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  1. Event Name: Giant Bicycles Beat The Board - FNB W2WWhen: 28/10/2022 - 05/11/2022Where: , Grabouw, Western CapeCategory: Mountain BikeCome down to the FNB W2W and try Beat The Board! Grab one of our Demo E-bikes, power through the Strava segment and claim those bragging rights. All participants also stand the chance to win their 2023 FNB W2W entry! Beat The Board will happen on the 28th, 29th & 31st of October, as well as the 1st, 4th & 5th of November.  Come #RideUnleashed on one of the below bikes: Go to Event Page.
  2. PRESS RELEASE Giant introduced its all-new range of Propel aero road bikes. Each of the models is built on a composite frameset with improved aerodynamics, efficiency and adjustability compared to the previous generation, making this a more versatile and highly capable choice for performance-minded road riders. The new range includes three series: Propel Advanced SL, […] View full article
  3. The 2022 Imbuko Big Five MTB Challenge promises some of the best riding (again!) on Saturday 19 February 2022. Get your entry in for this bucket-list event, especially if you are coming out of #AttakwasExtreme, fit and ready to strut your stuff! Entries and more info: https://imbukobigfivemtbchallenge.co.za/ Contact: ellanevanwyk@gmail.com
  4. Hi All, I have been looking to upgrade from a entry level SR Suntour XCT Coil Fork to an Air Fork on my hardtail. It seems with the global shortage 27,5" forks are hard to come by locally unless you going for something ultra premium or want to ship from overseas. That been said I have seen reviews of 29" Forks on 27" Frame - with continued usage of 27.5" wheels. With there been slight changes to the geometry and handling has anyone does this conversion and can share their experience? I have also done the exercise of putting my bike geometry into a calculator to see what the changes would be like. Ref attachments Based on the results I think it would be fine. Can anyone else offer a review of the results? Bike: Giant Talon 3 - 2019 - 27,5" Small Frame - Coil Fork with 80mm Travel New Fork Option: GIANT SXC-2 29er RRL Fork 100mm Travel (This Fork because of its price point and is featured on the latest versions of the Talon) Many thanks
  5. I would like to convert my Giant Talon 3 2019 to a 1x System. It currently has a 3x8 with the following specs: https://99spokes.com/en/bikes/giant/2019/talon-3 I have sourced the following parts locally and want to know if these would all fit on my Talon. I know the Talon doesnt come with a microspline hub hence the choice of a 11 speed cassette. However I would like to use all the other 12 parts where possible. Any assistance with the upgrade would be appreciated. SHIMANO DEORE M6100 SGS 12 SPD REAR DERAILER SHIMANO DEORE M5100 CASSETTE 11-51T 11SPD or SUNRACE MZ903 12-Speed Cassette 11-51T SHIMANO HG701 11 SPD CHAIN SHIMANO Deore M6100 Right Shift Lever 12-Speed CSIXX Shimano XT TT Chainring - 96 BCD https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-deore-m6100-sgs-12-spd-rear-derailer https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-deore-m5100-cassette-11-51t-11spd https://www.cwcycles.co.za/product/shimano-hg701-11-spd-chain https://bike-addict.co.za/products/shimano-deore-m6100-right-shift-lever-12-speed?variant=32537046417492 https://bike-addict.co.za/collections/drivetrain-components-1/products/sunrace-mz903-12-speed-cassette-11-51t https://bike-addict.co.za/products/csixx-shimano-xt-tt-chainring-96-bcd?variant=2352967417865
  6. Hi, I'm looking to buy a new mountain bike for the first time. My budget is up to R20k, but I have already looked at a few bikes and made a list of my favourites. I have looked at a few bikes within my budget including the Giant Talon 0 (2021), Trek Marlin 8 (2022), Specialized Rockhopper Expert (2021) and Silverback Stride SX (2021). These four bikes are my top picks, but I lean towards the Marlin 8 and Talon 0 more. Does anyone have any advice between these two bikes? I will use the bike for commuting and some off-road riding over weekends, so currently it looks like it might come down to external looks, brand preference and warranty as I won't be pushing the bike to its limits anytime soon, but that might change over time. If I go with the Talon 0 I will upgrade the tires to tubeless tires, so it will cost a bit more than the Marlin 8.
  7. So I bought a new bike and the specs of the bike online said the front hub is a sealed Giant unit. In the bike shop I checked all specs except the hubs for some reason (trusted the web specs). Then I see the front hub is not a sealed unit and not a Giant hub either. (The rear hub is also not a Giant hub, different to the web specs) Dragons sports are the guys to contact and Gavin Salt tells me they made a running change and on dragon's website it is stated that the front hub is a non sealed unit and not a Giant hub. I didn't even think to check dragon's site beforehand to check for specs. Kinda disappointing. Gavin basically said it makes no difference and if I want a sealed hub I must wait until next year and then there may be rotor compatibility issues. Any thoughts on this from anyone who knows more than I do? And how much better is a sealed hub?
