both sides..... Anyone know details?
  3. The club has the same committee and email addresses as last year
  4. Yip, our club secretary hasn't received anything from CSA...
  5. So you received a mail from CSA as late at 21 December? I haven't, and neither has our club secretary....
  6. Considering my ex accused me of spending too much time on my bike, I see I still had 8303 hours off the bike......
  7. Does anyone have a means of contacting CSA regarding processing of 2020 Race Licenses and membership registration? I have emailed the address on the website ( info@cyclingsa.com ) with no reply, and I've tried calling ( 021 9171749) with no answer. I processed my race license renewal on 3 December 2020 and it still shows "Pending" on my CSA Member page. The pending is for club approval. The club hasn't received any comms from CSA.... Anyone else in a similar situation or had some success? This is quite important with Provincial and SA Champs in the near future.
  8. Hey guys, does anyone perhaps have a contact with some influence in the Intercity Xpress bus company? Here's an incident involving an Intercity Xpress bus I'd like to share. I've tried posting it to their FB page but it seems it won't allow. I haven't called the customer care number on the bus, as I don't really want to engage with a telephone operator over this. I've tried accessing their website to get an email contact but can't seem to open the page: I'd like to report an incident I had with an Intercity Xpress driver this morning, Sunday 1 September. I was cycling North to South through Manaba on the KZN South Coast just before 7am, and the Intercity Xpress bus HT11VX GP came past me from behind with centimeters to spare. I was riding alone and was within the yellow line margin of the road. The bus was stopped at a traffic light shortly after and I rode past and shouted to the driver to have some respect for other road users. He came past me again after that a purposely tried to run me off the road.... I know just down the road in Margate is the Intercity pickup point so knew I'd see him there again. I stopped at the bus and started to take photos of the registration plate, and tried to take a photo of the driver who then shoved me, and pushed my phone away threatening me "Just carry on and I will f...ing hit you" . I'm not one to back down from a confrontation, but I left the scene as bike vs bus, and driver and mob with growing interest vs cyclist wasn't going to end well for me. Can something be down about this aggressive driver? He is a risk to other road users and shouldn't be driving alone, never mind with a bus full of passengers.
  9. I've been trying to set up Zwift on one of my old laptops to use as a dedicated indoor trainer computer but am getting the exact same error. Zwift support tell me it's because my laptop is not high enough spec...
  10. The road from Sheppie south to Port Edward is the R61 - the N2 branches inland from Sheppie toward Kokstad. I'd stay off the N2 north of Sheppie. The roads are fine to ride early in the morning before the traffic gets busy. The toll road is great training but once it's busy the traffic is fast. The old coastal road is better in my opinion as although its busy the traffic is a bit slower. Give us a shout at Giant South Coast when you're down here if you like.
  11. Any reputable Shimano dealer should have the interface and software.
  12. I assume you'll have road bikes with you when you're here since you're doing the Tour Durban? Pop into my shop - Giant South Coast ( http://www.giantsouthcoast.co.za/en-ZA/ ) at the Southcoast Mall in Shelly Beach when you're here and we can get you sorted with some training rides with us. I also live in Uvongo.
  13. My new ride: TCR Adv SL ISP SRAM Red eTap Easton EC90SL
  14. Then wait for the 2017 Anthem 29ers to be revealed. Everyone is quick to make assumptions on what hasn't been said. 2 days ago you didn't know any of the range.....
  15. We use Pastel POS in our store. Our accounting system is Pastel, and it makes it simplifies things with our accountants also working on the same system.
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