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  1. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/656464588145942/ Found it for sale here, posted 20 min ago. R5000. Contacted the owner
  2. Upload some pics and some specs for us, and tell us whats your budget. 26''s are dirt cheap these days, your biggest cost I'll say will come from the fork, crank and brakes if you decide to upgrade or build. What you could do is transfer the majority of your parts from your existing bike onto a new frame. I bought a brand new 26" unused frame from my LBS for next to nothing. Current build breakdown: Frame - 300 wheels - 600 fork - from old bike Shifter, derailleur, cassette and used chain - 400 Bar n stem - 150 Crank - 250 Crankbolts brand new - 139 (Courtesy of Kiwi) Brakes - R300 (old Hayes Nine, needed DIY) grips and pedals - 75 odds - R300 Cables, ferrules, and BB etc. Total : R2500, for a brand new unridden bike, that's a lot of fun to boot. Getting a seat post on Tuesday and I'll be rolling!. The problem with building a budget bike from scratch is that all the little things suck you dry, Seatclamps, seatposts, chains, powerlinks, cassettes, headsets, pedals, BB's, cables, housings and ferrules all add up, without you noticing, not to mention tools and lubes if you don't have them already.
  3. Get a 26er, you can find good bikes at great prices, use your spare change for minor upgrades or updates, and decent gear (a worthwhile investment) and basic tools (shock pump etc.). Stick to the common brands and you should be ok.
  4. Borrow a buddy's Softtail the next time you're on the trails, and decide for yourself, personally I love my hardtail and the way it feels (raw and more fun IMO), but my younger brother insists on riding the softtail bike and loves it, because he can "jump big stuff and not worry". Consider the type of riding you (want to) do, and the travel that you want/need, and remember, you now have more moving parts that need, servicing, maintenance, and protection, in some cases even transportation $$$. ...2c added to the kitty. Just to confuse you more https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/155830-what-does-bikehub-land-think-of-the-all-mountain-hardtail/
  5. If it were my money, I'd get a Virb elite, way cooler and probably more versatile IMO, but at one stage I was considering one of these http://atc.oregonscientific.com/product_ATCChameleon.asp I could see the dual lenses coming in handy, or a SONY ION. ...my 2c toward the kitty
  6. Broke mine pretty badly in June and now have a 10 screw plate holding it all together, all the doctors I saw told me to leave it in, most of them rode mtb and had their same plates in for years. The downside to removing it is the possibility of infection every time you go under the knife, granted the bone supposedly heals better under stress, but it varies from person to person, and break to break, personally I'm gonna leave mine as picked up quite a serious infection last time as much as it annoys me. TLDR: go get another opinion
  7. Tie him to a frame, and flog him with a handlebar.
  8. Meerendal is probably your safest bet, save contermans for when you have a bit more nerve and skill. Maybe check out YouTube for some helmetcam videos to give you an idea of what to expect, and practice some skills at home before you go. check out GMBN on YouTube, helps a lot if you can bunny hop.
  9. Had a similar issue with my 10 spd XT, turned out to be the free hub that wasn't running true (cassette having a slight "wobble"), causing one tooth of the bigger sprocket to catch the chain every revolution in the same spot. Didn't feel like replacing it, so I slacked off the cable tension a 1/2 turn, seems to have done the trick for now. So in a nutshell, yeah "tune the gears"lol.
  10. Also been looking for a decent commuter myself, I need it to hold my laptop in the week, my outdoor stuff on weekends, and be suitable for airport travel for work. I've looked at the thule enroute escort , and triumph 2. According to the salespeople at most stores, thule have an unlimited guarantee in their bags, which includes zips, stretchy pockets, and the bag itself. May be something to consider in the long run?
  11. Put 29" wheels on my 26" gt avalanche. Have slicks on though
  12. Hi all, Does anybody have an old crank lying around ? Preferably road, and maybe a used tapered headset ? If it's in Cape Town, I can collect. Trying to build bikes for my friends and I using odds and ends, so we can ride together. Thanks
  13. Are you looking for road or mtb spares ?
  14. No it is definitely suspect. But like i said, if anyone had their pink and green Spez stolen, I'm pretty sure that they or a friend would have posted it on the hub, also, the police make frequent stops at pawn shops like cash crusaders and converters.
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