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  1. thanks, can you paste a link here? tried googling but only found a gravel helmet from FA
  2. Hi all, are the Cairbull helmets for sale on takealot any good? https://www.takealot.com/cairbull-alltrace-mtb-cycling-helmet/PLID65657399/reviews/1?gclid=Cj0KCQjw1PSDBhDbARIsAPeTqrcdgE2krUkdlcJPPsYZjdgidNxFFrDwsmgsLJAYikxLil95GnBItBwaAmccEALw_wcB&colour_variant=White&gclsrc=aw.ds&size=M Looking at a trail helmet with more coverage at the back, peak and looks cool (poser alert ) What other alternatives are there that are around the R1000 - R1500 mark? Thanks
  3. Indeed a boost hub / frame yes, okay so 3mm. Thanks
  4. Hi all, looking at upgrading my 2018 scott spark 940 chainring from the standard 32t x-sync2 sram chainring to a 34t. Looking at the csixx chainrings, they come in 0,3 and 6mm offsets. Which one is right for my bike? 1x12 sram gx, Thanks
  5. also rode there a few weeks ago! I didn't want to leave! the tree line at the school, and the smaller jumps just above the rode gap are my favorite! Will probably never have the balls to do the big jumps on the road gap, or the new jumps at that club (the ones with the steep drop in). Thanks to whoever is building and maintaining these jumps and also the signage! Big ups!
  6. Hi Paul, thanks for the answer. These are V - brakes , right? Read somewhere that some brake levers won't work on some brake designs. But okay cool, I'll get my hands on a pair of V-brake levers.
  7. Hi all, I have an old Trek road bike with Tektro caliper style brakes. (google shows these are caliper style, not v-brake or cantilever style...???) I want to replace the drop bars with a flat / straight mtb handlebar. Question: Which brake levers can I use with these caliper style brakes? (I read somewhere about long pull and short pull but still not sure. ) Links to locally available brake levers would be awesome, even 2nd hand ones. tia
  8. Hi all, i'm looking for a rigid lefty fork. Does anyone know where in SA I can buy one? (I'm hesitant looking abroad but will keep it open as option B). It's for a 29er hardtail MTB. I plan on building a rigid 29er hardtail for gravel grinding and just messing around. If not a lefty rigid fork then where can I look for normal rigid forks? Carbon or aluminium or steel. Tapered or straight steerer Thanks in advance.
  9. I built one similar to the one on GMBN. Was about 40cm high and 110cm long. I'm not great at jumping but it got me a little air during lockdown
  10. It would be awesome if each forum could have a feature similar to whatsapp's "media, links and docs" feature in a chat, i.e. if you select a "show all media" button, it shows only the pictures and vids in that specific forum. each pic or vid might even be hyperlinked back to the actual forum that contained the full text etc. Uses: I like just looking the pretty pictures in forums, i don't like reading much so instead of scrolling through all the pages in "best photos taken with a phone" , i can just use this feature to show all the pretty pictures and scroll to my heart's content
  11. Hi all, What is the cheapest smart indoor trainer that is compatible with zwift? It has to be the one that can automatically change the pedaling resistance according to the app. Trying to get an IDT set up going without breaking the bank... So far I have : * An old laptop / ipad * Internet * Old fan * Old roadbike * Space in the garage / house Any other equipment I need? If anything I've mentioned above has been covered elsewhere please do me a favor and post links? TIA
  12. Apparently it's the guys from DirtLAB that are behind it. I cannot wait to go ride there. From the vids i've seen and the features they promise it's going to be good. And so close to my house. Just read the FB page and check the insta posts for answers to your questions
  13. check your scott bike manual. They have a recommended clearance of about 10cm (i think). my 2018 spark 940 has 6000km on and i've never touched the cable down at the BB, the still look newish, not like the rust in the photos
  14. I don't know how they ride over some of the features. gopro makes terrain look flat, but even in the video you can see the serious drop offs. Mind blown!
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