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Found 6 results

  1. I got it on very good authority that there is no formal bikehub fantasy planned for La Vuelta 2017. Luckily superbru does a semi decent competition that requires almost zero input from the organiser - we had 15 people on it during the TdF, they have been reinvited. As I'm lank lazy, this suits me fine. I will do my best to ensure any admin stuff gets done before it kicks off by 12 noon on saturday. You do need to check in every 2/3 days as the picks are quite fluid (ie, you select from who is still in the race - none of this valverde out on first corner rubbish stuffing up your roster!) I can't either confirm or deny that any of the BikeHub long term test bikes are up for the winner. Come play Vuelta a España with me on Superbru! It's free and loads of fun. Just click here: https://www.superbru.com/vuelta/pool.php?p=11740289 Pool name: El Gordo -BikeHub La Vuelta... Pool code: laosraid vaya vaya
  2. Hey fellow Gravity Freaks, Have you guys seen the 2018 Downhill Fantasy League on PB? https://www.pinkbike.com/contest/fantasy Would be awesome to get a BikeHub league going. Let me know in the comments below and if there's enough interest I'll set it up. Build your team first and then you can request to join a league. Cheers, Dale
  3. The official thread for the annual Tour de France Fantasy competition. Some big changes in terms of the competition rules, scoring, prizes, how to enter and much more... As usual, the first few posts will be reserved for the intro, rules, teams, riders, entrants and more. The scoring for 2015 has been revised from previous years, in the hope that a more even spread of points can be achieved by all 9 riders and teams. However, for the newbies, the previous editions can be viewed as follows: 2014 - https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/140025-thehubsa-tdf-fantasy-comp-2014/?hl=fantasy2013 - http://www.thehubsa....on#entry19589342012 - http://www.thehubsa....on#entry16880922011 - http://www.thehubsa....on#entry1419561last updated: 03-Jun
  4. We still have a month left of Spring Classic, but in 5 weeks time the Giro starts in Apeldoorn (Netherlands). As a prelude to the annual Bikehub Fantasy Tour, I will be running a test version of the new scoring format. http://static2.giroditalia.it/wp-content/themes/giro/img/maglie_offseason/maglia_rosa.pnghttp://static2.giroditalia.it/wp-content/themes/giro/img/maglie_offseason/maglia_rossa.pnghttp://static2.giroditalia.it/wp-content/themes/giro/img/maglie_offseason/maglia_blu.pnghttp://static2.giroditalia.it/wp-content/themes/giro/img/maglie_offseason/maglia_bianca.png Some key changes for 2016 12 riders are allowed, but only 9 can score points (the other 3 are substitutes)Substitutions can be made on the rest daysA previously substituted rider can be re-usedPoints scored in the following categories: Daily top 20 on each stageDaily top 10 (Pink, Red and Blue jerseys only - no white)Daily Jersey holdersDaily Most Aggressive (if the Giro identifies this - it might be in another format)Daily In the Break (bonus)Daily Break finishes ahead of peloton (bonus)Final GC for each jersey (Pink, Red, Blue and White)Final Most Aggressive (if the Giro identifies this - it might be in another format)More details to following in the coming weeks... edit: points and draft rules attached (version 2 - 2016/05/04). How to score points (updated 14/04/2016) Draft Rules (version 1 updated 14/04/2016) - REMOVED! Draft Rules (version 2 updated 04/05/2016) 2016 Rules & Scoring - Fantasy Giro v2.zip Team start list (provisional) can be found at the ProcyclingStats website and Cyclingnews.com Google Sheets scoresheet has been loaded to see score breakdown. Deadline for team submissions is 12:00 on Friday, 06 May 2016.
