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  1. What a great idea. Lube always goes all over the floor! Smoove in particular gets blocked up in the narrow spout and requires a good squeeze to unblock meaning lube explodes everywhere.
  2. I've had situations as already mentioned where I've indicated to a seller that I'll take an item only to receive a sold notification several days later. Could Bikehub possibly create and regulate a kind of offer button where the person who meets the price first gets an automated first dibs. The seller is then compelled to sell to the first person that meets the asking price. Also, others potential buyers could be notified where they are in the queue of potential buyers who have already met the asking price. Consequently, people's expectations will be managed.
  3. Have space for one or two passengers and bikes if anyone needs a lift. I'm heading out on Saturday from Claremont at 12:30pm to my overnight spot on Caledon. You can contact me on 0844239658. Michael
  4. A visible SANparks permit board on the bars might be a viable solution to avoid future confrontation with the rangers. Could SANparks be so progressive?
  5. Hi Is it wise to provide the barcode from a bike frame to a prospective buyer who requested it. Normally procedure or should I be wary?
  6. Thanks to Jonathan at Two Wheels Trading for sorting me out. Replaced broken part and delivered to LBS within 2 days!
  7. Had my chain breaker break while trying to break a chain? The lever part just snapped off. Must have only used it several times. Do lezyne products carry a warranty ?
  8. Stolen: Swift De-vore 2017 When: 24 May 2018 Where: Cape Town, Western Cape Only the bike was taken from the house Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  9. I did a 41km Porcupine ridge race + T-shirt in Franschhoek last weekend for R130. No, not on par.
  10. Why is it so expensive? R220 for long route and thats with ppa discount.
  11. Happened to me twice in a week once. Hit them both with a bad rating.
  12. The person "roxriley" only created his/her account on 27 June 2015, therefore likely only created this account to sell this bike.
  13. TheHub advert is the same as the gumtree ad, its a cash crusaders person who posted it. Not the original owner
  14. Stolen bikes come from anywhere. Could have been in Gauteng or Natal, even months/years ago. Two people I know have found there stolen bikes at a Cash Crusaders. They don't deal in high end stuff like this. If they do, you got to flag it. Laws of probability.
  15. Even the pictures of the Specialized looks like the cash crusaders shop floor.
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