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  1. Cuddles won in 2011 (stage 4) when it went up the Mur.
  2. I experienced the same problem in the Where has your bike taken you thread. Shows me last unread was 11 May when it’s the thread I visit almost daily. Must be ‘Dale’s way of getting my to view all his pics again for the last month and a bit.
  3. Seems my one suggestion was heard, to have a moderator approve new topics before it gets posted, but not the one where I would volunteer to be a moderator (if needed) due to possible high volume of workload. @Matt@Nick My offer still stands, to assist with moderator work (if required).
  4. It would appear to be so, yes. 😅😮‍💨
  5. Should I be happy this thread still here?
  6. Nature decided to remind us that it is not summer in Gauteng; Monday is the winter solstice, so technically still autumn. Anyways, best power stats for the season. When did the season start, you may ask? Monday 🤣🤣🤣 Onward and upward.
  7. I'd guess the former... to keep the front wheel where there's traction.
  8. I haven't been on Superbru for close on 2 years. I dislike the games where you have to make picks every day. If I wasn't so busy at work/home/riding/life, I'd set one up like it was prior to 2017.
  9. I grew up playing along that strip of veld, as well as behind the nursery. Had my first OTB incident there too. I think I was about 5 or 6 yo.
  10. It’s easier to declare that I was in contact with someone that was positive (COVID). #Selfisolation
  11. Do you run at all? Just curious. I find it helps me keeps the stress levels down when away on business, and there aren’t any baie sukkels available.
  12. My motivation is enough to get the training done, albeit a little below what I should be doing. Not much on the racing front, so no need to be training for that. Enjoyment is that motivation. Winter mornings are okay, the right gear makes sure of it. However, the lifestyle insists I fit training into afternoon sessions. Poor preparation during the day makes it harder to hit the numbers in the PM compared to the AM.
  13. One for the tin-foil hat brigade: What if TD was +ve and the UCI wanted to sweep it under the proverbial rug, like some other “similar” cases in previous years. They agree to a 6 month “timeout” so the sport isn’t tarnished with another scandal. Not that I care too much. #speculation
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