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Found 8 results

  1. Hi all, i'm looking for a rigid lefty fork. Does anyone know where in SA I can buy one? (I'm hesitant looking abroad but will keep it open as option B). It's for a 29er hardtail MTB. I plan on building a rigid 29er hardtail for gravel grinding and just messing around. If not a lefty rigid fork then where can I look for normal rigid forks? Carbon or aluminium or steel. Tapered or straight steerer Thanks in advance.
  2. What's your thoughts on this bike? Spec? Hollowgram Wheels good or bad? New Lefty shock ect? Please share your thoughts as I'm keen on getting this bike when it finally arrives.
  3. Hi guys, I have done a Google search but have not been able to get any meaningful results. Can the Cannondale experts maybe point me in the right direction of a list of available/compatible hubs for a lefty 2.0 fork if I wanted to get some custom wheels built? Also, if you could chip in some opinions on which hubs you would recommend and why. Not necessarily looking for the lightest, but rather a balance of weight and strength as I weigh about 85kgs and am a bit rough on wheels. Will probably need 28 or preferably 32hole hubs. Thanks in advance.
  4. Need a little help. I am in the process of buying a new bike. One of the bikes i am interested in is Cannondale Lefty 2013/14 Cannondale Flash Team (large) Full carbon Team lefty fork Sram XX full grouppo Carbon seatpost ENVE carbon bar ZTR arch black edition wiele. Specialized carbon full rails saddle 2 x 10 Bike has a few nicks and scratchs. Shock lockout does not work. Any advice and what will be a good price on the bike?
  5. I was wondering if any hubbers could tell me what their Lefty shock service cost was more a less? I understand it depends on quite a lot, I just need a ball park figure. I'm not talking about the shock reset, I'm talking about the major service done by Omnico. Thanks!
  6. Hello everyone, I am 'new' to taking Mtb biking seriously and I just purchased a Lapierre XL 729 Frame. I wish to build it up to a sweet well specified bike starting With the Cannondale Lefty. All advice is highly welcome. Thanks for reading.
  7. Hi to all. Yesterday I bought a Cannondale F29 alloy 2. I was super excited to go home and weigh the bike but was quite disappointed when the scale tipped over at 11 ish KG. So now I come to you weight weenies to help me shred a few grams. The bike is currently has : Front wheel: Stan's ZTR Crest on a lefty hub with Rubena tires. Suspension: Cannondale lefty Handlebar : Cannondale handle bar Stem: Cannondale stem Frame: F29 alloy 2 (2013) Pedals : Shimano XT Seat post : Cannondale stock post Seat : Cannondale seat Crankset :Shimano XT Brakes: Shimano XT Shifters :Shimano XT Chain: Shimano XT Cassette: Shimano XT Rear Derailleur: Shimano XT Rear Hub :Shimano Deore Rear Rim :WTB frequency race i19 with a Rubena tyre. I think that is about all the stuff that make the numbers on the scale rise. I am going to convert the bike to a 1x10 setup and plan to change the rear wheel to a ZTR Crest. is the rim change worth it, and where else can I save a few grams without having to rob a bank. I would like to keep every thing on the bike aluminium so carbon seatpost and stem is out. Any suggestions welcome.
  8. Hi, Was wondering it it is possible to convert a 2013 90mm Lefty (New Lefty PBR 90 29) to a 100mm Lefty? From what I can tell the upper air seal is limiting the travel. Don't know why though? For geometry purposes maybe?
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