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    Weather predictions I've seen have only shown rain for Sunday, should be cloudy and cool..
  2. Bruceste


    Not sure if the neutral laps are essential, as its only there for you to ride with the "pros" before they set off for the "dash for cash" loop. Punctures before the main event on the gravel would really suck!!
  3. Bruceste


    Thanks for the pics, looks like a decent amount of cyclists on the day. What distance did you get last year?
  4. Bruceste


    I'm also hopeful for the 300 - hoping the body follows suit!! There only 2 start times namely 4am & 5.15am, the later being the 250km. So I'm not sure about starting any other time than that
  5. Bruceste


    A show of hands who are riding this event, whichever distance you plan on riding, it's irrelevant for now
  6. Hahahaha!! Alot of time and effort is going into prepping the stand, let alone the new products we've launched. Looking forward to meeting you there
  7. Please excuse my ignorance, but I'm not sure what the 2016 Thule catalogue has anything to do with the 2020 HoldFast products that will be on display at the stand?
  8. Morning everyone Please come and say hi at the HoldFast stand at the CTCT expo, my name is Bruce and I'd love to show you our latest products we're releasing that will be on show at the stand. Cheers and see you there Bruce
  9. Thanks so much, I had a great ride out past Plett and back this morning ????????
  10. Hi everyone Does anyone know of any road rides taking place in Knysna during the festive period? Alternatively, are we allowed to ride along the N2 to either Plett or Sedgefield from Knysna? Thanks
  11. Thank you for your advice, it's much appreciated. I've contacted The Gear Change, as Debbie has shut for the year. Super glad to have had your advice!
  12. I'm visiting Cape town and have just purchased a new pair of road shoes. Please can someone point me in the right direction to have a propper setup carried out, to align the cleats to the shoes correctly. I've had injuries when it wasnt done properly before, and I'm definitely not wanting it to happen again. Anywhere in the Southern suburbs would be ideal. Thanks in advance!!
  13. Hey everyone I'm going to be in the Lakeside/Muizenberg area from the 20th - 27th December and wanted to find out if there are any road cycling groups to join? And would it be reasonably safe to ride alone, along the cycle tour route barring the M5 of course? I'd be happy to get a few peoples contact details to get in touch with closer to the time. I look forward to your input Cheers
  14. Thank you so much!! And during the weekdays, which parks could i gain access to, and get some riding done safely enough?
  15. Hi Everyone down in Cape Town, Im visiting Cape Town (Kirstenhof area) for the whole of next week, and not knowing the area at all, where would it be safe to do some mountain biking in and around that area? Open to all suggestions, even to join up with some groups if there are any available? Looking forward to the suggestions..
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