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  1. I ALWAYS ride with my phone with me. How else are you going to take pics? 😆
  2. If I had to choose. Zipps over and over again. The Darkhorse wheels my buddy had was 'n bitch to replace a tube next to the road. Seemed the wheels were bigger that the tyre. Might be worth it to check out first if your potential set will do the same.
  3. Looks like Firecrest logo. Looks like clinchers judging by the valve and goodyear Eagle F1 on them. I had a set of these. Good wheels. Did not give me any issues. You might have to replace some bearings depending on how old they are. If I had a choice, I would go for the later version which had the little grooves in the braking surface. It just brakes so much better in general and especially in the wet. But I have no clue how the pricing would differ between the two.
  4. I'm not riding August in March but as a guideline, the past two races I got BL start with a 15 seeding. I see I am now back in "AL" with a 11.89 seeding based on Ride for Sight (already on PPA seeding webpage)
  5. Nope. Either Oculux buys from Luxottica or they import "grey" Not sure.
  6. You are confusing Racetec chip (Which is obsolete) with the new seatpost mounted Finishtime/ractech chip. No more ankle mounting even if you want to
  7. Finishtime = Racetec. Racetec = Finishtime. How they interact or where the database is, no one knows. Someone bought over someone or so I've heard. If you "download certificate" on the Finishtime website, your certificate has a Racetec logo on. The seeding system in SA is fukutitteded
  8. But imagine how cool it would be to receive a PERMANENT board that one can securely fix on your bike every time you go race??!??!?!?! No more sitting in traffic to fetch shitty numbers that tear your expensive MAAP shirt with bobbypins. Just a board that gets scanned at the starting blocks o see if you have legally entered. In some ways MTBing in SA is MILES and MILES ahead of road bike events. Cause they already have that with the SAS numbers.
  9. Easy. Cut a second hole in the board. Cut a second hole in the rubber holder. Now two cable ties securely goes around post and through the board. Problem sorted (on my end)
  10. They still are the official Importer and Distributor. Any cycleshop dealing with them will be able to get if they have stock
  11. Finishtime = Racetec (They bought racetec? As far as I know)
  12. I got a "your concern has been noted" from a mail last week. So basically "kiss my ass" but just nicer. I like them. 😆
  13. Safety was no issue. Good hard race and I really enjoyed it. I have decided to not do this race again for the following reasons. Race number pickup bull ****. I sat 4 hour in traffic on Thursday just to pick up a piece of useless paper. When are these organisers going to be held accountable for wasting peoples time and money??? And VERY important, where is the environmental responsibility......???? I would love to know how much EXSTRA fossil fuels were burnt just to pick up a number that I can print at home??? Give me a QR code that I can scan at the starting block to gain entry to the event. I can print my number for 50c in color. I spent R200 fuel plus half day leave at work just to get a number. Boils my blood. Seeding was CRAP. South Africa cycling does not have a seeding system anymore. We are forced to pay CSA (racing license) to get a better start time. Timing system can improve. The chip is horrible. The mounting system is cheap and can be improved a lot. Give me a permanent chip and number (while you are at it) like 94.7 that I can use every year for your series of races. The results were not correct for the A batch and I can only imagine for the rest of the groups.
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