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Found 11 results

  1. Hi there, I'm looking for some more options for a rear bike rack mount to put my gym bag on and secure it. The only one I can find is on Takealot. Any other options around Cape Twon I can explore? Any feedback/input will be appreciated. Cheers
  2. A comfortable, well-organised backpack is essential for anyone on the move. If your lifestyle demands mobility or you simply need to arrange your clutter, the Thule Crossover may be the ideal backpack for you. Click here to view the article
  3. While not explicitly marketed as such, I had this backpack marked as a do-it-all commuter backpack. By that I mean protected compartments for all your electronic devices, enough room to fit a clean set of clothes, shoes and lunch, durable construction, some rain protection, as well as comfort and stability. So everything really. Materials The Crossover is made from good quality materials. Giving the impression that it may just outlast the wearer. The outer layer is water resistant nylon. The plastic clips are far from flimsy while the pockets, made from the same tough fabric as the rest of the backpack, are firmly attached. On top of this, Thule back their workmanship with a 25 year warranty. Compartments The Crossover has 4 zipped compartments, each aiming to cater for a specific purpose. The rear compartment houses your laptop (up to 15" size) and tablet or ereader in padded sleeves. The padding is adequate and the sleeves hug the devices well. I was more than happy to toss this backpack over my shoulder without concern. There is also an unpadded sleeve where you can squeeze in some flat items, like note pads or books. The largest compartment in the centre of the backpack is deceptively roomy. Here I comfortably stowed my work clothes, including shoes, soap and lunch box, and just about anything else I needed for the day. Basically, the type of compartment every working commuter needs to keep themselves fresh in the office. There are also two netted pockets which are handy for holding charging adaptors. The front most compartment is where the OCD organiser will rejoice. There are numerous sleeves and pockets to snugly fit and organise smaller items. The SafeZone is the most compact compartment. The Safezone features a removeable crush-proof shell to protect fragile items such as electronic devices and sunglasses. I used this compartment to protect my sunglasses and cell phone during the test with complete confidence. Pockets There are three convenient shove-it pockets on the outside of the backpack. The central and largest pocket, which features a compression strap, was useful for quick storage and access. You simply shove things in there and tighten the strap and off you go. I used this pocket for everything, from stuffing in dirty riding gear to storing my cellphone and wallet. The outer two pockets are are useful for quick access. They work well with water bottles and tools but the smaller size and lack of compression strap or zip put me off using them for valuable items which, I felt, could potentially drop out. Handles There there are handles on the top and bottom of the backpack. While this might not sound too exciting, I found it to be invaluable when moving the backpack short distances. So much so that I will never get another backpack without similar handles. The handles were also useful to attach my helmet when the backpack was already full. Like the rest of the backpack, the material used to make these straps gave the impression of quality. Video demonstration For a better understanding of the layout and construction of the Crossover, watch the video below by Thule. Unfortunately we had no say on the soundtrack. Colours The Thule Crossover is available in two colour options: black or cobalt. The cobalt is a striking colour and probably not to everyone's tastes, especially if going for a professional look. I decided on the cobalt option in the hope that it would catch the attention of motorists better than a black backpack. The clips and zip linings all come in a matching colours while the zip handles are plasma green for easy identification. Comfort The build quality, design and storage of the Thule Crossover is excellent but how does it feel when worn? The shoulder straps are made from a firm but flexible foam and are covered in a rugged netting. Trying the backpack on for the first time, I was concerned that the straps were too rigid but after a few weeks of use the straps bedded in and became supple. Even with a full backpack, I felt no strain on my shoulders or back. The padding features a ridge down the middle to assist with cooling. This padding extends into the backpack to form part of the laptop sleeve protection. This means that you can feel the flat rigidity of the laptop through the padding but it was only a brief concern as it didn't seem to impact on comfort or stability of the backpack. A very important feature, for anyone wanting to use the Thule Crossover on a bicycle, is the chest strap. The chest strap goes a long way in reducing lateral movement of the backpack while riding. With the strap, I felt comfortable making sharp turns and looking over my shoulder. To ensure a good fit, the strap is adjustable in length and vertically using a rail system. Overall, using the Thule Crossover was a comfortable experience on and off the bike. Flaws Firstly, the SafeZone is not supported, so when the middle compartment is open it tends to fold into the backpack making it tricky to access this compartment. If you aren’t using the SafeZone, you can remedy this problem by removing the protective shell. The aluminium clip used for the compression strap of the stash pocket unclipped itself without warning a number of times. While the pocket remained relatively taut it is something worth keeping an eye on. Confusing compartments, sleeves and pockets. This is more of a indication of my own disorganisation but I struggled to find my stuff in the backpack. Either unzipping the wrong compartment or simply missing a sleeve or pocket. However, after a few weeks, I managed to get my head around it and started finding regular homes for my possessions. Pricing and Availability The recommend retail price for the Crossover is R1,899, making the purchasing of this backpack somewhat of an investment. If you're likely to use the backpack daily and want something that will last, you'll probably get your money's worth with the Crossover. Stockists of Thule bags can be found through the Thule dealer locator here. In the end The seemingly endless compartments, sleeves and pockets work very well once you get your head around their arrangement and designed purposes. In addition, the Crossover is comfortable to wear on and off a bicycle. I found the Thule Crossover to be a superb backpack that covers all your needs for daily commuting and other adventures.
