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  1. That is fantastic, thank you for your shared. Do you have the trails info? Like to know where to ride in that area. Thanks
  2. I'm going away to Dullstroom for a week from 22nd to 28th Dec and I was wondering whereabout is suit for solo rider or someone from there I can join and ride. let me know thanks
  3. I was wonder where a place is safer for a solo cyclist to ride and plan to stay for the weekend in Gauteng? Mageliesburg? Hartbeespoot? Your post will be appreciate.
  4. Yes, don't ride on those dangerous highway!! Beauty trip through Lesotho will be a breathtaking!
  5. You can check my friend Terence Parkin, his Strava where he cycled through from Johannesburg to Durban. Here is more article about him. https://www.iol.co.za/ios/news/watch-terence-parkin-ends-epic-920km-trip-on-durban-beach-13331168 https://m.strava.com/athletes/4551288
  6. Awesome, I'll give a try and ride at night I will bring my bike next time. Will you tell me what time it will start.
  7. Hi, I want to know anyone who is riding at Modderfontein Bike trail on some Fridays after work. I would like to join instead of being alone and start my cycling. Isn't that safe to ride alone at late afternoon in Modderfontein? Your advise will be appreciated.
  8. Hi bikers, I want to know if I'm okay to ride alone from 17th to 19th December as coming down from Jo'burg. Not to sure if that is okay or not as I'm not speedy as my average is 18 and like to ride in the morning. If anyone know at Karkloof and I'll be more happy to join and ride in the morning. Anyone advice? Thanks
  9. Anyone know where shall I trade in my bike for a better new bike? Looking someplace in Pretoria. Your advise will be appreciate.
  10. I want to know how much time do you rest from indoor cycle then going having a dinner? 30mins or right way? What is best advise? Tks
  11. isn't they asked you for the importer code?
  12. Post Office is a big problem when you order from Aliexpress or any other website. Mine haven't arrived since April. I've decided not used my postal address anymore because Post Office is a real crap. From now on I'll use Aramex Global Shopper, they have more 24 shipping addresses in all the major cities and it will deliver to your door instead of the post office. No more pain! https://www.aramexglobalshopper.com/en/home Good luck
  13. I'm struggling with which one is more suitable for home exercise and training. Why is it so hard to pick one? I want to know what is your experience and why you prefer a spinning bike or another exercise bike. Which is better and long-term use. I want to exercise during the week after work and then on the weekend I can go outdoors and ride with my MTB. So I don't want to waste my money on if it not a worth. Looking forward to your feedback.
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