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  1. Ya, we're on the same page. πŸ‘ "haven't always" is a nice way of saying "never" without having to comb through the teams' complete histories to account for anomalies. I simply listed the pro teams that have contributed to the competitiveness of the men's category as a comparison to the lack of similar support in the women's category. Because, as you say, women's cycling is super competitive but for various reasons Epic is an outlier for the level we hold it to. Let's not forget the achievements of the 2017 winners (otherwise the streak would be a lot longer)!
  2. Annika explained it in the commentary. Specialized seem to make it a priority and support and encourage top global riders to attend. Other teams haven't really done this consistently. Often they're more interested in World Cups and CX and in pre-season preparation. The Epic is an expensive and tiring distraction if your bread and butter is European World Cups. Teams that take it seriously on the men's side like Bulls, Cannnondale, Scott haven't always had the same female athletes to offer.
  3. https://www.cape-epic.com/downloads/EpicSeriesRulesv19-02-19ACEhighlighted.pdf Check out section 36. It appears to include frames. Not sure how these things work but maybe overwrites the general UCI rules?
  4. It wasn't yesterday. I'll check out today's photos. Photo: Nick Muzik.
  5. I've bookmarked this for the week: https://www.sportsplits.com/races/cape-epic-2021 It's the source for the results on the Epic site.
  6. That's a question for them (and perhaps better placed in their thread) 😎
  7. We'd made a configuration mistake on that section of the forums. You should be able to post comments now.
  8. Turns out their .co.za address doesn't have HTTPS hence the warning. It seems to redirect you back to safety on the secured .com domain though.
  9. We built it as people got annoyed when we started telling Sellers to stop putting SOLD in their titles and keeping the advert listed. The main feature for the Seller is to send an automated request from Bike Hub to the Buyer to leave a review of the transaction. Gives them a nice easy link. And obviously, other unsuccessful buyers will know it is sold. Also, anyone who might have Favourited the advert will also get notified that the item has been sold. Sellers are also asked for final selling price which we were going to build into a historical price guide of sorts. This too was a feature request from the forums but unfortunately, sellers are not using it enough for it have useful data. Deleting does none of the above.
  10. This πŸ‘† Or hit the report button on the account.
  11. We're busying building a brand new Events Calendar. You'll be able to filter the listings by road racing in the province of your choice. Just give us a month or so more to finish it off.
  12. Please post advertisements for event substitutions in the Classifieds here: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/c/event-entries
  13. Please post advertisements for event entries in the Classified here: https://bikehub.co.za/classifieds/c/event-entries
  14. I bought a replacement strap for my Suunto Ambit on Banggood, a brand called "Bakeey". R388 all in. It arrived swiftly too. Over a year later and still going strong.
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