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  1. Hi Nope i stayed with my 1x11 untill about 3 months ago. Went the eagle route (GX Shifter and deraileur), but with the Sunrace cassette, 34t in the front and Im as happy as can be. This is now the second time I've gone the Sunrace cassette way and must admit I'm really happy with them...
  2. On a Spark,not my bike apparently some guys have done it,but would like to find out how the managed to do it. It's my buddie's XL frame.
  3. Has anyone tried to fit the SWAT kit on a rc900 team?
  4. Thanks. Got a lot of feedback and my answers. I will rather stick to my current set-up and then upgrade to the Eagle at a later stage.. I was just a bit concerned going the GX Eagle route as I've heard a lot of riders complaining about the intermittend shifting issues...
  5. I would like to keep my 1x11 for now and just upgrade the cassette.....well that is if i know that it will work.
  6. Hi Guys I would like to find out what I need to do/change to do the following: I currently have a 1x11, 11-46 XT set-up and would like to upgrade my cassette to the Sunrace 11-50t. What would i need to change replace to make this happen? Appreciate your assistance.
  7. Jip, think it would be best just to sell your W2W entry and buy a Sani2C entry?
  8. I did the 50km and did not have any issues with the markings. I was very impressed with this event and how much its grown in the last 5 years. Definitely back next year and well done to the organisers.
  9. There seems to be some entries available for the Pinotage event. I am also looking for an Chardonnay entry...
  10. I never thought this was gonna work to print the numbers at registration. It's obviously a huge cost saving method as well due to a lot of riders not being able to ride and not collecting their race numbers... I just hope they sort this out quickly as there seems to be a lot of complaints year in and out regarding an awesome event.
  11. My diagnosis was that I get some sort of a acid reflux. I normally get it if I ate and I then go cycling,mainly afternoons. I stop when this happens,get my breath back and then I can go for as long as I want too.. Your experiences sounds a lot like mine,that's why I asked about the heartburn.
  12. I also had(sometimes still do) get the same symptoms. I had myself checked out. Do you get heartburn from time to time?
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