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  1. So last year my Wife made it into the last 10 of the Zwift Academy Tri and we were pretty sure she stood a good shot of making it into the team based on what we thought were what they were looking for - everyday people who were good enough to race in KONA but had never had the opportunity to be coached correctly. The final ladies that were selected were all semi-pro, were all already sponsored and I think if I recall 2 had already raced at KONA and won their Age groups. What they weren't were amateurs that had never been offered an opportunity. ZA is marketed as an avenue for everyday people who are good enough to make it to a pro team, but really everyday people don't stand a chance - I think they know from the start who they want. ZA Tri was cancelled for this year, and I see the ZA Run team was also not announced.
  2. I've met Maddie a few times - my Wife used to coach her during her Triathlon days and we were all in Avilles together for Duathlon. She's really cool and I hope it works out for her. My gut feeling tells me though that the Team is looking for decent all-rounders and not specialists so I don't know if she's what they want.
  3. And to be fair - those that know their bikes, a Hyosung GT650R is at best a spirited commuter bike. It's hardly a bike that only comes alive at 180kph.
  4. A couple of years back I hit a car on my Motorbike on the way to work - the cars were stopped at a red light and I was filtering slowly down the right when the guy decided to do a U-turn. I hit him and broke my ankle. I claimed from the RAF and eventually it went to court where I was awarded only a percentage of what my lawyer claimed - the Judge was quite firm and said to me that some of the blame was on me because even though what the car had done was wrong, and filtering is legal in SA, I had put myself at risk by doing it. It was quite an eye-opener for me because in my mind I was doing nothing wrong - but in the eyes of the law I was putting myself at risk by riding a motorbike in that position. So yup - I agree. My gut feeling would be that if this went to court and assuming no-one was drunk, the blame would be apportioned to both parties for putting themselves at risk for doing what they were doing. Sometimes the law is like a Doberman's left leg - it's neither fair, or right.
  5. As someone who restores old motorbikes with unobtanium parts I have had a few springs made at Weblor Springs in Edenvale. Even a few custom springs where I crudely bent a piece of wire and asked them to replicate it. It might be too small for them, of if it isn't, you might need to accept that you will need to order a minimum of 20 possibly, but If it was me, I would take a drive out to them with the sample and see what they say. STARCO springs is another one you might try - they made us a clock spring for one of our old Drilling machines here and it was perfect.
  6. We've been experimenting with them. On the long training rides (3hrs+) I find they work really well. The Apple and Cinnamon one is really nice. I also grab one for a 10am snack especially if I have done an early morning session
  7. Been wanting to post these for a while. I accidentally dropped the 660 when I was taking off the rear wheel (Rookie mistake I know!) and broke the plastics on the RHS which were the only undamaged ones. The LHS ones were broken and badly repaired when I bought it so I was on the cusp of ordering a new set of reproduction plastics from Aus when I thought to just try Custom Creations here in Krugersdrop. What a brilliant job they did. For reference, the tank is still original, They somehow managed to touch up the OEM stickers and repair the damage to a point where you really cant tell they have been repaired. Super impressed with them!
  8. Talking of SA Champs, I see Maddie Le Roux is down to race the Ladies Elite race. She is one of the finalists for the Ladies Zwift Academy Team - I'll be holding thumbs - My Wife used to coach her when she was a Junior Triathlete and she was with the team when we went to World Duathlon champs in Spain - the same year that Emma Pallant and Richard Murray won the Elite race. She's really chilled - nice and grounded so I hope she does well.
  9. Yup - and she's full of praise for South Africa - loves it here. I even think she tried to change Federations so she could try and represent RSA in Triathlon but sadly that didn't work out.
  10. The VMC does a calendar every year where they ask members to sponsor a page and in return you get a picture of your bike on a month. I had pics taken and last year I thought what the hell let me submit to Bikebound https://www.bikebound.com/2024/01/10/velocette-scrambler/
  11. I came across a Facebook memory a while back when I still had my Triumph Bonneville where I was debating the fact that when driving past the local University on the Triumph, there was a very fine line separating Cool Guy riding a retro bike and Old guy riding past on some old bike.... Sadly I think on that day I was the latter
  12. You cant carry your dog on an XT250.....
  13. Actually the AG200 is way better - but it has a stigma attached that it's a farm bike. Same engine, same dodgy suspension but just a much better package
  14. Having said that - if you can take a TW200 across 5 miles of hell you can probably take anything!
  15. I was part of the S10 test team when we were busy evaluating it before the SA launch. We had a KTM, a Triumph, a GS and the S10. This is what we found - The KTM was the best off-road - like a big MX bike but it wasn't great on-road The GS was excellent as a big Adventure tourer but wasn't as good as the KTM off road. The S10 was kind of in-between - it was better than the GS off-road, but not as good as the KTM, but not as good as the GS on-road but way better than the KTM. The problem was the Triumph which was just a better all-rounder than everything everywhere - luckily in 2010 Triumphs were not that popular. The Japanese could not understand why South Africans would want to take an S10 on anything other than maybe a dirt road - and even that was a shock for them! I wouldn't completely ignore an S10 - they are incredibly reliable so you won't have issues and they can be had now for good money - but I wouldn't want to take one too far off a gravel road! Just my 5c!
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