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  1. Pretty good this euro show. Set up for a Season 2 which I hope materializes.
  2. Yep, he still be cycling, through his finances
  3. oh i'll bet you do... 😇
  4. What's our network gurus think happened here?what does it say about how their services are arranged? Seems the outage cascaded globally starting around 5pm
  5. lekker! But in which direction is that rain water going to flow? Is that toward your property? is there a gutter on the downslope side?
  6. Three eps available. Sucked in from the first ep. Great start!
  7. Into the Night - binge material. Totally engrossed. Two seasons available 1983 is genuinely really good viewing. Pity i couldn't find the remaining 4 episodes.
  8. you are terrible! 😍
  9. been sitting on that one. Thanks for reminding me to get stuck in.
  10. bit of a headsup. looks interesting. just hope it's not tacky..
  11. exactly why i want to get into the pipe clamp game. Often see the pony DIY pipe clamp sets for sale, just no tap and die set to cut my own threads. But thanks for the agrimark tip. Muchos gracias!
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