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  1. I'm fortunate enough to be in Nelspruit from 19th till 26th December and would love to do some road rides there, but I don't know the area etc. Anyone know of cycling groups in town I might be able to join? Having just suffered the Smurfie 500 I am looking for chilled rides with lots of coffee afterwards. Thanks!
  2. Sorry should have been more clear. He's leaving tomorrow night so wanted to cycle in the early am. Unfortunately when he finally got to unpack his bike most shops were closed. Thank you again.
  3. Friend is in CT. Flew in today with his bike but.. needs an allan key to get his pedals fitted. Anyone in Greenpoint area who can assist somehow and just let him sort his pedals quick ? PM me so I can connect you Pretty please
  4. Well then I can say a big Thank You from The Cows for helping pushing that ice cream bike you legend! Our Charity Group, The Cows, took off just after 8am.
  5. Veebee, the roads up that way are incredible for cycling. It is about 50km from Ladysmith to the top of De Beers, or there about (blurred vision hahaha) and they have re-tarred the bit from Ladysmith to just before the Besters turn off, chip and spray so rather bumpy to be polite... However the next 30 odd kms are on smooth road, no pot holes and best of all, if maybe 6 cars were on that stretch of road I might even be exaggerating... So absolutely perfect cycling conditions. The wind that day was a bit hectic, 40km plus, so the challenge to get to the top but stay on top of your bike was equal hahaha.
  6. Definitely - Team Work to be repeated!! Rode De Beers pass on Sunday..... omw... wont do that again in a hurry hahahah.
  7. Valley of a Thousand Hills Partners!!
  8. I have only just realised it was You who started this topic! Hello hello Gabran partner - what a small world!!
  9. Ooooooooooooh Scotty, I did the double lap last year with The Cows, and I can assure you that I actuallly don't know where I found the extra energy to do lap 2 after coming in at 3h04 (which was 4 minutes too slow). But as you know, what drives me are those little fighters in hospital (hence I signed up and raised funds with The Cows) - amazing when you are completely exhausted, are cramping in places you didn't know you had muscles, but yet, you drink your cup of cement and get back on that bike (uphill bleh... I dont like the reversed route) cause the reason you are out there remains first and foremost on your mind. Finding and helping struggling cyclists, pushing/pulling the ice cream bikes with the like minded herd, man oh man there is no bigger award! Exhausted after the 2nd lap (which took almost 5 hours) but in the company of legends, anything is possible!! Join us Scotty!!! PS Double Lap again this year... have to smash that 3 hour mark!
  10. Hi there, It really isn't that bad! Attended 3 of them, and if you have a good sleeping bag, sleep on a stretcher bed vs blow up mattress; it really is quite comfy! As for the OB'S... well, what happens at Gabran stays at Gabran!
  11. Event Name: Gabran 2018 When: 31 August 2018 - 2 September 2018 Where: ATKV Drakensville to Hillcrest, Kwazulu-Natal Category: Road Start: ATKV Drakensville Finish: Hillcrest, Durban Non Timed No Podiums 3 Days of fun cycling across KwaZulu Natal Compulsory Stops (for grazing and quenching the thirst) LIMIT: 200 riders Go to Event Page
  12. Hubbers! You're awesome (cause you’re a cyclist) Now be super Awesome! Enter the 947 Select Ride for a Purpose Choose... THE COWS (well duh) and whilst you sit and bask in your awesomeness glory (and rightly so) await the emailer from our very own Daisy to guide you to Super Awesomeness in a few easy steps - with a little help from your friends/family/colleagues to raise funds, your bicycle and our epic Cow Print kit! Help us to make our 10th Anniversary as magic as it deserves and to create many more beaming smiles at CHOC (Childhood Cancer Foundation of SA)!! Entries for charities close on 31 August 2017 "Children with cancer are like candles in the wind who accept the possibility that they are in danger of being extinguished by a gust of wind from nowhere and yet, as they flicker and dance to remain alive, their brilliance challenges the darkness and dazzles those of us who watch their light!" #lovelivinglife #supportTheCows #947 #CHOC
  13. Such a pity for sure! But, there's always next year!!
  14. You are so right - we've been watching the forecast with concern!! Weather is looking rather grim at the moment, but luckily there are lots of stops and vehicles to put our dry stuff in. But we can't wait!!
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