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  1. They entered Die Hel from the West and exited out the road going East and Swartberg Pass. Simplified directions: Ride up Seweweekspoort, turn right at the top. Ride along until Die Leer, hike down into Die Hel. Ride through Die Hel and out on the road via Swartberg Pass.
  2. Hi Robert I did discuss your concerns in the email above with the team. A number of them have been worked on. The rest I felt were not a priority in the context of our other plans. Are the Chat keyboard and pagination issues still a problem for you? I seem to remember that you use Brave on your phone? It's not a browser that we do any testing on, so it'd be good to know. We overhauled the whole Chat feature, since your email above. You might have noticed that it is a lot faster this year. I recall that parts of the work specifically tackled the Chat problems you were experiencing. Although not a priority, the favourites ordering is a 30 second fix that we can pop into the next sprint. You're welcome to report the forum related bugs to our forum platform here. Matt is regularly threatening to migrate the forums to another (more modern) platform, so maybe he'll convince us (and himself) to go through this schlep in the nearish future. Between Intercom and the forum threads, I feel that we do fairly well at keeping track of bug reports. I use the Now-Next-Later framework for roadmaps. But I fear you're looking for more precision than that for ticket tracking. If any of this a dealer breaker, let me know so I can proceed with the account deletion.
  3. Officially, 416 finished the 109km route in 2023. A few would have been disqualified for going faster than 3 hours 50 minutes. And probably a few more oblivious riding in unassisted categories.
  4. Type As. You can't blame them. It's a disability. They are blind to the word "Fun" in Fun Ride World Champs.
  5. While I'm also a proponent of a wave and smile campaign, I can't find much evidence of riding in the gutter and meekly obeying the demands of the motoring overlords shifting a country's transport policies. Even the poster child required protesting and tantrum throwing to help it shift to a more inclusive transport strategy.
  6. In summary, what has developed to be the acceptable behaviour is likely not the safest behaviour. But we're all encouraged to follow the acceptable behaviour nonetheless.
  7. Same reason that I ride in big groups that take up the whole lane! Disclaimer: I don't. Speaking of bending the rules; a law that blows my mind (in the Western Cape at least) solid lines can be crossed if you are overtaking a cyclist (and only a cyclist). A piece of road that is deemed too dangerous for an overtake is suddenly fine if a cyclist is present.
  8. Something like? Be seen and it'll likely solve some of the two abreast tendencies.
  9. Would it really? Then why have a speed limit at all? It's only because we've become normalised to the behaviours of breaking the speed limit that it would become dangerous to suddenly strictly enforce it.
  10. In the same way that is is custom to bully more vulnerable road users, it is also custom to neglect certain rules of the road, as if optional. For example, just ask a motorist to respect the speed limit. Many will tell you to go do something vulgar to yourself. It is THEIR prerogative how fast they drive! Just try driving the speed limit in the fast lane, I dare you! It's the same reaction you'd get if you were a group of cyclists. On this topic, my favourite car related question. Why are cars not speed restricted to the speed limit like ebikes? Why does the driver get to decide? It's pretty clear by the elaborate systems we've set up to catch speeders that we aren't fit to make this decision ourselves.
  11. Ah, good old motonormativity at it again. Every road user should have the right to the full lane, if they choose. Sadly this sounds extreme but it really makes all the sense in the world. Just because a vehicle can be bullied to the side of road doesn't mean it should. In fact, the highest priority road users should be the most vulnerable. Also... And if the big motorised vehicle drivers are really offended, maybe they can help lobby for some separated pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure. A common cause we can all bond over.
  12. The Aramex website seems to be down/ struggling for tracking too. Probably an issue their side today.
  13. The back end gets going much earlier than years of old. You might be surprised. The final group leaves before 9 nowadays. Still post lunch finishes for many though. https://www.capetowncycletour.com/lifecycle-week/ctct/2023-cape-town-cycle-tour-start-times/
  14. Unfortunately, the Overberg area isn't known for technically challenging trails. It's marathon country. So you are going to have to travel. Unless he starts building his own. I'm a little out the loop but I believe the closest would be Helderberg and Stellenbosch (Jonkershoek, GSpot - easier climbing for kids). Also maybe try connecting with the Hellsend crew to see if you can get your son in there. They have had open days and other events👇
  15. Welcome to the forum. I'll chat to the team on Monday to see what we can do for you.
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