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  1. First Maiden Ride on the G650X, good long weekend behind the back.
  2. That's actually a good question since there is pressure on the foam when hanging of course. Not sure if this is really a problem in the long run. EDIT: Correction, the foam at back doesn't deform, it is only the soft sleeve that deforms which is totally fine.
  3. Yeah, 3D printed - my friend owns one. Works like a bomb.
  4. Also got a nice mount from my friend for the gear:
  5. Received an awesome birthday present for me and could not be any happier! 2007 BMW G650X Challenge with a few upgrades: Acerbis Handguards, Shorty Levers and Upgraded Rear Shock. The seller also included a set of proper off-road tyres and a silencer. The bike has just under 11 000km on the clock and paid R30 000 for it. So amped and the bike sounds amazing! What a machine. Looking forward to our 170km trip on Thursday.
  6. We enjoyed flat whites and carrot cake after dreaming about the bikes standing on the showroom. 😁
  7. Bike has been standing in the garage for 2-weeks plus due to an electrical short somewhere - presume it to be a faulty starter relay. Threw in the towel and book it in with BMW Cape Town, hopefully the can fix all the hiccups with this bike so that I can actually start enjoying it.
  8. Had an awesome chat last time, since he is the moderator of the BMW G450X thread over on Wild Dog. Didn't realise he is a cyclist as well, pretty cool - lover of all things with two wheels.
  9. Thanks for sharing, clearly ear plugs is more important than I thought. I am off tomorrow, so will drive through to Flying Brick to get myself a pair especially since I am still in my young days, so rather safe than sorry to keep my hearing good when I get older.
  10. Fantastic to hear, congrats on your purchase! I must also get myself a pair soon. Oh, Hairy I found your adventure bike to add to your arsenal, it is also a Harley:
  11. Friend bought his at Flying Brick, we love supporting Chris and his team where we can. Also a fellow G450X enthusiastic, gave me some valuable information around the bike a few weeks ago. Cool chap! He struggled with heavy wind noise with his ADV helmet on his F800 but after fitting those new earplugs, he was sorted. Sure you won't be dissappointed.
  12. Studying and doing a full-time job is not for the faint-hearted. It is really a challenge but not impossible. I totally agree with the comment that certain people explain better - that's a fact, I can relate with my Java lecturer on Uni, I actually bought a separate Java course to cover the work.
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