  5. With the Spring Classics, and soon the Monuments, in full swing – I thought I’d squeeze in the proposed Fantasy Giro | Tour | Vuelta scoring format for 2016. The 2015 competition worked well, but rewarded riders that had a mix of riders across all the scoring categories rather than matching the real-life performance of each rider. 2016 will return to the classic format rewarding pot-luck, with a bit of insider knowledge. Points are heavily weighted in favour of the daily stages, and possible breakaways. The only other significant change will be the unlimited use of your substitutes, with the changes limited to the two rest days. A handful of Hubbers played a simplified version of the Vuelta last year, which worked well, but with riders pulling out before the World Champs (or fatigue), pot-luck played a big roll in the overall scoring. The Giro 2016 will be the test-run using the new scoring format, so you can get your picks fine-tuned before July. I’m open to suggestions, as long as it’s simple to implement, and easy to understand. The new proposal is as follows: Pick 12 riders (9 active + 3 subs)The 9 active riders will score points every day.Substitutions can only be made on the rest days.A rider previously substituted can be brought back in on the second rest day, if needed.The only time you lose a rider from your team is when he withdraws from the Tour. Points are awarded to the riders based on the following: Frequency – Category (places) – Points available Daily - Daily stage placings (top 20) - 50-40-32-24-20-18-16-14-12-11-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Daily - Yellow jersey (top 10) - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Daily - Green Jersey (top 10) Daily - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Daily - Polka Dot jersey (top 10) - 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 Daily - Jersey wearer (Yellow) - 10 Daily - Jersey wearer (Green) Daily - 10 Daily - Jersey wearer (Polka Dot) - 10 Daily - Jersey wearer (White) Daily - 10 Daily - Most Aggressive Rider - 10 Daily - Rider in Break - 10 Daily - Rider in Break (at finish) - 200 divided by No. riders finishing ahead of peloton End of Tour - Final Podium, Yellow (top 10) - 20-16-12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 End of Tour - Final Podium Green (top 10) - 20-16-12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 End of Tour - Final Podium Polka dot (top 10) - 20-16-12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 End of Tour - Final Podium White (top 10) - 20-16-12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 End of Tour - Most Aggressive (Overall) - 50
  6. This is the official thread for the annual TheHubSA TdF fantasy competition - 2014 edition. http://www.letour.fr/le-tour/2014/img/map_home.jpg Previous editions 2013 - http://www.thehubsa....on#entry1958934 2012 - http://www.thehubsa....on#entry1688092 2011 - http://www.thehubsa....on#entry1419561 Basic rules You must pick 9 riders from the list of participants; No substitutions will be allowed; The deadline for submissions is 12:00 on Saturday, 5th July 2014; Entries can be sent via PM, or posted on this thread; Scoring Points are scored in 12 categories, according to data pulled from the Tour’s official website. The scoring system has been modified from previous years to give every rider on your team a chance to score points for each stage, and for each category of points – it sounds complicated, but it rewards consistency and tactical picks). 64.1% - Daily Stage placings 3.2% - Daily Category (Yellow) 3.2% - Daily Category (Green) 3.2% - Daily Category (White) 3.2% - Daily Category (Polka) 5.4% - Final Podium (Yellow) 5.4% - Final Podium (Green) 5.4% - Final Podium (White) 5.4% - Final Podium (Polka Dot) 0.3% - Daily Jerseys 0.6% - Daily Aggressive 0.6% - Final Aggressive 100.0% - Total Tie breaks In the event of a tie, where two hubbers may have picked the same list of riders, the first person that submitted their list of riders first will be declared the winner. In the event of a tie, where the list of riders are not the same, the highest points accumulated on a single stage will be used to determine the winner. If still a tie, then the number of stage victories, and if still deadlocked then the number of days in yellow. Finally, if still a tie, the person who submitted their entry first will be the winner. The last confirmed list of riders will be used as the “first” submission. Prizes As always, I rely on the generosity of hubbers, admin, sponsors and anyone else to find prizes. If you want to offer prizes, or know of someone that wants to sponsor prizes, please contact me. Prizes collected/offered so far include: ​SportsWorld - Winter Weight Race Jersey (details) http://www.sportsworld.co.za/img/p/630-1666-large.jpg Two more first place prizes: From Spirog: Selection of wines from SaleWine.co.za From Talus: Johnnie Walker Blue Then, the best points-haul on any day wins a bottle of Meerlust from Talus More information to follow between now and the start on July 5th. Attached is a breakdown of how the scoring will work. Breakdown of Points_TheHubSA_Tdf_Fantasy_Comp_2014.pdf Edit: corrected scoring and points breakdown Edit: added PDF doc with summary of points breakdown Edit: added prize details Edit: added previous years links
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