  8. Hi Gents, I am about to take the plunge into a new MTB to replace my aging Silverback Saturn . I have narrowed my options to 2 bikes, both offered by my LBS. Scott Spark RC 900 Team (2018): https://www.scott-sports.com/za/en/product/scott-spark-rc-900-team-bike VS. Giant Anthem Adv Pro 1 (2018): https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/anthem-advanced-pro--29er--1-2018 Which is the better bike? does anyone have any experience on these? Thanks in advance
  9. With a strong group of World Cup contenders and national champions, veterans and rising stars, the Giant Factory Off-Road Team enters the 2021 race season boasting a diverse mix of new talent and returning riders. This year’s squad consists of 14 riders competing in a variety of off-road disciplines including downhill, enduro, cross-country, gravel and E-bike racing. Click here to view the article
  10. Hi Guys, I need your help. I have bought a Giant Neos GPS and and Giant Heartrate monitor (chest strap). I downloaded the Neostrack App. The computer works wonderfully, the app is fairly easy to use and works. However I cant seem to get the app to talk to my Strava account. How do you get them to sync and has anyone else had a problem?
  11. After hosting two successful Versus Virtual Runs in the past three months, it is time to step into the virtual cycling space. With over 14,000 participants in the first virtual run and 16,000 participants in our second, we are expecting some 10,000 cyclists to get out on their bikes on 25 July. Click here to view the article
  12. Hi everyone, I bought a used Giant TCR0 and there are scratch marks on the carbon seatpost. It looks like it could have been caused from the seatpost slipping down. I know this can be quite common but i wanted to find out if there is any way to fix these scratches? I have tried rubbing with toothpaste but that hardly made a difference.
  13. Hi guys I need some help. Iv got a second hand Giant Cyclotron Mag Trainer. Problem is I cant seem to get it setup with my bike. My bike is a large frame 29" Silverback hardtail mountain bike. I have set the mag roller to its lowest point however the quick release of the trainer and the skewer of my bike dont line up. My bike is about 20mm too high. My I convert to a smaller tyre? Can I put my wifes 26" tyre on my bike for use on the trainer? Should I rather buy a cheap roadbike and keep in on the trainer? Or am I doing something stupid?
  14. Guys I bought a Giant Heart Rate Monitor a while ago when I was doing PainCave. I don't have a bike computer as it wasn't needed. The monitor synced with the computer at PainCave. Since then I no longer do PainCave but would like to know which app can be used to track my HR. I have tried the Giant app but it doesn't seem to have the function required. I would really appreciate any help!
  15. The world of gravel biking/bikepacking has interested me for a while now and will probably lead to me buying one. The Revolt range from Giant looks to me like the best my money can buy. After doing some reading on the net I can't seem to find a South African Opinion/Review and would like to get some feedback from someone who owns one. The Pro's and Cons, what to keep in mind and other bikes with more value for my money.
  16. Has anyone ridden this bicycle before? I am asking more about the new fork and rear shock from Fox that uses the new Live Valve technology. I would love to know what your experience was riding this bicycle with emphasis on the fork and shock. How was the setup, any issues? How was your riding? Did the technology work as expected? I am in 2 minds regarding this bicycle because it is new tech for a bicycle and it looks bulky with regards to the unit and the wiring. Is it worthwhile getting a bike with it now, or rather wait for more iterations of the unit? Here is the link to the bicycle: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/bikes-anthem-advanced-pro-29-2019
  17. Giant entered the mountain bike e-bike market with two distinct models. The Full-E a 130mm rear and 140mm front dual suspension bike and the Dirt-E hardtail. Click here to view the article
  18. Hey Guys, So i started a thread on here a week ago and that led me to deciding to upgrade my current 2016 Trance 2 instead of getting another bike. Currently wanting to replace the stock fox 32 ctd 140mm fork with a 160mm. Cant seem to find one down here but the new Fox 36 Performance Elite 160mm 27.5 Grip 2 or I have seen and read reviews on the MRP Ribbon. Do any of you ride one of the above or have any input? I was going to go with a cheaper fork but instead of putting cash into a new bike I'm going to get a higher end fork and then in a few years I can upgrade to a newer frame if need be and move the new fork over. Thanks in advance
  19. Hey Everyone, I've been riding a 2016 Giant Trance 2 (140 travel trail bike) for a few years since it was released in 2016. Stay in Cape Town (Southern Suburbs) and ride everything from greenbelts, Table Mountain to Tokai. Also venture out to Stellenbosch, Boschendal, Durbanville, Elgin. So terrain from XC to a little bit more chunky. I've done XC races on it (not for time but more for enjoyment). I do enjoy the downhills and the rougher terrain, want to get better at jumping and drops and technical features as the excitement for me far exceeds racing and Xc type trails. I would like to start doing some Enduro as the uphills don't matter and I can keep improving on the downs. My plan for the next year is where this question comes in. I would like to get a hardtail or shorter travel FS bike eventually for the XC races that exceed 50km and lots of climbing although the Trance for me managed pretty well on races like Fedhealth and such. My main focus would be getting a slightly longer travel bike with better suspension ( not that mines bad but current fork is - fox 32 performance ) , better wheelset as I'm running stock Giants and more focused on the downs. I could upgrade the Trance with a better 140mm travel fork fox 34/36 or similar and get another wheelset on one hand. On the other If I had the money the Ibis Mojo HD4 looks incredible. Unfortunately it's a hard one to get hold of for a test ride so I'm going on reviews and geo which i understand is not the best way to go about it. I see it as a bike that will far exceed what I'm capable of now and I wont have to upgrade anything on it for a long time to come. I do ride smaller jumps, drops and stuff on the Tokai DH lines so not a complete novice but there is always lots of room for improvement. Lots of the reviews are based overseas and the terrain there is a lot different. I'm just wondering if I would still be able to take the bike on more mellow routes (kirstenbosch trail) out climbing, farm rides of 50/80km without it being way too much bike and sucking on anything but the downhills. I like to spend a lot of time on a bike so would like to be able to ride it anywhere. I know it wont climb as well as others but could it be too much bike for local trails and more chilled weekend rides. Any other bikes to look at, comments, advice.. feel free! here to learn from those who have test ridden, raced and tried brands I perhaps have not. Thanks in advance!
