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  1. Black Friday is rolling around again and we're sure to be in for some amazing deals locally and out in the big wide world of the interwebs. Lets pull the knowledge and post what great deals you find before and on the 27th then post them in the 'Boast' thread.
  2. How it works: Log onto www.cwcycles.co.za Find the item you would like on sale Share the page link or snapshot of the page Post it in this thread confirming the spec found in the drop down menu on the item landing page CWC Online will review the request and, should it meet the criteria, will place the item on sale Please note that the online team will not be corresponding on this thread. Should you have any further queries please open a ticket at the following link: https://www.cwcycles.co.za/contact-us We will make every effort to load sale items as quickly as possible. Keep visiting your requested item on our site and be sure not to miss your deal. Sale prices are at our discretion. While stocks last and this is a limited time offer. Sale prices subject to change without notice. This is a CWC online only promotion. Requesting an item does not reserve it in any way.
  3. Hi Hubbers!! Our 2019 Black Friday Sale kicked off today and will run until 29 November. New products are loaded daily so don't miss out! The link to the Black Friday page is here: https://www.evobikes.co.za/black-friday-sale.html
  4. How awkward is it to buy a bike online and go service it at your local bike shop. Usually the bike shop owner is a super cool dude and someone you will find on the trails or road. However, the future seems online? More brands, cost and convenience. Is there a future for traditional bike shops? Should everything move Online? Bad service? Cost? What about after sales support? How do we cover the gap between online and personal service? Give some feedback on the below to improve and move the industry forward. https://bicyclegarage.co.za/ https://bike-addict.co.za/ https://www.cwcycles.co.za/ https://www.buycycle.co.za
  5. Hi Hubbers! Our LE TOUR SALE is now in full swing! New products are added daily. Head over to https://www.evobikes.co.za/le-tour.html to see what is on sale!
  6. Hi Hubbers Our 2019 CYCLETOUR Specials started today! New products will be added daily. Stock are limited. You can find the specials here - https://www.evobikes.co.za/cycle-tour.html
  7. Just wanted to give credit where it is due, I recently bought a light from Sportsworld and it did not work, I could establish that it was the head unit that was faulty, contacted Dennis and he sent me a replacement light got it within 2 days, problem solved.
  8. Does someone know why that somethings are more expensive on CRC if you are in SA and cheaper if you are in the UK? Surely if an item is getting shipped here then it's going to be minus the VAT? I have been looking at a Mattoc Fork and the price for it with a destination of SA is: £489 and when you set the delivery destination to UK it's £349. I understand that things like Rockshox forks and Sram can't be shipped here but I have not experienced price increases for being overseas. I was sure that it should be cheaper as the price should be quoted minus VAT on the UK price. I have also experienced this on some hydration back packs as well.
  9. Hey guys, I'm wanting to purchase a set of MTB skewers that amounts to 71,89 € or R1060 (Attached: includes shipping but no VAT). I've done some reading and am still a really confused about how to calculate the final full amount due. Can anyone just give me a rough expectation or worst case scenario cost for a purchase like this? Thanks for any assistance!
  10. Anyone ever used www.alltricks.com/? Prices appear competitive and they deliver internationally through courier services (from what I can tell), but wondering if anyone local has ordered from them, before placing an order of my own
  11. Seems like WiggleCRC are spreading the net wider and have reportedly bought up rivals Bike24. With CRC already not shipping certain brand overseas and Wiggle following suit the number of different retailers for direct purchase / shipping available to SA is shrinking. http://www.cyclingweekly.com/news/latest-news/wigglecrc-acquires-german-rival-bike24-reported-100m-move-356123
  12. Hi Hubbers Don't miss out on our goupsets specials today only!! 1. SRAM Eagle GXP 12 speed Groupset. RRP R8995 now only R6995!!! https://www.evobikes.co.za/sram-gx-eagle-groupset-175mm-1x12.html
  13. With the advent of online shopping and the ease with which we can buy from just about anywhere in the world, shipping to South Africa has always been a challenge. In the early years, I mostly bought books and CD's (remember those) from Amazon, but when my wife bought me a GoPro 4 for my birthday last year I realized for the first time just how little is shipped to South Africa. That meant that quite a few of the really want accessories were reserved for the lucky people who live abroad. The same goes for direct to public bike brands like Canyon and YT Industries. Enter Aramex Global Shopper. What you need to know about Aramex Global Shopper: This service is available to anyone who lives in South Africa, Botswana or Kenya. Orders are automatically shipped to your South African address as soon as they arrive in your Aramex Global Shopper account. You won't be able to combine orders to all be sent at one time There is a once-off $45 lifetime membership fee (Pricing is in dollars as they are an international shipping company) Aramex Global Shopper offers a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with their service within the first 12 months You can pay using your credit card or Paypal As part of the service they offer, Aramex Global Shopper insures shipments up to the value of $100 for free. If a shipment is lost or damaged, they will fully compensate you equal to the package’s invoice value. You can opt to pay $1 per additional $100 value for parcels that are worth more than $100, but it isn’t mandatory. Their service includes paying any customs charges on your behalf, taking the frustration of delays and dealing with customs out of your hands completely. They will simply upload the charges to your account for you to pay before they make your delivery. