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  1. Yeah they have two versions, one with lube and one without. I saw both ath Chris willemse
  2. Hahahaha I tried the whole wheelie infront of the Camara, barely got the wheel off the ground and cramped immediately. Worth it though for those 5cm's of lift
  3. Now the real questions are being asked…if you are not working in the front then you can’t complain about the pace.
  4. I recently did exactly that, slapped a new 11 speed 52/36 Crank on my 10 speed bike. And then got a 11-28 10 speed cassette. Must say I'm very happy with the range. I've actually got more range than I had on my Compact crank and the 11-25 cassette both ways.
  5. You guys riding the A Bunch apart again as in 2019?
  6. I want to race so bad but the weather looks proper horrible and wet.
  7. I used an old 2x shifter as a lockout. You need to press it twice though to lockout but works like a charm
  8. Interesting start for the 1 E Group, we arrived the 10min before the start as indicated on emails only to be told they have moved forward and we'll have to start with 2E. Obviously a bunch of worked up guys just jumped the line to join the rest of the 1E group after which the just let everyone through. Weather was amazing, pace was good but I punctured at the foot of Smitswinkel. Made a quick Tube change, if only The Red Bull team could see me, but after that the racing was over and could just enjoy the rest of the ride.
  9. I've sent mine with Courier Guy before and that worked great as well. So there are a few options
  10. When someone finally gets it done please give an update, Any idea ons arriving 30min before or after test slot? Would that be allowed? I can only arrive at 5:30 but a slot is either 5 or 6?
  11. Here is a link confirming it, it will work with the HG-700 cassette as well https://cyclingtips.com/2018/03/shimano-ultegra-hg-800-11-34t-cassette-review/
  12. If you get the 11-34 cassette then it will work on a 10 speed freehub body. The spacing might be too far apart for you but then you don't have to machine it. GCN mentioned it a while back on one of their videos😅
  13. Tsek I'll show you redneck, wil jy banie?
  14. Wow congrats, very curious to see the bike in person. Hopefully I'll see you on the Stellenbosch trails soon😎
  15. But sub 3? Strava bragging rights all that…
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