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  1. BRILLIANT!!!! Kudos to Titan once again!
  2. Looks like it can be twice the weight of the Titan.....Titan all the way!
  3. Aweome bunch of people and always willing to help! May they be blessed with this new venture!!
  4. Hi everyone - sorry for asking here but is there anyone that want to sell their Specialized Epic Expert 2020 model ? Looking for a size large. Please inbox me if you know of someone. Many thanks.
  5. For me it is to hard, looking for a more “plush” feeling if it make any sense? Played around with the brain settings but still it doesn’t feel right to me. Maybe need to go that route with hand pump
  6. Can anyone please help or point me in the right direction..... I’m looking for someone in Cape Town (Northern Suburbs) to help me fine tune my S-Works Epic’s suspension. No sorry .....I had no luck at local Specialized dealers. I don’t want the normal “whats your weight” / “where do you normally ride” / ect ect
  7. Sorry I'm no IT expert but it is a 8gb RAM and i5 processor
  8. I’m using a good spec laptop, it worked perfectly before taking and uploading pics but not sure what is wrong now. Unfortunately I don’t have apple tv :-(
  9. Not bad for R15.....where and how do you sign up for that? I'm on Vitality from 1st of May (3month trail period) to see if its all worth it, coming over from Momentum
  10. Did I read correctly or can someone say if this is true.... When reaching your goals on Vitality Rewards, you get Netflix for free?
  11. Why is Zwift photos that gets uploaded black / blank? I even tried taking snap shots from the companion app and still black / blank? Not that it is important to me but just curious to know why......
  12. Can anyone confirm if you pay R410 pm for Family Vitality, does that include the R89 pm for Vitality Active?
  13. Any news when Koeberg will reopen? I looooove riding from Durbanville to Koeberg and back, nice 100km+ ride so can’t wait to do it again..... But then again, I’ve seen some new “shacks” that popped up on your way to Sunningdale, Du Noon is expanding
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