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  1. Just read this piece on Anna Kiesenhofer and I like her more and more. Still reckon her PhD sounds more Philosophical than Mathematical 🙂 https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/anna-kiesenhofer-the-anti-authoritarian-mastermind-of-her-own-olympic-glory/?utm_medium=social&utm_content=cyclingnews&utm_source=facebook.com&utm_campaign=socialflow&fbclid=IwAR2WhcJ-6exYDFQ3KGnaf-kR1Ts2Nv1rIvAUpW1VZVHHQZYZ4FgQjF5k43I
  2. Agreed. That semi wet soil looked super sucky. Zero soft pedalling today - had to work every inch.
  3. Just saw the highlights after the race and Daaaaaamn! Neff almost pulled a MvdP over the drop when her and PP were battling early on.
  4. I see the MvdP ramp is in place for the women's race. Anyone know if that is because of the weather or that was always the plan?
  5. The thumb under the chin 😆😆 Universal code for "I was kakking off".
  6. Yup it takes compromise from both sides to work. "Real" cyclists want to ride in the road where it's faster and motorists want to offload where it is easiest for them (in the bike lane of course). With attitudes like that on both sides it will never work.
  7. Bike lanes were a revelation for me when I arrived in Denmark. So simple and obvious. It does require patience on both sides though - for instance if you want to turn left here (or right in SA) as a cyclist you can't just turn with traffic you have to stop on the far side of the intersection, turn 90 degrees and wait for the lights to change before you head off. Cars turning right (or left in SA) have to yield to bicycles going straight. They work though - there are many, many, many more bikes here and almost no fatal accidents.
  8. Exactly this - he didn't pop the front wheel at all - just dropped it over the lip like he was rolling down a ramp (that wasn't there!). It is a little weird that there was a ramp there during training...
  9. Of the 3 CX megastars I reckon Piddy has the best chance of becoming a Grand Tour winner (if that is the path he chooses).
  10. Really enjoyed that. I'm a bit of a Piddy fanboy!
  11. Multiple Pidcock attacks gapped him...
  12. In my experience those work better in the air 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  13. Goooo Piddy. Damn that was a nice save from N1NO!
  14. Did Gerald just say Fini was the Norwegian champ??
  15. I didn't know Nic had designed the course. Thanks for the info!
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