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p6MfYKun6uA To make use of their service you will need to follow these steps: 1. Set up an Account The usual online account details apply here. Name, surname, email address, shipping address and preferred payment method. This can be edited at any stage giving you the option to ship to an alternative address or using a different payment method for a specific order if you'd like. And that's it! All that's left to do is shop. Once you have registered with Aramex Global Shopper, you will receive personalized physical addresses in 14 locations, New York, London, Shanghai, Istanbul, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Singapore, Ontario and Malaysia. You can use these addresses to shop from the US, UK / EU, China, Turkey, UAE, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, Canada and Malaysia. These are used as a forwarding address and you can select which one to use based on who and where you are shopping from.For my first order I used the New York address as I shopped from Amazon's US Store. In doing so I qualified for free 2 day shipping in the US and only had to pay for the shipping costs from NY to Cape Town. The website is easy to navigate with nifty online tools like a ‘Rate Calculator’, ‘Currency Converter’ and a ‘Track Your Shipment’ tool. With the aid of these tools you can calculate the shipping rates etc. before you place your online order. Email updates are sent to keep you informed as your parcel makes its way through the system. Should you wish to not receive these, or missed one, their online tools help a great deal. Each and every parcel is assigned its own Aramex tracking number with reference to the shipper's tracking number, thereby making it easy to track your shipments. Click on the tracking number and it opens a page showing full details and status. To write about my experience with them, I kept an eye on their turn-around and it was nothing short of impressive with virtually no delay their side. My order did hit one snag, though. Instead of shipping my order in 3 shipments, Amazon sent 2 each with its own invoice and another 4 sharing 1 invoice. This caused a bit of confusion at customs as those 4 parcels needed to be totalled to calculate the import duties and not be charged for the full amount for each parcel. Thankfully Aramex Global Shopper's local customer services got in touch with me and sorted the issue out with customs directly with no real effort on my part. Their communication was very good - the experience left me impressed and confident that they will be able to tackle any hurdle along the way. Obviously this won't be an issue with many other online shops as they ship from their own warehouses.Barring any unforeseen delays, you can expect your parcel to reach your doorstep in 3 - 6 working days which is very impressive considering the extra stop. Aramex Global Shopper’s shipping rates to South Africa: Zone 1 Countries – Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Italy, Malaysia, Spain, Singapore, US, UK Shipping Rate for first half kg: R 175 Shipping Rate per additional half kg thereafter: R 99 Zone 2 Countries – Turkey, UAE, India Shipping Rate for first half kg: R 131.31 Shipping Rate per additional half kg thereafter: R 74.30 Duties, clearance and customs fees: If the parcel’s value is over R500 – a clearance fee of R 50.00 per shipment is charged If Customs & Duties exceed R 1000 (not the value of the parcel) – a 2.5% disbursement fee will be charged Verdict I feel that the success of any service lies in how they deal with the odd challenge. This usually reflects well-trained staff who understand the system and environment they work in, and have an understanding of good customer service. In this case I can say that my experience with their customer service department was top-notch and their team is only a joy to talk to. With their Global Shopper offering, Aramex has opened several doors and markets that have been closed to date with an easy to use platform. That new Canyon or YT you've been dreaming about can now become a reality. Bike Hub Promotional Discount: Aramex are offering a $35 discount on the registration fee. Meaning that you will only pay $10 to register for Aramex Global Shopper.Enter the discount registration code AGS10BH at the checkout stage of the registration process. From Aramex: Aramex Global Shopper is an International shipping service that allows you to shop online from the US, the UK, China, Turkey, the UAE, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, Canada and Malaysia, and have your purchases delivered to your door in SA - at rates you would simply love. That means more online shopping options, hassle-free.You shop, we ship. To bring the wonderful world of online shopping to your doorstep, all you have to do is register online for an Aramex Global Shopper Lifetime Membership on our website. Once registered, you get 14 personalized physical addresses in New York, London, Shanghai, Istanbul, Dubai, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Frankfurt, Milan, Barcelona, Paris, Singapore, Ontario and Malaysia. You can use these addresses to shop from the US, UK/EU, China, Turkey, UAE, India, Hong Kong, Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Singapore, Canada and Malaysia and we’ll deliver them to where you live at reasonable shipping rates.