  20. I am looking at getting a little more serious in my riding and have decided to retire my oooold Gary Fisher. Problem is with so many bikes and salesmen it's really hard for a novice to decide what to get. My ultimate goal would be to ride the Sani2C. I've looked at a R30000 budget. A 2018 SB Sido 1 looks good value but some are telling me to rather go for a second hand Scott (something I am always weary of). I am also a bit weary of big companies (the giant anthem 3 looks good value). Is there any reason that I should not buy a sido 1? Will it be durable?
  21. Hi Gents, About to take the plunge and get myself a good Dual-sus XC bike. I cant seem to decide between Giant and Merida's 2018 carbon models. I have narrowed down to the below: Giant Anthem Adv Pro 1 (2018): Got a deal for about R55k, retailing for R61k-R65k Merida 96 9 7000 (2018): there's a special for R49k, and retails for about R60k-R68k. Spec links below: Giant: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/anthem-advanced-pro--29er--1-2018 Merida: https://www.merida-bikes.com/en_int/bikes/full-suspension/cross-country-marathon/2018/ninety-six-7000-8895.html Given that the Merida is at least R5000 cheaper at the moment, will this be the better deal? Or would the Giant be that much more worth it? Any other spec differences to consider? Thanks, Simba
  22. We are clearing some models to make space for 2018 stock that will soon be available over and above the 2018 stock we already have on the floor. Contact us on (021) 975 1349 or info at giantconceptstores.co.za Model: 2016 Giant Anthem x advance 29er 1 Wheelsize : 29”Size: Small, MediumColour: Black / Blue Price: Was R 55 599NOW R 43 999Full Spec: https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/anthem-x-advanced-29er-comp
  23. Hi Gents I am looking to buy my first mountain bike and have known about this forum for years, even lurked a few times before, so naturally, I thought to come here for advice on a purchase. I live in Pietermaritzburg just across Cascades and it would be a sin not to capitalize on the great trails on my doorstep. I am 27 yo, weigh about 95 and am 1.86m tall, which I believe puts me at a Large frame. My budget is R10k, but if I could spend less than that that would be great. I have lurked around on Gumtree and Olx and bikehub Classfieds but I don't see anything in my region that is my size or in my budget. I visited two of my local bike shops to see what they have sub 10k, and it looks like the Giant 29" Revel 1 2017 (R8500) and Scott Aspect 940 2017 (R9000) fits the bill. Is either one of these better than the other? How easy or how much of a hassle is it to get a bike couriered - is it an option to buy something second hand that is not in my region? Like this perhaps: https://www.bikehub.co.za/classifieds/265312-2017-specialized-rockhopper/ Thanks in advance!
  24. After an easy Sunday ride nothing to technical got home cleaning the bike and realize the rear tyre went flat pumped it and went flat again. i then removed the tyre and found a split on the circumference of the inner wall starting from the valve hole outwards in both direction. (image attached) has anyone had a similar failure or ever seen such a split. (Bio: i'm well under 100kg, ride medium pace and power minimal jumping)
  25. Compliments of the season to all the hubbers This is my question to all the more knowledgeable guys. I have a Giant Trance 2 2014 with a set of AC Wide Lightenings. The wheels comes with all the bits to make the wheel compatible with a thru-axle (I am currently running it QR). From what I have read on the net and saw on youtube, you do get a dropout conversion kit and axle to convert the Trance to 142x12 provided that you hubs are compatible. After calling two well known bike shops in Cape Town, I was left a bit perplexed. The one shop told me they can get the conversion kit and axle but its only for 2016 model bikes. When I told them what I saw on the net they quickly changed there story. The second store told me that the kit is not compatible with my 2014 trance as my dropouts are is made for QR only. Further investigation showed that the kit and axle is compatible with all 27.5 giant frames. But I could only find them on international bike shop websites. The dropout kit is quite cheap but the axle is expensive. So is my trance compatible or not? And where does one get the dropout conversion and axle in Cape Town or even South Africa? Or is there any alternatives? I added some pics of my bikes current dropouts. Thanks in advance.
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