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  1. I'm guessing, this year was 82K and some change per team.....
  2. Volunteering is less fun for some, more fun for others. Depending on the team you are on I guess. I was on the Pro Tech team, and it was a jol. Nice team, and a great job! That said, I wouldn't do it again for the entry. There are entries going "cheap" now, so if you train hard and can go at the drop of a hat, entries become available. Also, have your ~85k ready. You need to pay for the entry by the end of April (if they do what they did last year).
  3. You can buy stuff at the tech zones, so the most important tool is your Visa Credit Card !!
  4. I like the 60/30/10, and agree fully! I’m not sure if this has been covered in previous posts (I was too lazy to read back, so apologies if it is the case!). A word on hygiene: I was a volunteer this year, and can tell you that I will avoid the food table at all cost. More than once I saw guys cowing down while sweating over the food on offer. Eating from the top corners of the baskets may be an option, but I’m not risking it. A word on rest: the camp sites are HUGE! If you don’t take care, you could be spending a lot of unnecessary time on your feet walking around the camp. This has some implication for tent selection too... Airbnb dudes.... Otherwise enjoy and don’t take it too seriously! You won’t be winning the race anyway
  5. Excellent work though, thanks for the effort!!!
  6. Please also look into long term weather forecast for the day as heat and humidity cannot be left out of the equation.
  7. Cute, but no. I don’t know you and don’t care what you think of me, I just want the info.
  8. Nope, it’s to plan 2 bottles or Camelbak (which I hate)
  9. Thanks Bullet77, but the details are not included there. I want the water points etc detailed.
  10. Hi All, Does anyone know where to find the route details for the Epic? I want to start planning around nutrition etc, but need to know where the water points etc are for the various stages.
  11. The organisers obviously did not plan around this traffic.... Add about an hour to your time (in the car, not on the bike!)
  12. The organisers obviously did not plan around this traffic.... Add about an hour to your time
  13. Whahahaha!!! Kudos to the brother for taking out some skinnies!
  14. We could always pick up as much crap along with this kwak's detritus and dump it right back on his front lawn. This could provide an opportunity to clean up more than just the spot he polluted...
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