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  1. It was only there for a very short time though
  2. I have left a road bike in the back of a car for years while out at clients, no issues.
  3. I didn't know that Russia was still not a thing. They are really doubling down on that one..
  4. What happened to his trade team mate, was just ahead of him I think for most of the race? Kudos to Alan!
  5. The dutch team need to work on their communication.
  6. It really depends what sport, cycling is not that hard to pick up later in life, it just comes down to power. There is zero chance a keen 20 year old goes to play in the NHL for Ice Hockey having played only in winters in US or Canada or Russia. We played against Canadian kids that grew up on ice skates and that could dribble a puck at age 4. If you are not in academy at 16 you are not playing NHL. There is just no catching up. If you an endurance athlete, you can easily switch from running, riding, cross country ski, etc.
  7. This whole, waiting 2 weeks for a race like normal is painful. Can Lewis and Max not have a 100 lap cart race this weekend? Maybe do a sportif on a tandem together?
  8. You can make me whole again...
  9. Things the Merc Admin will not post after this video, Lewis's crowd reaction...
  10. And with that, I have now reached Lando Norris status @MORNE
  11. There was plenty of space, clearly alongside...
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