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  1. For indoor training I use a smart trainer (wahoo kickr) and and have used pretty much all of the most popular apps(zwift, sufferfest, trainerroad, rouvy etc. ) to varying degrees in the past. If you're just looking for a fun way to make the time pass quicker while you're on the IDT, zwift is great. the social aspect is quite nice as well, especially if your mates also ride on zwift and the zwift races are definitely a good way to get in some high intensity work. If you're looking for for the best way to increase your cycling performance, I can comfortably say that trainerroad is the best for this. Their structured training and plans are head and shoulders above everyone else in this space. I normally put trainerroad on my ipad and either listen to a podcast or music or watch something entertaining. Most of the other apps I find to be a bit middle of the road or don't really suit what I'm looking for anyway.
  2. yup, I'm doing the same. Just entered for Joburg Classic
  3. don't see any threads for this race, so thought I'd start one... I've created a GPX file for the race here if you need it.
  4. Hi guys, I was speaking to friends over the weekend and was told the East Rand Classic (supposed to be on 5 April) has been cancelled. There has been nothing about cancellation on their social media pages or website but the cycleevents entry page has been removed: http://www.cycleevents.co.za/road-events/takealot-east-rand-classic/#more-22066. Was keen to do this event but looks like its not happening now? anyone have more info on what the story is?
  5. Couldn't find a thread for the 2020 edition of the race so thought I may as well post here. I created a GPX file for the route on garmin connect, iIf anyone needs it, you can grab it here. Just hoping for no rain now!
  6. did you ever find anyone to do the repair? Had the same thing happen to me last weekend with brand new castelli bib and cant bear to chuck them out...
  7. July Orders from AliExpress not yet delivered, but at least the status shows that it’s at customs now!
  8. same experience as everyone else... R350 ""handling" fee and package took 2 weeks to arrive AFTER it was cleared at customs. tracking site and call center staff are equally useless!
  9. Hi all, Anyone brought in bike tools from CRC/Merlin/etc. ? Not sure what category this would fall under... can anyone confirm what the duties on bike tools would be?
  10. I had the same experience with skynet(R350 handling fee). they took 2 weeks to get my parcel from CRC to me AFTER it was released from customs. Their customer service and call center operators are clueless
  11. thats right, most online stores will deduct their local VAT from the purchase price if your shipping destination is south africa (i.e. if its an EU store, EU VAT will be deducted from the purchase price if the shipping destination is outside of the EU), then you pay RSA VAT at customs. If you use global shopper, you pay EU VAT plus VAT at customs
  12. Thanks guys, Looked at LightBicycle, Yuananbike and a few others and am ready to pull the trigger on a set from LightBicycle. Wheels as follows: Wheelset WRU45C02 is USD524/pair with below specs --Rims: RRU45C02, 25mm wide, 45mm deep, UD, matte, 20H/24H, with brake surface--Hubs: black Novatec, front 100mm*QR/rear 130mm*QR, Shimano road 10/11s, J-bend, non-disc--Spokes: black bladed Pillar Aero X-TRA 1420, J-bend--Nipples: black alloy My only concern is shipping via EMS is $134 which seems steep in comparison to what I've seen on AliExpress and other vendor sites. @Quagga, when you bought ffrom LightBicycle were there any other costs other than VAT?
  13. Hi guys, I've never ordered from china before and looking to buy some carbon wheels. Wheels need to be about 38mm depth, need to accept 28c tyres and need to be non disc brake. I've had a look at hongfu, dengfu and xm carbonspeed but am unsure of what is any good... anyone had any experience running wider tyres on chinese rims?
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