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  1. the year of the rain I dropped back 30 minutes or something like that, was amongst the best rides I had around the cape. Stronger than everyone around me so pulled them for a looooooong time before I peeled off to wait for my friend. After that it was Zone 1 / Zone 2 to the finish, even stopping for pictures and a toilet stop on Chappies before catching him again before suikers. If you're not worried about your finish time its a great thing to do.
  2. everybody is different. i take slow mag daily, it helps with muscle twitches when I'm trying to sleep, but before that I took Repleni Mag. First time I took it I spent the entire night up and down to the toilet emptying the bladder. I tried it again 6 months later and it worked fine, then about 1 month after that it started to irritate the bowels. So far slo mag has been constant. Everybody's body is different. for me, the times I've cramped have always been when I've done efforts the body is not used to, the fitter I've gotten the easier its become to back off and spin through the spasm. But I seem to recall an article/YT vid a few months back where it was said that doctors have not been able to pin point the exact cause of why people cramp and others dont.
  3. he is an e-bike rider, they're normally a bit slow
  4. developing high end tech generally eventually means the technology trickles down to the lower end. Think about cars, tech we have as standard in lower end cars now was high tech stuff reserved for top end models only in the past. Think groupsets, Shimano 105 today has tech from Dura-Ace and ultegra of a few years back. Thats generally how the normal R&D works.
  5. agreed for 99% of use cases, heck Seth from Berm Peak is still running baby oil in one of his bikes, most people wont overheat the brake fluid on their bicycles.
  6. If this is something you're interested in then let me know and I'll chat to the guys sitting opposite me
  7. Racetec did provide "live" tracking for a few years, but it didnt last long and I'm not to sure how well it worked as I never used it.
  8. Agree and disagree, at least something is in place. Hopefully it work with some sort of accuracy to be usefull. Last year my mate did Ironman in PE the week before CTCT, the Ironman app allowed me to track him the entire time even though he was not carrying a phone or using a Garmin. I'm guessing it also used some sort of predictive algorithm to estimate where he was. Oh and Garmin Live Track relies on connection to your phone, so you would need to carry both.
  9. Megan, once you have that new front light, please consider using it everytime you ride on the road, regardless of ambient light at the time.
  10. Day 2, another 1h24m of run time, still on 80%. The screen seems to be slowly getting better, maybe some heat from the sun will sort it out properly. Lets just say I'm rather chuffed with the new battery, no more daily charging and "range anxiety" like i used to have.
  11. theres an idea. most (if not all) these devices get charged via usb, so if one could utilise internal cable routing to a central point connecting to a compact usb hub that can then either be connected to a power bank for mobile charging or external usb charger for "docked" charging. currently i have a charging station setup in a drawer beside the bed, 1 usb cable supplying power to a usb hub inside the drawer, from there each device has a self retracting usb cable, but if this could all be done on the bike whilst stored in the garage that would be awesome.
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