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Found 14 results

  1. Has anyone tried an el cheapo e-bike commuter for shorter (<15km) commutes? I can potentially bike commute using backroads, but don't want to pay a motorcycle's price for a "help-my-trap". These ones seem very cheap: https://www.takealot.com/citi-traveler-e-bike/PLID72153273 And then these also exist https://www.decathlon.co.za/city-bike-riding/300606-23123-elops-920-e-high-frame-electric-city-bike.html I like the idea because it can potentially get me to and from work in the same time as full traffic car commute, it feels more environmentally friendly than the 8km/L of my vintage SUV, and the watts will reduce the sweat, hopefully negating the need for a shower. I'd use my bicycle but then I have to arrange changehouse logistics and ebike feels like less admin.
  2. On Saturday 14 March 2015, the Johannesburg Urban Cyclists Association (JUCA) will celebrate a first for the city: the launch of the first ever Johannesburg Commuter Bicycle Map. Click here to view the article
  3. Good day everyone, I recently bought an extra small Hansom bike and I'm in the process of stripping it down and building it back up as a single speed. All the parts and frame seem to be in good order including paintwork. My problem is though that the tyres need replacing and I've been having a hard time finding the right size. The only information that I can get so far are from the tyres itself. The one Tyre that I have shows the size "650C/19-571", rim band says "18-559" and on the rim it reads "571x15 - 6106". Anybody able to help me out with a bit more information about the sizing as well as where I could possibly buy the tyres from? Sourcing them so far has been proving fruitless I'll post pictures when I'm closer to finishing off.
  4. First time Bike Builder: Got a 19 year old Cannondale R600 from: https://www.bikehub.co.za/user/113597-jacoo/
  5. I only recently came across a few articles about a new Kickstarter/Indigogo project called the Convercycle. I think it is a brilliant idea and can be modified for rural/gravel areas for commuters in Africa. This may also be the first real innovative evolution of a bicycle in the past few years! Website Article on Bike Rumor (I don't want to steal photos from other websites, so it is best to open the external links)
  6. I posted something similar 2yrs ago [part 1] when i was very excited about my Colango cyclocross bike. this was something completely new but with time, a few major irritations developed and when it was written off recently, i would be lying if i said i was disappointed. with the help of the nice people at Santam, a new frame was soon under way [i initially wanted to order it from my old supplier in the UK, but that is not necessary: Mark Nel from Alpinesports sorted me out in no time at i price that is very competitive. MY PROBLEMS: I need a commuter that can do some gravel/single track on the way to work and on weekends be a road racing bike [i have a MTB for proper off roading]. the old bike was designed to handle Sven Nys for one hour [out of the saddle] only and was the second hardest and most uncomfortable bike i ever rode [35c tires makes little difference] some people call me a snob. i believe that you are only a snob if you look down on others. i don't look down on people who do not ride Campagnolo. but i have had such amazing experience with it that i don't ride anything else- the only problem is that they did not have disc brakes for my last bike, so i had mechanical disc calipers- only for the suicidal. completely useless. but campag did not have disc brakes available. to ride off road, you need different gearing: 50/34 front and 11-29 at the back. for things like the Swartberg100 i however wanted to put a 32 cassette on the back but for that you need a medium cage derailleur which i did not have exposed Gear cables get full of dust/mud and after 4 rides, your shifting becomes a problem my old bike had a Powertap rear hub which is great but the wheelset weighed >2kg and the Stans GrailX rims got dented if you looked at them THE SOLUTION: see picture below. i have a spare set of road racing wheels for weekends smaller frame +thin rear stays+ 27,2 carbon seatpost with huge flex= completely transformed ride. Very comfy. I trawled the internet for months and as soon as Campag launched their hydraulic disc setup i ordered it. the brakes are simply unlike anything if ridden before: great stopping power but with good modulation [the Srams i tested before had no modulation: you touch them and you're over the handlebars]. i ordered a medium cage derailleur which handles the gear ratios much better the new frame allows me to run the cable housing from the Ergolevers all the way to the derailleur and so far the shifting is excellent Stages powermeter and for everyday riding i bought Campag Zonda wheels: not the lightest but strong and VERY stiff. the hubs have old school cup and cone bearings which you can service yourself and i've had excellent experience with them in the pastFull specs: Frame: Colnago Prestige in EMIT colours on bare UD carbon Cockpit: Colnago Groupset: Campagnolo H11 with Recored derailleur [Chorus in pictures but this is on loan] Wheels: Campagnolo Zonda disc. thru-axle Tires: Schwalbe G-one 35mm rear and 40 front [ i have yet to see if 40 will fir the back] Seatpost: Colnago do not make a 27,2mm post in carbon any longer. this is 3T Team stealth Saddle: loan saddle in pictures soon to be replaced by my old Fizik Arione
