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  1. No stability issues climbing, more sway than formal, but actually holds up very well - you cant go crazy with throwing things around obviously. One factor which is a pain is that the combined weight of the avatar, slows the watt/kg down so much that you go real slow on uphills, took as an hour to 15kms on a hilly route averaging 210 Watts... might drop it off a bit just to feel like there is some momentum ????
  2. Great comments! Will post some pics, so far so good, combined weight is 155kms which is higher than the max of 113kgs Wahoo suggests... just hope we dont break anything ????
  3. My wife simply wont ride unless its on a tandem. We have now started riding on Zwift with an entry level Raleigh tandem on a Kickr 1 gen. Defn more sway than on a single bike, but so far so good (we have done 3x25km rides). Any comments or things to watch out for?
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