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  1. Rolling 12 months average puts them on 3.38B$ which is around precovid levels. Not great but not bad considering the last 2 years have been around 30% above precovid levels. https://www.macrotrends.net/stocks/charts/SMNNY/shimano/revenue Shimano should release their actual 2023 numbers in the next few days - I'm sure the market is waiting with baited breath!
  2. The trails are still there but they're in the worst condition I've seen - loads of leaves/twigs etc on the trail making for some quite random/fun grip - quite a few fallen trees not cleared yet. That said the usual condition is fantastic so even in "poor" condition it is fun to ride and super convenient for riders in the area. Tons of animals to see which makes for a cool ride - we saw njala, bontebok (or something similar), springbok and a duiker last week.
  3. Amateur hack - measure where the old saddle was 80mm wide and place the new saddle in exactly the same place where it is 80mm wide. Pro hack - take is back to your fitter and get them to do it. Any decent fitter should offer a follow up - ask them to fit the new saddle during the follow up.
  4. Hey everyone - I have a customer going to the Cape in a few week's time and he is taking his gravel bike with. I left SA before Gravel was really a thing so I can't help him with info. Please can the Cape Gravel experts step forward and help out with rides, routes, groups and an offer to take him riding. I told him South Africans are awesome and hubbers are even awesomer - don't let me down 🙂
  5. PCS have a Q36.5 PRO and Conti team "registered" for 2023 which include the results from the MTNQhubeakassoshash series of teams. Current random intel would suggest Q36.5 is the next iteration...MTNDimensionQhubeakassoshashQ36.5!
  6. Same questions here... I had assumed Doug would keep his MTNQhubAssosnexthash license and turn it into Q36.5 but I have no idea if his license was cancelled after not making the UCI payment cut off. Anyone else with better intel?
  7. Hopefully they have him on a shared road/mtb programme. It seems to be an acceptable thing to do now that road cycling is out of the dark ages...
  8. Some more info... Nibali reveals 14 riders on new cycling teamNibali reveals 14 riders on new cycling team31. October 2022 07:59 Photo: Unipublic / CxclingafChristian Frese Doug Ryder's new professional crew is taking shape. Doug Ryder's new ProTeam Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team is ready to hit the air. According to Vincenzo Nibali, who has been attached to the team as a technical consultant, 23 riders have now signed with the team. “My days are really intense. I spend a lot of time on the computer sending and receiving emails. The phone calls have piled up. Mentally it is stressful. I continue to get up very early, just like I did when I had to train for the classics," Nibali told Tuttosport. According to the Italian media, Nibali confirms the following riders among the 23: Matteo Badilatti (Groupama-FDJ) Filippo Colombo (current MTB rider) Gianluca Brambilla and Matteo Moschetti (Trek-Segafredo) Filippo Conca (Lotto Soudal) Alessandro Fedeli (Eolo-Kometa) Antonio Puppio (Israel Development Team) Nicolò Parisini (Team Qhubeka) Walter Calzoni (Gallina-Ecotek) Jack Bauer and Damien Howson (BikeExchange) Tom Devriendt (Intermarché) Mark Donovan (Team DSM) Jonas Rapp (Hrinkow Advarics Continental) According to Nibali, the remaining riders will be announced at the beginning of November. Ryder will act as the team's manager, while Gabriele Missaglia, Piotr Wadecki, Alex Sans Vega and Aart Vierhouten are sporting directors. The Q36.5 Pro Cycling Team, as the team has registered as in the license application to the UCI, will ride on a Swiss licence.
  9. Not rumours any more.... https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/nibali-reveals-more-on-doug-ryders-new-q365-team/
  10. That looks like good old fashioned corrosion caused by poor coating. All the little bumps in the paint around the visible corrosion are spots where the alu is oxidising under the paint. Do you live near the coast? Salt is terrible for alu. It is only a surface problem though - a sand blast and respray should sort it out.
  11. Between getting the business up and running, racing duathlon/xterra/gravel and having to visit family in 2 countries (expat tax!) time is a little short....it is definitely on the to do list though. I will certainly ask for your advice when I do. Some of your pics have had me drooling on my keyboard....
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