  4. Just wondering what decent waterproof backpacks you guys (and girls) are using for commuting. I've commuted most days for the last few months, and while my Targus backpack has been great for everything else, it is not waterproof. Friday afternoon I got caught in a bit of rain, and while I do not mind getting wet, I am a little concerned about my electronics. Nothing got damaged this time, but logic dictates that one day I am going to get caught in something much heavier.
  5. So the EcoMobility Festival in Sandton has inspired me to try my hand at commuting. I've got about 12km from home to my office and I have a shower available. I need a backpack to carry my work clothes, towel, etc. Any suggestions? I'd rather not spend a fortune becuase i'm a little concerned that the experience of dodging taxi's in Sandton might not be as sexy as it sounds...
  6. Camelbak’s Charge was one of the manufacturers most popular bike packs when first introduced. It featured a unique low mounted reservoir, which centred the water weight over a rider’s hips. The Charge was adapted from Camelbak’s adventure/trekking line to include bike features, but was fairly compact with a 2lt reservoir and 8lt cargo space. Its popularity prompted Camelbak to design the Volt LR, which adds both extra cargo and water capacity making it all-day friendly. Click here to view the article
  7. I have been looking to get a bigger hydration pack in order to comfortably carry more gear on rides and at the same time have enough water for longer rides. When out reviewing a bike I usually take a shock pump, a GoPro with different mounts, adaptors, spare batteries and fittings, and a camera to take some pics. All of this over and above the usual multi-tool, car keys, and something to snack on. My current Camelbak Charge LR was getting a bit small for "review" rides, but I've really grown to love the lumbar mounted reservoir. I looked around at what's currently available and decided to get a Volt LR. It adds some much needed cargo space and an extra litre of water, but keeps the lumbar reservoir and all the practicality and durability we've come to expect from Camelbak. The 3L lumbar reservoir is designed to place water weight low on your hips, thereby taking the load off your shoulders and upper back. By placing it lower, the water is more stable and doesn't throw you off balance as you race down the trail. The 3L reservoir is taller and less triangular than before, but a central baffle still keeps the contents from sloshing around. To further stabilise the reservoir, Cambelbak has added compression straps. All you have to do is pull the contrast coloured webbing that is tunneled behind the waist belt pocket to compress the reservoir and keep it tight and secure. To loosen it, lift up on the tension lock and fine tune to your liking. In addition, the bladder's lid has a hard plastic extension that hooks into a special pocket that adds extra security. With a convenient rear-entry panel, that provides the added benefit of a full-length main storage compartment in front, the reservoir is easy to fill and load. Pockets and pockets and pockets Integrated helmet hooks utilise the helmet's chinstraps to be able to carry a variety of styles and sizes. Storage is spread across a number of compartments and pockets to help keep things better organised and neatly tucked away. Designed to carry a helmet, multi-tool, CO2 pump and cartridges, spare tube, extra layer, energy bar or snacks, phone and keys in it's multitude of pockets, I found the Volt LR more than big enough for all the extra bits and pieces I have to lug around. It features:Main Compartment with:zippered pocket for your phone or camera two mesh pockets (divided into 2 thirds and 1 third of width) bigger pocket with a Velcro top [*]2 hip pockets for gear and snacks you'd like to keep close as you won't need to take the pack off to access these [*]Front zippered pocket with a main storage area as well as two mesh pockets and a clip for your keys. [*]Stretch panel between main compartment and front zipper compartment to keep base layer or or jersey. On The Trail The back panel features a pair of airmesh-covered foam strips that are raised to cushion your back and allow even more airflow. Camelbak calls this "Integrated Ventilation System" and it proved it's worth on hot summer rides. The shoulder straps are virtually unpadded, but even with it fully loaded, comfort and stability is excellent thanks to being wide and well ventilated. A testimony to the "lumbar" design of the Volt LR and it's base weight of only 550g excluding the reservoir. Fully loaded (read stuffed to the brim) with a maxed out reservoir the pack stayed in place and never felt as heavy as I knew it was. Movement, up and down as well as left to right, is non-existent when tackling rough terrain, jumps and drop offs. Comfort is high and one hardly ever takes notice of it once it's loaded up and strapped down. The bite valve "tap" works when it's supposed to and stays drip-free the rest of the time. Verdict Looking at the Volt LR with all it's built-in features, I cannot help but think it's a design study in finding solutions to issues mountain bikers have. The lumbar reservoir is a genuine plus out on the trail and a heavily loaded backpack has never felt this comfortable and secure, allowing the rider to get on with riding. With it's sorted design, years of experience designing class leading hydration packs, extreme comfort on the trails all backed up by Camelbak's Got Your Bak Guarantee the Volt LR is hard to beat. RRP: R 1,850.00 From the manufacturer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mCCdaawILUM An ultra-light, lumbar reservoir-based mountain bike pack that repositions the water weight on your hips for maximum stability and comfort. Hydration Capacity: 3L Lumbar Total Capacity: 10L (600 cu in) + 3L Reservoir Total Weight: 0.73 kg (pack only) Dimensions: 50 x 66 x 23 cm Torso Length: 43 cm Back Panel: LV Harness: Ultra-light 3D Mesh Independent Suspension™ with Slider™ Sternum Strap Belt: Fixed 25mm / 1" with cargo pockets Fabric: 40D Diamond Ripstop & 230D Taffeta, 210D Nylon with DWR + 1000 mm PU + Silicone
  8. Thule Sport and Cargo SA is excited to launch three product range updates this month, which may be familiar to the market but they incorporate some practical product changes and in some instances, great feature upgrades. Click here to view the article
  9. The launch to market includes daypacks, smartphone covers and the ever-impressive action camera bags. The trusted and revered Thule brand reinforces itself as a leading sports and outdoor goods company and continues to deliver quality, durability and design innovation to the action and outdoor market, for people with an active lifestyle. The brand just never stands still and is always considering enhancements to products that make usage easier for the customer. Thule EnRoute 2 Daypack range The EnRoute 2 Daypack range appeals to the outdoor lifestyle and has the safety of all your weekday equipment top of mind. The three products in this range are the Escort 2, Blur 2 and Triumph 2, offering a stowage space of 27 litres, 24 litres and 21 litres respectively. What you will find in each of the Thule EnRoute 2 Daypacks is the SafeEdge construction laptop compartment to offer superior protection for all sides of your laptop, plus a padded tablet slip pocket for the optimal safety of your electronic gear. The compartmentalised sections keep all of your smaller items in their place and the improved Crushproof SafeZone compartment for sunglasses and fragile gear includes a dedicated phone pocket, which keeps them safe from damage. New to the Daypack 2 range and keeping in line with the Thule brand’s motto – Active Life, Simplified – is the laptop compartment, which doubles as storage for a hydration reservoir offering fantastic versatility with this product. The ever-present airflow channels on back panel provide adequate ventilation when carrying the bag, promoting multifunctional use of the same bag. Click here for more product info and technical specifications: http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/bags-and-cases/daypacks-and-messengers/thule-enroute-daypacks THULE EnRoute 2 Escort (27L) Daypack R2 199 THULE EnRoute 2 Blur (24L) R1 899 THULE EnRoute 2 Triumph (21L) R1 699 The Blur is available in the following colours: Black, Bordeaux and Drab The Triumph is available in the following colours: Black, Bordeaux, Drab, Dark Shadow, Blue Grass Thule Legend GoPro backpack and slingThe feature-rich Legend GoPro backpacks, now available as a Backpack and Sling, are packed with smart features for safe camera storage and quick access, which is equally important for those on the move. Customisable spaces adequately store essential items and accessories in a unique die-cut foam organiser while protecting the camera itself. The streamlined Legend GoPro Backpack features integrated mounts that allow for two GoPro cameras to attach so that you can capture your adventure from multiple angles whilst on the move. The state-of-the-art CrushProof padded compartment holds up to three GoPro cameras, LCD backpack, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards. The