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  1. I just bought some for my 26er. Will give some feedback aft a few rides.
  2. Does anyone have any views on the price of a bike like this. I can get one for R17 000 and want to know if that is a good price?
  3. Hi Guys, I am on the west rand. Any idea where I can drop some kit off?
  4. Thanks Tankman. So happy that someone could help when Garmin couldn't
  5. Agreed it is very cool. Just one thing I am having a problem with is getting the GSC10 to work properly witht he unit. As soon as I add it, it messes with how the distance is calculated, speed reading etc. When riding 30Km's it gives ridiculous readings like 8km. When i switch it off it works fine. Not sure if I am setting it up properly. Any ideas or advice?
  6. I'd like to get some thoughts on two issues and I am sure these have been discussed in great detail already. I currently have an Epic Expert 29er and have been riding for a few months now. I have been to Kings Kloof a few times now and feel that as soon as I start riding more techincal trails I struggle with the Epic especially on the tights switchbacks. I was looking at possibly getting a second bike or replacing the Epic with a Camber as it seems to be a lot more forgiving and an easier ride. The 1st question is if that is a good idea? 2nd Question. I can get a Camber Expert 26" for quite a good price, but am very tentative as I am not sure if I should rather go for the 29er. Any thoughts?
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