  14. Aramex Global Shopper is an international shipping service that allows you to shop from countries and online stores that would normally not ship to South Africa or where the online retailers shipping charges are prohibitive. They will then deliver your parcel to your doorstep and take care of customs in the process. That means more online shopping options, hassle-free. Click here to view the article
  15. Hi, I'm thinking of buying a trainer from them but I am a little wary and was hoping someone else has used them recently. It's a lot of money so I just want to make sure. Their products are very well priced, the trainer I'm looking at is at least R2k cheaper than anyone else in SA. Thanks Feister www.bike-discount.de
  16. Hi Hubbers Don't miss out on our Monday Madness deals today! 1. Selle Italia Lady Gel X2 Flow saddle - Was R695 now only R395!! https://www.evobikes.co.za/selle-italia-x2-lady-trans-am-black.html
  17. Hi Hubbers Don't miss out on our Monday Madness deals today!! 1. KASK PROTONE HELMET (WHITE) - R3995!! https://www.evobikes.co.za/kask-protone-helmet-white-red.html
  18. Hi Hubbers Don't miss our Monday Madness Items!! 1. Shimano M8000 XT 11-Speed Upgrade Kit (11-42T) - R3695!!! https://www.evobikes.co.za/shimano-m8000-xt-upgrade-kit.html
  19. Hi everyone, I would like to recommend Rigardt's online store, Origin Cyclery. I've bought a few FUNN products through him over the past 4 months and have been so impressed by his customer service. He's quick to communicate and really goes out of his way to help get you what you need at the best price. If you're looking for some new sexy handlebars, stems, or flats etc, then please check out his site and/or drop him an email to find out what he has (or can get) in stock. Even if he doesn't have something right now, he'll keep you in mind and get hold of you as soon as new stock comes in. It's really easy to complain about rubbish service (and I do). But it's even more important to share your experiences when genuine people surpass your expectations and treat you with care and appreciation. I've added his contact details below. Cheers Rigardt Griessel Tel: 087 238 2144 Cel: 072 015 8146 Online: www.origincyclery.co.za
  20. Hi Hubbers Our Festive Deals are now on for as long as stocks last. Take a look here at all products available: http://www.evobikes.co.za/festive-deals.html Products to be added throughout the festive period.
  21. The service at CWC online is pathetic. On the day before the black Friday sale, they had certain products advertised on their Facebook page. After noticing that these products were not on the site, I sent the page a message asking them if the website would be updated. I did not receive a response, so I sent another message. Again no response. I followed it up with another message and only got a response the following day. I was told to contact Chris Jnr. When I called Chris, he was extremely rude and arrogant. This could be judged from the tone of his voice and his choice of words. Furthermore, he told me that those deals advertised on the Facebook Page were only for the store. If this was the case, it should have said so. Posting products on a Facebook page which says "Chris Willemse Cycles Online" would obviously mean that those products are available "Online". After commenting on one of their posts expressing my dissatisfaction with their service, I was sent a message from Chris saying that I should shop somewhere else. I have attached a screenshot of this message below. This kind of service and attitude stinks.
  22. So... I three weeks ago I load my brother's bike on the bike carrier... In doing so I remove his CamelBak bottles from his bottle cages and put them down on the ground next to my car... Needless to say - 30km later we unload his MTB and discover the water bottles are "not there". Long story short I reckon - my fault - no worries - let me surprise him with two brand new ones. Easy Peasy... Log onto Buycycle (we are in Pretoria/Jozi) they are close he should have his new bottles by the next weekend's ride. Low and behold they have exactly what he needs (aka I need to buy him)... Click, In Stock, x2, delivery address, pay. Wait for brother's phone call thanking me for the bottles... Friday I casually ask him about the bottles... Nope. Furious, send mail... No Stock Reply. WTF??? The site said: "In Stock"... Long story from BC/BRC... Okay, they offer larger bottles same price to be delivered Wednesday (last week i.e. end of September) in time for 3Towers... Pick my boet up on Thursday, drive to Mankele. Next morning he pulls out those "freebie race goodie bag bottles"... WTF again. No delivery from BC/BRC... Long and short - Since Bruce "Powers" BuyCycle - the service levels has gone down... Anyone else had the same Experience? Or are we just unlucky... Thrice?
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