die-cut foam pad is removable for easy cleaning to keep the interior of the bag free of dust, mud, sand and build up. The conveniently placed lid pocket stores additional items like chargers and cables, while the easy-to-reach pockets positioned on the waist belt keep your phone or multitool secure and handy. The sleek shape of the Legend GoPro Sling coupled with the lightweight construction keeps the bag in its place during activities. The padded compartment holds up to two GoPro cameras as well as LCD backpacks, remote control, extra batteries and SD cards. The front compartment has adequate space for the stowage of mounts and personal gear. Small gear can be easily located in low-light conditions thanks to the unique high-visibility interior lining and the novel separate, nylex-lined pocket protects a phone or sunglasses. The conveniently placed shoulder strap pocket provides quick access storage for a remote control or phone. Convenience comes in the form of oversized zipper pulls, which provide easy access even when you are wearing gloves, and is found on both the Backpack and the Sling. These products are truly well advanced, making life for the active GoPro user easier but safer when it comes to looking after costly equipment. Click here for more product info and technical specifications: http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/bags-and-cases/camera-bags-and-cases/camera-action-cases THULE Legend GoPro Sling R1 299 THULE Legend GoPro Backpack R2 999 Whether your valued possessions are small or large, you can trust the THULE brand to safely protect your goods ranging from smartphone covers to luggage bicycles carriers. Thule Atmos X4 iPhone case Thule’s Atmos X4 iPhone Case offers extreme drop and screen-impact protection, a state-of-the-art enhancement, which has been expertly engineered into an ultra slim case. The patent-pending “Bi-Component Armor” provides superior protection while maintaining its slim line appearance. New to this product is the inclusion of protection for the iPhone screen, which comes in the form of the StratoShield. This shield delivers five times the impact protection compared to the standard screen alone. The StratoShield not only guards against impact, but also scratches and fingerprints as well as minimising glare without losing the phone’s touch screen responsiveness. The innovative design and construction materials provide shock-stop corners, offering exceptional protection from damage and cracking even when dropped from a height of two metres. The FunctionPlus metal volume buttons are functional and easy to use for enhanced performance. Click here for more product info and technical specifications: http://www.thule.com/en/za/products/bags-and-cases/phone-and-tablet-cases THULE Atmos X4 iPhone 6 Case R1 299 THULE Atmos X4 iPhone 6 Plus Case R1 299
  10. Hallo there peeps. Seeing that its been raining on and of here in PTA recently and sometimes quite hard im looking for a waterproof laptop backpack. I commute to work about 20km on average and have to lug around laptop at lease 5 out of the 6 work days a week. Currently my backpack is a standard laptop backpack which isnt very aero dynamic and when it starts pooring it isnt very waterproof. Which is a concern. I dont mind the rain personally and will cycle winter snow rain you name it. But i only have one laptop which works better dry. What will you recommend for a replacement. Not to expensive. waterproof and must fit a 15.6 inch laptop with charger and diary basically. Aero dynamic isn't the biggest concern but it must not big to big and heavy. some padding for comfort. http://images.highspeedbackbone.net/skuimages/large/CNET-YYI1-PC8666.jpg
  11. To buy....reply with the product number you are interested in These offers are available from NOW until TONIGHT at 22:00 *replies posted Tonight at 22:00 and later will not be accepted as it has to be placed BEFORE 22:00 T&C's - The 1st hubbers to reply with the product number and description will qualify for that specific item at the stipulated price. Each deal is limited to stock availability (as indicated), therefore if there are for example 5 available, the 1st 5 hubbers to reply for that specific item will be able to purchase it - Buyers will be contacted tomorrow morning - Shipping excluded - Merchandise will be re-sold if no payment received within 24 hours after message received - Posts that have been "edited" will be voided immediately (please re-post should you have edited your post) - No refunds / returns / exchanges on sale items
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