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  1. would appreciate an awesome price on: Shimano XT/SLX disc brakeset Reba 100mm (non boost) Fork
  2. went to the fourways cyclelab store to pick up a fox 32 stepcast for R7999 all the forks have cut steerers (+-175mm). Aside from being a bit annoyed and frustated at having wasted my time driving out there, surely that is no longer defined as "New" and could be construed as "Secondhand"?
  3. the average hubber's version of 'mint' condition is very different to mine.
  4. I had to pay as well Didn't sit well with me either but that's life
  5. GavS

    Zwift Problem

    Until the last 2 weeks or so I could connect whatever I wanted without any issues. My friend with a snap 2018 has just installed zwift and has the same issue as well.
  6. GavS

    Zwift Problem

    I have tried with my edge 520 and without it. Same issue. Actually tested without my HR belt or cadence in case they were causing issues too.
  7. GavS

    Zwift Problem

    Should mention I have a kickr 2018 running PC with ant+ dongle and a snap 2 before that. Been 100% for last year till now.
  8. Anyone else suddenly struggling with zwift? I've gone from riding comfortably in B category to suddenly being dropped by D. Seems like suddenly the brakes are permanently on and power output is half of normal. Done all the necessary calibrations etc. It is incredibly frustrating and killing all enjoyment I had in zwift.
  9. Any chance of a better deal on the Kickr 4 (or Kickr Core that is on cyclelab website) Definitely in the market for an upgrade to my Kickr Snap but R19k is still eye watering.
  10. fulcrum racing zero/campagnolo shamal ultra. Stiff, strong and roll fast Im 105kg btw will come in under budget too. I have multiple sets of carbon wheels..Zipp 404, Metron 55, Deda SL38 etc and they all just too flexy for me
  11. you very lucky! i had to replace a csixx XM mtb rim after they claimed exhaust damage. irony is that the rim in question wasnt even on the same side as the exhaust, bike was on the furtherest mount on a thule 3 bike rack and the trip that apparently did the damage was less than 5mins long. you definitely got out of jail, blaming exhausts seems to be the go to excuse to repudiate any claim these days
  12. Perhaps a brand, model and indication of condition would help everyone in terms of providing estimations
  13. Doesnt work at all with medical aids. Went Garmin to get the points Medical aids dont use strava anyway due to people fraudulently capturing activities manually
  14. Had a rider 40 and 60 Simple answer... No
  15. that warranty means sweet f all when you have to incur the full cost of rebuilding the wheel each time (likely more than cost of the actual rim) The also couldnt be bothered to match the decals to the other rim each so you end up with mismatched wheels (im pedantic with appearance, others probably wouldnt care) i gave my arch mk3 rims away and went elsewhere
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