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  1. Too early too tell. Hell's it's Cape Town... it'll be too early to tell, even when you're in your chute.
  2. LA has left an indelible mark on cycling for better or worse... if the awareness of doping and measures to counteract it today can be attributed to LA, then you can argue that his impact has been positive. Those that suffered at the time because of him will see things very differently. But I agree with @mamil - if today's crop if uber-stars are tainted in the future, it will leave a sour taste.
  3. Each time I've put on a new chain, whatever is on there reminds me of a motorcycle chain lube. Super-sticky and just waiting for a blanket to come along to stick to it too
  4. tallest tree that catches the wind... but explain that to Pog and Hirschi and see if they laugh
  5. You mean Swervy 'is that a moto in front, oh merde, it was' McSwerverton? Yeah... more Boswell Wilkie Circus than gold though...
  6. Kudos Supaman!!! well-deserved win. and Meintjies well up there too.
  7. Vuelta stages are for the strong legs. Incredible racing.
  8. Jeepers, this mountain is relentless... and Bernal pokes the Slovenian bear again...
  9. Certainly, they can unsuccessfully try, absolutely
  10. Caption: Watch this Boss!!
  11. history has shown that on back-to-back monster stages, day #1 strong ou's are the same strong ou's on day #2. it remains to be seen if Rog wants to make more of a statement. I sure hope he does. Then again, I can' see anyone beating him in the TT, so what does he need to do today? Perhaps Jumbo will set Kuss off into the distance?
  12. One of the best finales full-stop I think. The way i see it, is he had everything to lose - previous wonder-finishes have been where the rider had nothing to lose. Here Rog had everything to lose - He could have blown badly, Bernal could have gained minutes and Rog could even have been swallowed up by the Movistar-heavy chasing group, pretty much putting all his hopes on the Sunday TT. But Rog backed himself and pulled off a great win. Even if he'd stayed with Mas et al, he'd still be in rojo today, but no, that wasn't enough for him. A proper dominant performance
  13. and then things like weather and to a degree, traffic, can throw a bicycle-sized spanner in the works My thoughts are that if I'm interested in getting better, then intervals.icu is all I need, though a power meter is essential. i must take the pain, spend the money and in the years to come, the improvements and satisfaction I feel will more than offset the costs I incur today. If I'm just into enjoying riding my bike, then all that's off the table and I must ride for fun
  14. West Coast wonder and heavy going on soggy roads
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