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  1. Andymann

    Formula 1...

    All I hear there are a lot of woman's ovaries furiously clapping hands and cheering him 😂
  2. Anyone else listen to JB^2 on The Move and think that Johan Bruyneel is some sort of Soothsayer. His ability to pick stage winners is uncanny. He says he is not a betting man, but with the amount to times he's got the winner correct, he could have made a fortune.
  3. One the subject of Danish, have you heard how you are meant to pronounce Vingegaard.....it's probably better to say Vinegar. You'd still be wrong, but would at least be closer than the two commentators. Danish pronunciation is not the friend of the English speaker they told me when I was there a few years back.
  4. There's one of these bad boys hanging in my roof. The Fatty shock is toast, otherwise I would probably still be riding it....
  5. Ja we also tried that - no human food, no sleeping on the bed.........
  6. We've messed around with various foods but when Grace had her first knee repair and the Vet suspected there was lack of nutrients when she was a stray, he suggested Hills J/D. I can give first-hand experience that the results were apparent after about a week - especially with her ability to move around. It was too much of a mission though to try and separate the two dogs from eating each others food, so we just moved the other Dog to J/D as well. When Lucy-fer the puppy arrived we opted for Hills Puppy but after a while it was just a free-for-all looting spree (😉) with each dog for himself. So we eventually settled on Hills Adult for all three. Its a good balance my Vet says - not in the Yorkshire Pork category, but definitely better than el-cheapo. We add a bit of collagen Power for the joints of the older dogs. We also try and avoid the treats, but with a Food-Driven Puppy, training was done with treats, so the other dogs had to get too.... So now we have morning and evening Beeno biscuits. And then also (much to the disgust of my Houghton family) what we call pre-wash before the plates go into the dishwasher. We're saving water by not rinsing the plates I tell them....
  7. Maybe just check on running with a Malinois - we have a Golden Shepherd and the Trainers at puppy school recommended we do the running thing really really slowly to help the joints in later life - it's taken us about 2 years to get her up to 10km - we only started running after 12 months and it's taken another 12 to get her up to 8km. My Wife trained her like she would if someone approached her and asked for a program to do a 10km run from zero! Grace (the one in my pic above) was a rescue and obviously didn't have the correct nutrients when she was a puppy - we've had two knee operations done and her hips are toast - she really struggles in Winter, and it's really sad to see. We didn't want a similar thing to happen with Lucy-fer the Devil dog!
  8. Managed to save a bit of cash by not buying beer so splashed out on two of these from Pet's Planet SA. They were on special. I don't think I have ever seen her this comfortable on a cushion before!
  9. I'm sure all of us contributing to this thread have our little idiosyncrasies - I do Duathlon and I absolutely cannot cycle without gloves - I've tried and I have this mental block - to a point that when I do my first run I run in gloves just to save time in transition. I have no doubt that I'm just as fast on the cycle leg without gloves, but my mind plays tricks on me. I'm certainly no pro, but I do think that us mere mortals do share some similarities with the Pros and I'm guessing maybe Froome just has a block against disks? I think it was also mentioned here somewhere that Cav is just happier on a Spez. I mean it's not like BMC or Cervelo makes rubbish frames, but perhaps he just believes that when he's on Spez, he's a much better rider? Who knows.
  10. There's very few cars that can stay with a bike from zero to 40ish - in fact even to 60 most cars battle. I remember once some guy in an Aston Martin was itching for a drag race with a BMW and I was on my DT200 in the third lane watching this. I couldn't resist and had them for about 200m before they came flying past. Best part was at the next traffic light I filtered past them both, giving a little rev just to let them know I was still going to get to the next traffic light in front of them! There's still some kid in me, even at close to 50!
  11. Oh and of course Nibali from Team Leaky Gas....
  12. I'm missing "Suitcases of Courage", "Dropping the Hammer", "All over his machine" and "Excellent bike handling skills" Is dear old Phil still commentating or has he retired?
  13. I'm actually rooting for him - I think when he burst onto the scene everyone put huge pressure on him by announcing him as our first TDF podium hope and maybe that was a bit much to handle. It looks here like he's just chipping away slowly and maybe a top 10 is possible. A big ask, but I hope he manages it!
  14. Old man Pat might be pleased, but his bank Manager won't be - according to GH on The Move Cav is riding for free, but has some pretty big win bonus clauses in the contract
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