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  1. Absolutely agree, did the event in 2015, and again this year. I was quite a bit fitter than in 2015 and my time was 15 minutes slower. I also kakked off a lot more this year.
  2. Really? That sucks. Was also looking forward to watching it.
  3. I decided to do the 25km instead of 45km. I am tired of summer and this stooopid heat and wind. Wil go racing again once we reach normal temparatures.
  4. 36 degrees forecast for saturday. Will make the race twice as tough. Damn.
  5. Love my 2016 Roubaix. It has been the benchmark for comfortable road bikes for quite a while now.
  6. It does not offend me at all. From past experiences at other races, it can be tricky and in most cases either the mtb or trail running event gets preference over the other. I am not trying to discourage anyone from this race. I have done it 3 times allready and it is great day out. I hope it is a huge success.
  7. Trail running and mtb at the same event. Mmmmm, not for me. But all the best for your event and cause.
  8. Firstly, I enjoyed the race. Well organised, nice tough climbs. Nice race. However, I had a lot of cheaters starting in my group using other peoples PPA boards. Obviously as a PPA member you are eligible for both a mtb and road cycling numbers. What is becoming clear to me is that a certain group of people who only attend the road races, are giving their mtb boards to friends to ride with. I did the shorter route with my girlfriend. There were guys riding with A and B seedings who held up everyone as they walked up hills and sandy sections. They were so slow. What is the PPA view on this? Sorry for the rant, we work hard to get a seeding and start in front of the less skilled people for a reason.
  9. I watched the first bit on my pvr, after Vettel sat behind Lewis for 16 laps I skipped to the end of the race. Overtaking with these new cars are clearly much more difficult.
  10. The Spez boys should definitely get better backup teams, and not guys who are 10 to 15 minutes behind on the trail. The Scott team managed that perfectly. And yes, what wins on the Sunday, sells on the Monday. I am positive that Scott bikes have gained many fans over the Epic. I am a Spez fan, but would have no problem riding the Scott. Big ups to them for a fantastic effort.
  11. Absolutely agree with you. Only the corporate tents for the big boys, at a venue where the filthy rich play during the day, while us average okes keep the economy ticking.
  12. Lots and lots, and then more and more sand, add in the biggest thorns you have ever seen in your life. Other than that, nothing technical, and just one big climb in the beginning.
  13. I agree with you 100 percent. I had hopes that the gap to Mercedes would be closed or even passed this year. No such luck, Mercedes seem even further ahead. As much as I used to love F1, I fear this year I might watch the highlights once every 2 or 3 weeks.
  14. Keen this year. Skipped last year, but this year I am there for sure.
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