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  1. They are great , here is an interesting video to fine tune your technique
  2. <SansComic on > Take care and deliver promptly now that you have payment , I would hate you to get a poor seller rating <SansComic off > It really is quite frustrating the way the riots impact other non related areas
  3. From experience the kids grow out of their bikes very fast , I would not sweat the perfect decision as you will get another chance at bike choices in the not to distant future.
  4. I think the issue here is that those path have being in use for the last 5 years that I know of , and while the land owner or new land owner is fully entitled to change change their mind about allowing traffic , the spike may well be an over zealous way of getting the message across. one would also think a sign is easier to make than a spike.
  5. ICEID - is a local owner managed business , the sort we should all support , a quality product that is unlikely to go awol in an accident like , activity watches , garmins and phones. Mine lives in my "Ride Box" , and goes on with gloves , glasses and helmet for every ride. Pepper spray , A ziplock for phone with rennie's and coffee cash live here to 😉 https://iceid.co.za/#!/about I am not associated with them in any way other than buying for me and my family and have received mailing list promo codes
  6. I have the Thule Euroway G2 3-bike Works perfectly loading two XL mountain bikes in a minute It take some testing to get three on and some hollow pool noodles cut halfway , make excellent protection between one bikes shocks and others chain stay. some half pool-noodle between handlebars and seat helps to. If they are the same bikes each time you will get order worked out easily .
  7. I bought saddle , seat post , Handle bars, chain rings, to make build fit budget with the intent of upgrading later as budget allowed. I have been so happy i have not upgraded and Rapide is my first point of call for anything now.
  8. https://leroymerlin.co.za/black-trunk-with-wheels-110l-81432105?sfdr_ptcid=32806_617_516916136&sfdr_hash=07bfe08ed96cd0c20fd6608c22a5e5de&gclid=CjwKCAiA-_L9BRBQEiwA-bm5fg2MekqqM4XkgddPka_EYR-qfA1WsadcyP8B8YsNacNjEggoZ6egNxoCzvMQAvD_BwE Get one of these and get used to the ides and space constraint ;-)
  9. But will slow a thief down and /or require tools which will be more noticeable by others around
  10. Planning, Planning, Planning Buy a 110l sani box that you know this will all fit in and how to pack it Get a check list from the various race website , work it around and reveiew to optimise your packing into labled ziplocks back. Some icecream tubs at the bottom to keep scertain things togther *Anything* you can do to not have to think on race is a step better and closer to resting which is Top tip - A dim headlamp to find your way around race village without waking others , keep this in your jacket pocket. - Lightwieght back pack to take to shower and keep your stuff dry , checkers bags for the dirty stuff
  11. The platform does three better than the hangon one , but same pricipal applies, A 3 bike rack does 2 bikes very well
  12. Agreed someone owns it and it is more than likely the guy now stopping us , fact remains it is a popular throughfare that he is now wanting to stop ( within his rights to to be fair) the map may get us closer to a meeting with him and come to an amicable solution rather than the current conflict
  13. Lets please keep this thread to the locals that use that route and want to coninue enjoying the access to the northwest it gives us Any idea of who the guy is and why all of a sudden he does not want traffic through his land, is is barren and stoney , though to the south there are irrigated crops which I have never noticed before.I imagine if you want to stop foot traffic that casually harvest your crop you have to stop all traffic so mtb included. We went left on along pavement of N114 at the water park than took first dirt road right after the garage and came out at the rocks at the top of the ramp down to N14 , so manageble. Alternate is the path past the stroage locker and under the other bridge
  14. Intresting this We have also riden through there for years and now in the last two weeks a physical angry presence to try stop us, No signage , no fence , heat maps show it as pretty heavily used. So possibly a new land owner , who has the right to be fair , but signage will work far better than agression
  15. LOL - yup it is worth copying some of thier ideas to operations , but for petes sake please dont let them know or we will get an invoice !!
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