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  1. I will be using it mostly on my road bike but every now and then I do a night right on my mtb.
  2. I can get the both of them for almost the same price that is why I'm asking.
  3. Hi I would like advice which one of the following lights will you buy and why?
  4. Just need to check if they are sill open.
  5. Thank you for the advise. In my experience buy shoes have always been difficult since my feet is very narrow.
  6. I have always cycled with Specialized S-Works but there time is coming to an end so know I was wondering must I change or not? S-Works 7 Road Shoes or Torch 3.0 Road Shoes vs Sidi WIRE 2 WOMAN or Alba-2
  7. Nice.. hopefuly race will stay on the calender and I can do it next year.
  8. Hi I'm looking for a Thule Ride Along Mini in good conditions that I can buy second-hand?
  9. How many of you are doing this ride tomorrow?
  10. I don't need thousands of posts. Keeping silent and getting information is much more affective than posting useless post's. So thanks for those handy and useful post's hubbers.
  11. I do not agree with those numbers. Because I'm one of them but not active as we where long time a go.. So I think thetrue hubbers in Pretoria must say roady distance time and from where.. Think about it
  12. Hi I haven't used bikehub in a long time. Was wondering how many girls and guys are still using this form?
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