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  1. My Wife is English , so her folks come out about three times a year, but with Covid this Donkey express has slowed, i do feel for guys in SA without an overseas connection, but saying that I have ordered many parts on Chain Reaction and had them shipped straight here, Would you have any recommendation for buying a complete bike overseas and having it shipped over, anyone with first hand experience, I do have my eye on the new C64, if I could find a reliable and trustworthy international online site I think i will pull the trigger on this
  2. No Sure if anyone has had the misfortune of trying to deal with Roubixcycles, you get better service at Home Affairs, how on earth has Colnago allowed their brand to be represented my this bunch of idiots.
  3. Ok dont waste your time with Roubaix cycles, emails sent last week already, only one call got through, of many, sent the details as requested nothing, tried calling, all the numbers not answering, how do businesses like this even survive, in fact why are they even allowed to trade. cannot blame guys buying online overseas
  4. Hi Guys can anyone help, Im looking for a C60 and CX Zero rear derailer hanger, anyone have any idea where I can get these.
  5. Does anyone recommend a master wheel builder in Cape Town, looking to rebuild a Zipp wheelset, the quality of the build is almost as important as the wheels themselves, any recommendations ?
  6. Got some very light scratched on the face of my Garmin, any hacks to polish these out? Colgate?
  7. I took a chance and ordered some tyres, Hoping to get them by December, as I was in no rush and had CRC gift vouchers to burn, place the order 14 July and the items arrives today, so one full week, or 6 working day, very impressed, I think you have to keep an eye on your Junk mail and you get numerous emails from SkyNet and then customs along the way, and all the emails are different so every one landed in my junk mail. 10 out of 10 CRC and Skynet. R200 Service fee and R435 VAT on R2500 worth of tyres, CRC did not charge me UK VA
  8. Hi Guys I have a set of DT350 road bike hubs, want to get some nice German or Japanese bearings, anyone know the codes for the front and back bearings, cannot find it anywhere?
  9. Im very interested to know how these guys are going, I was to the right as they went down, the noise was terrific, we must have been doing around 55KM at the time, i got pushed into the gravel on the far right, if this crash happened when the Taxi and then the 4x4 where long side us it could have been very bad, not worth thinking about
  10. It is a great event, trails are great, I cannot help but think they should consider leaving out the breakfast and lunch, drop the free T Shirt and bring the price down, im sure at least half the riders dont eat, if you are hungry buy a Spur Burger, its R800 per day for 50KM
  11. I do agree, cut out the T-Shirt, the free food, the music, like there is only shaded seating for around 50 people anyway and bring the price down, who eats the breakfast and lunch anyway. Maybe we are just getting old,
  12. Been doing this event since 2013, I must warn anyone seeded C and below. The E bikes smash the first climb and then dismount to walk the single track, it can get frustrating, there is that much narrow ST, you just cannot pass
  13. just love this race, camped the Friday night, what a great arrangement and well managed, great food, great breakfast,perfect campsite, toilets and showers spot on, tonnes for wood for the camp fire. will do this for sure next year. Big thanks to all the support staff, everything was perfect,
  14. I thinking I want him to add some spice to my suspension,
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