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  1. Hi V12man, Thanks for the offer, I’ll measure the ball and get back to you. It sounds like this could resolve the issue. Thanks again
  2. thanks for the reply and advise. I was just thinking, I almost require a washer type of item that sits on the towbar before the bike rack is mounted. This is similar to the old days of guys making a hole in a tennis ball and plugging it to their towbar before towing their caravan. I will try the tennis ball but have this suspicion that the bike rack mounting won't fit with the ball.
  3. I need some advise when mounting a Buzz Rack - Buzzybee 2, the rack get tightened using a bolt nut, I've noticed on some occasions the rack sways slightly either to the left or right even though I securely mounted and tightened the rack to the towbar. Is there a way I can prevent this? I can tighten the bolt but feel that if I make it too tight, something might snap or break
  4. Apologies Andrew_Smith, I might be a bit late to respond, however this might help any future travelers to Sun City. I came across the below which was announced in Dec 2017. Looks like a nice trail if you're looking for a short MTB ride while at Sun City. https://www.suninternational.com/sun-city/activities/safari/mountain-biking-letsatsing-game-park-mankwe-gametrackers/ Mankwe GAMETRACKERS is very excited to announce that we will have a mountain bike route in the Letsatsing Game Park. The route covers a distance of 9.7 km through a private game park situated in the Sun City Resort bordering the Pilanesberg National Park. It is a 700Ha reserve with plenty of wildlife such as Wildebeest, Impala, Sable, Zebra, Giraffe, Warthogs, Nyala, Kudu and much more, not to forget about all the smaller creatures, critters and bird life.The mountain bike route consists of rocky terrain, rivulets and mountainous terrain that is not too steep. About ExcursionThe route will be available year round with seasonal timings as follows: Summer: October until March open from 06:00 until 17:00Winter: April to September open from 07:00 until 16:00.Estimated duration approximately 1 to 2 hours dependent on each individual's fitness level. Rate R75-per person one entry only - excluding bicycle and safety gear R225-per person one entry only - including bicycle and safety gear Departure Point Departure will be from the Activity Hub, next to the Shebeen. What to Bring Closed riding shoes, Sunscreen Comfortable clothing for the journey Water bottle Fitness A degree of physical fitness is required. Maximum weight 120kg – if hiring a bicycle. Inclusions One entrance per person into Letsatsing Game Park. Wash bay to clean your bike. Exclusions Spares including a tube and either a pump or bombs. No lead person, rider will go on the route without any guidance. Recommended for Riders to bring along Own bike with tubeless tires and slime Spares including a tube and either a pump or bombs At least one water bottle Sun screen Camera or cell phone camera (we encounter some stunning views) Skills Any ride in Letsatsing Game Park requires additional safety due to the possibility of encountering wild animals including giraffe, wildebeest, impala, kudu and warthog, but excluding any predators. Terms & Conditions Maximum 200 people. The excursion will be marketed by Sun City and Mankwe GAMETRACKERS through the websites and brochures. Guests to sign indemnity forms before embarking on the excursion. Guests are welcome to bring along cameras and binoculars. Guests will be able to pre-book online or directly at the Mankwe GAMETRACKERS desks in the Welcome Centre and Activity Hub or through the hotel concierge. Operators & Travel Agents can also book online and check real time availability through our wholesaler portal or they can send their booking requests via e-mail to info@manwkegametrackers.co.za Contact+27 14 552 5020 info@manwkegametrackers.co.za
  5. I'm doing a weekend away (Fri - Mon) for a family getaway to Crystal Springs Resort and contemplating whether we should be taking mountain bikes for the weekend. Are there any Mountain Biking Trails in and around Crystal Springs Resort? if so, has anyone previously been there and taken your bikes?
  6. Thanks DK, much appreciate the advise. I think i'm bombarded all sorts of opinions which gets me thinking or pondering on these issues. But I feel much relieved now. thanks again.
  7. thanks, sounds like a bit of a relief Do you reckon I can keep the mountain biking tyres on?
  8. I've registered for my first 947 Cycle Challenge road race and still contemplating whether I would do the race as I feel like I'm unfit due to the lack of training whih simply is not happening. I have a mountain bike and was advised to changed to change my tyres for the race as mountain biking tyres are not reccomended. Can anyone share their thoughts/view on this? I'm a bit two minded to change tyres as it then stops me from doing mountain biking on the weeks preceding the 947 event.
  9. I'm new to this forum and can't find any thread on the 94.7 Cycle Challenge Event (19/11/2017). Is it my imagination or am i not looking at the right place?
  10. I noticed that there is definitely a need for weekday rides from 16:00. Now that summer's almost in, that could potentially mean getting a 2 hour ride until sunset. There are posts for these kind of rides in the relevant areas but has it ever been explored to create multiple watsapp groups (per area) to cater for this requirement? For example, if there was one for Bryanston, a short message saying "meet at The Baron at 4pm" for a group ride could potentially create a group of a few cyclist exploring the quiet roads/walkways. I'm new to this group (and a beginner cyclist), so not quite sure what kind of logistics are involved with setting this up.
  11. I'm also keen to join a group in this area, I'll watch this space.
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