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Found 12 results

  1. Good day all, I am Ryan Lenferna a B-Tech Industrial Design student at CPUT busy working on an exciting project relating to cycling and commuting in CAPE TOWN! My project revolves around: How can product design help manage the exposure to air pollution while commuting by bicycle in Cape Town? I would greatly appreciate it if you could take 2 minutes to fill in my survey below, thank you. Also any additional input is always welcome, Cheers, Ryan https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R6WLQLB
  2. Rumour has it The Glen might receive a dumbed-down makeover for the 2018 Cape Epic prologue? Can anyone confirm this? This year's Epic saw unskilled riders at Hoogekraal Gorge Trail hurt themselves badly and if you compare The Gorge to The Glen the wipeouts will be far worse if The Glen is not dumbed-down. Cape Epic, please refrain from dumbing down and ruining a spectacular gem of a trail. One prologue is not worth destroying something that’s been rad for years. Keep your riders safe and rather consider diverting them down the tarmac.
  3. So i have just spent the weekend in CT in Noordhoek and surrounds for a wedding. on saturday morning i took a drive out to boulders bay to check out the penguin's. on my way out along the M65 i saw a few jumps and then saw a few guys riding up the hill. sadly at the time i could not stop and say hi etc. but on Sunday morning i took a drive out there again to have a look at this little hidden gem. wow. well done to the guys that put the effort in. any video's of the lines out there?
  4. Hey Guys Gone over the whole Trance/Anthem thing way too many times. Ride on local trails around Southern Suburbs, Cape Town. Table Mountain and hopefully if Tokai opens this year there too. I'm still learning but like riding single track, more aggressive time of style and like speed. Would like to start riding out near Stellenbosch and other trails in the Western Cape. Riding a hardtail 1999 old school Trek at the moment and looking at either the Trance 27.5 2 or the Anthem 27.5 SX. The price of both seems to be in the same bracket. I'm pretty convinced the Trance is what I want. Have not test ridden either but will in the near future. My Question: The type of trails in the Southern Suburbs, Western Cape and surroundings from what i have ridden to the clips I watch on Youtube seem to be more XC type flowing single track, jeep tracks, small jumps if any. Would the Anthem not be more suited to the trails around here than the Trance? I don't race but would like to do some of the more chilled out ones in future for fun. Want to do the Argus but will buy a cheaper road bike for that when the time comes. Besides a short ride to the gym or shops this bike will be used mostly off-road on trails. Excited to learn how to wheelie, manual, jump a bit, small drop off's, bunny hop those things in riding I find more exciting then shooting up a hill to beat a record. Saying that I don't like a massive heavy bike that feels like a tank on the up's either but from what I have read the Trance is good up hill too. Any feedback based on the local trails. Trying not to convince myself I need more bike than I do. I'm one that watches a few Redbull Rampage clips and ends up riding a DH bike to gym on road haha Thanks guys
  5. ‪#‎Need‬ to test your ‪#‎strength‬??? Why no come and ‪#‎join‬ us on Mondays Public Holiday for a fun fill ‪#‎cycle‬ http://ssccapetown.co.za/event/kurts-extreme-training-ride/
  6. Hi All SSC will be having x2 group rides this Saturday. All welcome to join. Please visit our website for details: http://ssccapetown.co.za/events/
  7. Hi All. We starting from Virgin Active Constantia @ 6am. Please dont forget your lights!!! Please refer to our website for more details: http://ssccapetown.co.za/event/hill-climb/
  8. On February 2015 I bought a very nice bicycle from Epicbikeshop, before purchasing it I had a long conversation with them through emails about what I was going to buy and they assured me many times (got written emails) that once I would leave South Africa i was going to get the VAT back. In April I left Cape Town and one week before leaving I again asked them if the invoice was fine and if I needed anything else in order to get the money back. They told me i just had to bring the Invoice with the bicycle and they would give me the money back. The day I left I went earlier to the airport just in case something would go wrong. When I went to the VAT Refund office the person working there checked the bicycle and when she took a look at the invoice she told me that the VAT number of the store was missing from the letter. If I wanted to get the VAT back I had to provide them with a proper invoice. Then she actually called them and asked them to send a proper invoice with the VAT number on it, she also told them that if they charged me the VAT without having it registered they had to refund me the money. They assured her that they were going to send a proper invoice right away since we were waiting at the airport for this but after 30-40 minutes it still didn't happen. I called them again because I was in rush and they finally sent it on my email. I went to print it and when the worker at the airport checked the invoice with the VAT on it, it showed on the system that the VAT was not registered! So she told me to leave her all my information and in case the VAT was good they would inspect it and send me a debit card on my home address. I had to leave to catch my flight. In July 2015 I finally get a mail from the South African Tax department saying that the VAT of the vendor has been excluded from Export Incentive Scheme therefore unable to process my claim! I called the Epic Bike Shop and they told me that they are going to find a solution with the VAT and that they will give me back the money. Spoke with them a few weeks ago and they told me that the new VAT is still in process. Is this something that often happens in South Africa? I really don't want to lose the money, they have to give me back my money for the VAT that I paid. What can I do about it? I would really appreciate any suggestions,
  9. Hey guys, I know there aren't too many places left to do this, but where can one ride alone SAFE in and around Cape Town area?
  10. Rhodes memorial trail: Would anyone be keen to take part in a regular midweek slowcoach/funride after work (16:30/16:45/17:00)? I’m looking to see how many would be interested, so that we can make a plan. Comment your thoughts and suggestions please. I originally asked this on TMB: http://www.tablemountainbikers.co.za/forum/tmb-group-rides/midweek-after-work-163016451700-slowcoach-funride/
  11. For those who don't follow. Derek Cullen is an Irishman who decided to take a 12,000 km journey from Cape Town To Cairo on a bicycle in October last year. He has since arrived in Cairo. Quote: Last year I started cycling North of Cape Town in South Africa with a dream of cycling alone across the Continent. Since taking part in an AMA near the beginning of the trip (Dec 2013) - I since have cycled 12,000km from Cape Town to Cairo, Egypt entirely unsupported. Below is a link to his AMA (ask me anything) on Reddit.com shortly after arrival in Cairo http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/comments/2hvwoj/i_am_finished_riding_a_bicycle_solo_across_africa/ His blog http://nohangingaround.com/ But his journey does not end there. Derek intends riding to his home. A place called Firhouse in Dublin
  12. FREE coffee at vida e caffé Camps Bay and Hout Bay for all cyclists this Saturday 9th August and Sunday 10th August when using FlickPay. http://bit.ly/FlickPayCyclists
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