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  1. There is a reason its 20km/h as on those roads, those cars cant stay in the lane.
  2. Just know that the motorbike ended up on the wrong side of the road and was not doing the speed limit. Wont share condition of the people as at this point what I have heard is hear say.
  3. Feel should do a facebook post with photos of cars passing single file cyclists within 1m, photos of every car breaking the 20km/h speed limit on Chappies. Then ask drivers why they trying to murder people.
  4. They just set a min time for event, faster than that and you dont get a result.
  5. These topics are such nonsense and not changed in 10 years. From all the horror in these photos and the tears and crys from Facebook. How many people were harmed by the cyclist riding 2 abreast on a 16m wide road? Last week I was in the bike lane, riding single file and a lady in a Mercedes ran me over from a stop street. She just didnt look. Maybe if I was riding like a **** in the middle of the road with 2000 lumen flashing light blinding everyone, three abreast with my mates I would not have gone to hospital, written my bike off and now have 8 weeks of recovery ahead of me. You dont see cyclists moaning about the cars parked like a car park on main road due to traffic and the bikes having to slow down and navigate it.
  6. I enjoyed the Gen 3 - I will roll the dice and ask around, maybe I am a 52cm all along and I just been riding a 54cm by mistake...
  7. Do you ever ride in Cape Town? Dont want to be twinning the whole time....
  8. HAVE YOU SEEN ME ON A CLIMB!!! I need whatever aero advantage I can get. I will ask around.
  9. Hi All, Not been here for a while but as I got hit by a Mercedes, it looks like my last Cannodale is probably a write off. I dont see any other topics discussing the latest Dale road bikes. I see everything has gone integrated etc so slamming the stem is a little harder and they no longer do the spider crank. I am liking this a little more than the SL8 where I think the headtube is a little bulbous ish. In terms of power meter - suggestions? Any other suggestions for a new bike in the R150k range inc power meter and wheels.
  10. I did the Gallows last year, the mast is perfect preperation.
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