  7. Hello out there. I'm fixing up a old road bike from around the 80's or so I guess to commute with. Respect to you Fixie guys but I like being able to change gear ratios. The bike is generally fine, I'd like to customise it a bit with a custom logo I designed and paint job, but for now I just want to get it going. I need a stem shifter bracket since the one I have, a previous owner probably lost one of the bolts and subsequently replaced it with a self tapping screw which, in addition to messing up the machine screw thread, doesn't provide enough clamping for the friction based shifter to function. Anyone maybe have one gathering dust? I'm PE based. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Hi everyone I'm looking to get a new bike and I'd love some advice. I've been commuting to work for the past two years on an entry level MTB (Axis A90), but I definitely consider myself a complete novice when it comes to knowing about bikes and parts. At this stage I'm ready to get a bike better suited to my needs which are as follows: 1. I need a reliable bike that can handle ~5000 km per year for many years. (I cycle about 100 km per week as part of my commute). 2. Something that will just enhance the joy of riding by making each commute or leisure ride faster and/or easier :-) 3. I'd love to improve my speed and I love earning a personal best on Strava, but I'm not out to win any races. That being said, I will be riding in a couple of races quite soon (including the Argus next year). 4. I like the idea of a bike that has the build and advantages of a road bike, but the seating and handlebar position of a mountain bike. Is this possible? I've been looking at the Silverback Scento 1 and I think I really like it. A hybrid seems to be the right choice for me. I don't think I want a pure racing bike or road bike. Drop bars scare me. 5. The ability to attach mudguards in winter might be nice (lots of rain in Cape Town). 6. Definitely want to be able to have a rear rack and maybe panniers one day. Possibly interested in touring. I'm perfectly willing to spend money (in the region of about R10k) on quality that will last and meet the above needs. But I don't need anything over the top or features that I'm not actually going to use. (Number of gears for example.) So what price range do you think I should be looking in? Road / commuter / city / hybrid ... there seem to be many different options and it's a pretty confusing world to someone who is still very much a beginning cyclist in this area. All advice will be appreciated! :-) Thanks so much
  9. SO, I'm returning from the UK towards the end of the month. I've been commuting daily in London- average is about 10km each way. It'll cost me around £60 to get my bike back to SA. Obviously used, I don't think I'm liable for tax..? I have one of these: http://www.thebikelist.co.uk/pinnacle/cobalt-three-2014 I wasn't in the market for something like this in SA, so I don't recall having seen anything similar around... Those in the know - are hybrids available? Would you think it's reasonable to bring something like this back? I don't have a job yet, so commuting feasibility is unknown.. I reckon I could always flog it on here if needed- if it's a bit unusual it may be worth a bit more. IIRC, it cost me £550 new, as in the above link. I've added SKS mudguards. Otherwise, it's stock.
  10. Hi All As some of you who work in Sandton know, October is supposed to be a car free month in Africa's Richest square mile. With than in mind I'd like to make October my commuting month. Are there any commuters out there who travel from: Bruma/Kensington/Bedfordview to Sandton(Nedbank)? What route would you take? or Do you take for this commute? Suggestions and advice, will be most welcome. Imploder
  11. Hi Hubbers I have been commuting for years now, started commuting to Wits from Crosby/Brixton. Now I commute to work which is in Forest Town. I use to use my MTB but now with work clothes I feel my MTB is not suitable anymore so I started using my road bike which is an old Trek 1000. I am thinking of transforming this bike into an urban/commuter bike. I know enough about bikes to do some of the changes, but I am looking for some advice. This is what I am thinking of doing: Change handlebars to a flat-bar (those really narrow ones)Change brake and gear levers (I want to keep my gears, I need them )Change tyres to cyclocross or something with more grip, but keep my road bike rims - possible? Chain cover - save my work pants from awesome grease marksSeat, something that suits the bike more.That's about it. Has anyone done something like this? I want to spend minimal so keep that in mind.
  12. Dear members, In 2006, during the Velo Mondial conference, the City of Cape Town adopted a Declaration, the aim of which was to ensure that the CoCT facilitated the following tasks: Reclaiming public space so as to improve quality of life Improving the integration of cycling with other sectors such as: health, public transport, environment, and economic generation Facilitating greater access to high-quality technical expertise on cycling Ensuring political commitment for an increased role for NMT in economic and community development Planning to retain and encourage the small scale and mixed function of community districts and make these as accessible as possible to the bicycle Building the capacity of community-based organisations and supporting NGOs in order to promote NMT Engaging the business community in providing healthy workplaces Attached please find the program for the follow up workshop. The workshop will be held at the FNB Conference venue 28th floor, FNB Portside building c/o Hans Strijdom Ave & Buitengracht Street Please rsvp to Marianne.vanderschuren@uct.ac.za if you are interested to attend. Kind regards, Marianne FNB_DevelopingCyclingCitiesWorkshop - 12 Jun 2014.pdf
  13. Tonight we ride! Critical Mass - The Rise of the 300! (25 Apr) Don't succumb to 'Durban Syndrome'.. this only happens once a month and you know it's always a lot of fun, especially if we ride slow While the rest of the country is freezing their butts off and wearing Uggs everywhere, we're on our bicycles loving the cooler breeze! Also... Tour Durban on Monday! The 45km looks like a good time, easy ride to Umdloti and back. What a rad long weekend we have in store. Let's get it started riiiiiiiiiiiiight! Oh.. rugby.. not a problem if you park elsewhere. You could try Kings Park swimming pool, Suncoast beach or casino, Pirates, or Mini Town and just wait for the mass to come past. Easy enough right? LET'S RIDE! More info and FAQ right here: https://www.facebook...849101188439899 FB Group: https://www.facebook...groups/cmassdbn Twitter: #CriticalMassDBN
  14. I am converting a roadie frame into a single speed commuter. I have been been given a Shimano MTB crankset for free. But now I am confused as to which BB to put on the bike. Do I put on a MTB BB and the put the spacers on the frame side? Or do I put on a road BB to fit the frame and then put the spacers on the crank side (outside) of the BB? Have I made a boobie by having to choose a BB? PS: if anyone knows where I can get a set of FREE road brake callipers you would rock a lot!
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