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  1. I had similar issues, ended up on antibiotics, cortisone & a nice shiny new set of grommets @ 40 FFS!!!!! Doc recons I have allergies (yeah I get hay fever) He recons that with cycling & breathing hard, I'm cycling many more litres of air through my system, along with all the allergens floating around in it. Hence the issues. use it, don't use it.
  2. The biggest problem here is that you were on Gumtree looking at bikes!!!!! WTF!!!!
  3. Very interesting with some proper scientific input!! Jeez, so if you're over 65kg, you're gonna get eaten on those big European climbs. In SA terms, 70kgs!!! I don't think I know any adult males that weigh less than 70kgs.
  4. Why do you suck? Lungs about to burst? Heart about to pop out your mouth? Legs on fire and just can't turn any gear except the weeny one?All 3 are related to overall fitness, esp. 1 & 2 - 3 is maybe more strength. Best way to build strength quickly is in the gym Functional exercises - not leg extensions, leg curls, leg press, etc.Higher rep Squats, deadlifts, etc.Then use this new strength on hills. use a bigger gear for 1 - 2 minthen spin & recoverrepeatbut you can't apply the strength if your fitness isn't there too.
  5. Looks like he's a proper oxygen thief & a waste of skin (based on reading this and other posts) How do you stop him from coming on here under new names and fleecing the unsuspecting. Clearly he likes / sees huge opportunity to take advantage of cyclists.
  6. Do it like described above, I found it worked well. I just add a spare tube in a ziplock bag for each rider to carry. Don't bother trying to patch on the trail, just swap the tube and dump the leaking one in the ziplock bag and get going. As for the cheap tubeless conversion, it works like a bomb, until you need to re-seat and seal the tire on the trail with a hand pump or bomb - it can be a total biaaaatch. (I have Stans all over my ceiling from trying to seal non-tubeless on a converted rim) But do it anyway and see how it works for your particular setup. Good decisions come from experience Unfortunately, experience is gained through bad decisions. You'll figure it out.
  7. Lifetime ban....... for taking EVOX from dischem???
  8. I recon it applies to any sport that involves speed, power or endurance. Hell target shooters have used beta blockers to calm their nerves. If there's an angle....., someone will take the gap. And if drugs don't help, they'll figure a way to bend the rules and use illegal equipment.
  9. Very valid point - but is it any different from elite competition in many other sports (Gymnastics, motorbike racing to ping pong, etc. - football/soccer being maybe the exception) Hence, I would assume that the same hunger & drivers are there in those other sports too. So I might assume/conclude that those sports are just as dirty???? Just a thought.....
  10. What do these things have in common? Alcohol prohibition The War on Drugs Pissing up a rope Just saying, but it seems like Pandora's box is already open. So now what? Is WADA worthwhile or is it a hole for money?
  11. Don't joke. I got an unhealthy dose of that one winter morning. Rider in front put up a spay of it, like a slalom skier. So gross, I willingly climbed into the Spruit to try wash off. Later, stood in front of a fire hydrant to shower off, cold be damned! That stuff sticks like **** to a blanket. The smell was awful, but dammit the taste...... Scarred for life - Hate the Spruit!!
  12. maybe it's the only way to pass some of the crowds, it gets busy out there.
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