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  1. I have multiple old steel frames. Some classics, some not so classic, but still. Also have a number of steel forks to go with some of them. A few beers or bottle of Red wine will be accepted as payment if you feel like it. Otherwise, just come and collect in Centurion.
  2. I will have some for you. Give me PM if you did not manage yet. Then I can have a look.
  3. Hi Guys, I am looking for a 29" straight steerer fork - any will do. Busy building a bike for a commuter that does 50km per day on it. I have about 20 old school 26" steel frames of various condition (brand new to rustic) (road and commuter mtb) for free. I have a number of old school 26" steel forks for free. I have lots of parts Clusters, v-brakes, shifters, deraileurs, saddles, handlebars, etc. for free. Come and collect in Centurion. DM me if you have a fork for me or if you need any of the above.
  4. I am sure I will have one there. Just not home until the weekend. PM me so I can be reminded to answer you please.
  5. I have a number of these polar goodies and a watch or 2 as well. I will be back in Centurion this weekend. Will then check, but send me a pm as reminder if you are looking for any of it.
  6. You are so right. My current frame also has a nice split block in there... To convert the frame may blow the budget out of the water. I think durable chain should perhaps be the answer. And training the mech to tighten the chains to the correct tension every time he reviews the bikes at the schools.
  7. But will it last without having any lube on them? What I think is attractive to me about the belt is the zero maintenance and if it can be something like the timing chain of a taxi, then it is available everywhere! Still just a thought. Maybe the answer is still that the chain must just be thick enough to start with.
  8. Nope, did not ask yet. Yeah, I know Permatubes suck, but if I have to choose to have the bikes on the road or standing in a shack 15km from the mechanic and the school, then I choose permatubes. Problem with slime is that if there is a puncture that the slime do not seal, then you throw away the tube. Not even patch and solution sorts it out. Tire liners are options, but again, not failproof. The only solution that is failproof is some kind of a permanant tube in there. There must be someone out there that has a better solution, or otherwise I will have to get some plastic specialist to make me something.
  9. Hi Ladies and Gents, I am involved in a project where we give rural school children access to bicycles to assist them to get to school. We have a fleet of a few hundred bikes and growing. We do not donate to individuals. We set up a committee in specific areas, train and pay a mechanic and then give the committee anything between 50 and 100 bikes to allocate to school children. Search for #BIKES4ERP if you need more info. We have 2 issues with the bikes we would like to solve. 1. Punctures, 2. Chains. 1. Punctures is easy. Give them Perma tubes or something similar. Unfortunately these things are expensive, so I am looking for someone that can provide us something in bulk. We are talking about 500 - 1000 of these inners. Obviously I need it at a better rate than R200 per inner! Anybody willing to assist or anybody know somebody that can do this? Note that sourcing from China is not an option for me due to the close relation we have with preserving Rhinos. 2. More difficult, but not impossible. I ride a belt drive SS at the moment. That relates to very little maintenance. These gates belt drives looks like timing belts to me. Any engineer willing to see if they can manufacture a belt drive chainring and sprocket that can work with a commonly available timing belt? Please PM me if you can help with any of these requests. I thank you in advance.
  10. I run a project as a sideline where we provide bicycles to school kids in extremely rural areas. Our main challenge is punctures. I have a mechanic on the ground to keep the bikes on the road, but punctures are killing some of our good intentions. If you need more info, feel free to google #BIKES4ERP. You will find a few videos and articles etc. I had a road bike when I was a kid. I rode that thing in the Kalahari as a commuter for 10 years on one pair of permatubes. I think something like that is the solution. Mine was very heavy, but durable. Note, these are not for performance. It is literally to get kids to school and back. Weight is not a big issue, but I was wondering if there are something better already in South Africa. Obviously is money an issue. We buy 50 - 100 bikes at a time, so it is pretty expensive. If we increase the price by R500 per bike, it is a big deal... I am not importing from China. Long story. What will be your suggestions. Looking forward to your responses.
  11. How the hell do I attach a pic? Message me and I will send you my number and we can chat through whatsapp. I am too stupid for this thing. I have road pedals. If you need it, message me.
  12. I have some road pedals. Not sure what they are. Let me post a pic.
  13. If you have anything left, we will take it. We are BOMBCenturion and we build up bikes to give to the needy. Last month we managed to donate 10 bikes to various people. I am just in the US for a business trip until mid September. After that I can collect or I can ask one of our guys to collect from you in my absence.
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