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  1. 100% accurate on all mentioned. Mostly its whom you know...Distributors protect their long standing shops / buddies and not interested in newcomers. Its sad but a true reality of our very small SA market.
  2. One can talk about this till the end of days. ......Its simple IMO...many sellers and buyers on this Forum have not been taught the meaning of the word " INTERGITY" Unfortunately not everyone has had a decent upbringing, especially if someone wants to make a quick buck.
  3. Red Barn only allow the special trials bikes ( no seats) to ride, but not mx bikes. I used to ride there.
  4. It's simple... If you own land and want to enforce non trespassing, spend the money, fence it in and put up decent and enough signage. If I get hurt riding my enduro bike or mountain bike not knowing I'm on private land I'll stick that spike up the farmers @ss
  5. Fully Agree. Not everyone wants to be a XC champion on a 29r. "I dont even ride my car 100km on a Saturday, why on a bicycle" argument. Lots of people out there just want to have fun on a MTB , not show off their latest and greatest new 29r from the yuppie shop. For the select few that like the adventurous side of the sport, no 29r can give the same amount of fun as a 26r. Those that attempt "having fun" on a 29r only do so because they "have" to ride a 29r like the rest of the sheep out there. Same as with Toyota's, just because everyone rides one, it does not mean its the best out there. Unfortunately is SA you have to ride a 29r and drive a Toyota, otherwise how will you be part of the flock 🙂 ...... Now we can bring the popcorn.... PS: I must admit that there are a few chancers out there that build up all sorts of cr@p, advertising it and this creates a general perception that all 26rs look like and ride like cr@p, built up from a box of old parts in the garage. So glad all our bikes are 650b. 🙂
  6. Common law and common sense aside... Have dealt with many such sellers on this forum. Unfortunately these individuals have not been taught the meaning of the word Integrity.. small word but means a lot.
  7. Different Cultures.... This will never change... Fully agree with most other comments here...Good for the emergency bits and bobs only.
  8. Morne, Yes the DTH is also highly recommended...what is it like on dirt...most pump tracks locally are dirt track, worried about grip in the berms .
  9. Thx, actually running the Race Kings on one of our other DJ bikes, but they are not going to last long on the Tar pumptrack...
  10. Hi Hubbers ( those that dare ride these DJ bikes :-) ) Looking for some recommendations on 26 x 2.25 - 2.35 tyres. Will be used on BMX track, Tar and Gravel pump tracks. Since there is ZERO availability of any DJ tyres in SA, it will have to be imported so i want to be sure when i buy, to buy the right tyres. 1. Overseas reviews rate the MAXXIS Holy Rollers as one of the best all round tyres for DJ... Anyone here with an opinion on these tyres ? 2. Also the Kenda small block 8 tyres come highly recommended, but these are hard to come by, even overseas. Any feedback on these ? 3. Has anyone imported tyres recently ? and from where ? 4. And lastly, any chance anyone has perhaps seen these tyres locally, hidden away behind a rack in a shop somewhere ?
  11. Hi Hubbers, Trying to get some info for a friend that is looking for a 3 bike transport setup. This is what Ive found so far. Ive looked at Holdfast all in one setup, but front wheels need to come off so it is an option but not first prize . https://www.holdfast.co.za/products/220415-upright-bike-holder-all-in-one Ive also looked at the 3 bike top runner https://www.holdfast.co.za/products/top-runner-pro. This however may pose a challenge with mounting the entire rack to the trailer frame/ rack Anyone else here that has a solution for the Venter specific trailer setup ?. Ive attached a pic.
  12. Yep and probably as hard and sticky as train wheel grease :-)
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