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  1. Would love to replace second car with ECargo bike!
  2. Depends, Puck Moonen has more followers than Tadeg and Roglic.
  3. Who wrote that drivel? Looks as well hidden as my 4 year old standing behind a lamp post.
  4. I can agree with this, have cable disc brakes on gravel bike. Need to turn in the one pad with an allan key every now and then. But they cheap as chips and stuck on a steel bike and I have good life insurance
  5. Take R1000 off for need for a wash and Lube!
  6. I am not sure where you even put them, the one eBike did a 2:40 from 4F, must have passed 2000 people in the morning, multiple battery changes and illegal modification of eBike. Just a strange one.
  7. I think after the Argus people are asking if they belong on the road...
  8. Pity the garmin customer service has become so poor. Replacement unit 1 month ago, now screen not working, want to charge the full R3400 for another. Are they high?
  9. https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/item/road-bikes/475717/cannondale-evo-super-six-swop-for-mtb-or-gravel Bless this bra's photos, the bike is lekker, will serve you well.
  10. I saw a Cannondale Supersix at Chappies this morning.
  11. Looks like top of Hells then.
  12. I have warngled an entry! Any idea where the waterpoints will be on Sunday?
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